Hello.  My name is...well you know what it is.

(Just to let you know I exist).

I have been doing this old 'writing lark' for nearly seven years and used to be over on WordPress: https://musicmusingsandsuch.wordpress.com/

I have been on Radio 5 Live (discussing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's fiftieth anniversary with Howard Goodall, no less) and co-hosted a couple of music nights with the London label, Lost in the Manor.

This year, I will be doing more of that and diversifying my work.

Before contacting me for a review/interview; I insist upon the follow:

Each musician/label provides a selection of good-quality photos (I prefer studio shots and professional rather than live images).

There is sufficient information in the email - biography and social media links etc.

If these points are not complied with; I will reject any submission.

Other than that...pretty open...


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musicmusingsandsuch/

If you want to get in touch, I am at: saml889@hotmail.com/samliddicottt@gmail.com


Favourite genres: Indie, Grunge, Desert-Rock, Soul, Folk, Jazz-Rock and Classic-Pop

Favourite song: Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

Favourite album: Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

Favourite singers: Freddie Mercury, Jeff Buckley; Kate Bush, Michael Jackson; Chris Cornell, Thom Yorke and Björk.

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