Track Review: The Verideals- Fleetwood (Live Acoustic Version)


The Verideals 

Fleetwood (Live Acoustic Version)


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Alternative, Alternative-Rock, Acoustic


The Verideals are the end result of a fusion of heavy rock guitars, powerful vocals and a collective exhaustion of Fashion-Folk Indie. Founding members Jade (vocals) and Mat (guitar) met when they studied music at university.

I was lucky enough to review one of last year’s biggest musical treats. Back in March (of 2013), I assessed the band’s tracks Roll Up Your Dreams and Slipstreams. Having been away from The Verideals for over a year- I could not wait to get down to listening of Fleetwood. Ahead of writing and recording new music, the band have recorded this fantastic 'Live Acoustic' track: surveying one of their biggest idols (Fleetwood Mac) it focuses on the song's heroine- someone who has had their heart broken before and is in need of redemption and reinvigorating. Perhaps based on a friend of the band's, there is a fascinating mix of support and judgement- it appears this person has caused her fair share of commotion and upheaval. The band may be grinning reading this as I might be wrong- I do not know the true meaning behind the lyrics; your mind is compelled to imagine and speculate,

The right amount of length and fascination is incorporated into the embryonic moments. When Barnett approaches the microphone, her voice seems calmed but urgent: she has a certain weariness. When she sings "Pull back the seats and face reality" her vocal remain dignified. As the chorus comes about she poses the questions: "Is it right or is it wrong?/Are you here or are you gone?" In addition to being splendidly mysterious- you wonder what the right and wrong refers to- the words are delivered with power and intent- the decibels increase and the song gets more intense. I get impressions of Tusk-cum-Mirage Fleetwood Mac- the former comes through particularly. With Barnett’s distinct pipes (employing Stevie Nicks’s passion and Christine McVie beauty), it transcends the song from possible fallacy to unimpeachable truth. Backed by a beautiful guitar performance from Jones- matching Latin-infused strings with strong mood-setting strikes- it is a track everyone must hear.


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