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Elena Ramona


I have been looking forward to catching up with Elena Ramona: an artist making moves; putting new sounds together.  This week, I will be focusing on music talent; writing my own stuff too: many of my music contacts/friends are doing great things- which is always a pleasure to see.  After releasing Happy Song (online), Elena Ramona is not stopping there.  I was keen to see what she has in store; what she thinks of the (modern music) industry- and when we can expect some new music.


Hi Elena. You have had an interesting 2015: what have been your best moments?

There have been so many great moments this year, but the moment I will treasure forever happened earlier this summer.  I had an acoustic set in a local pub and unfortunately on the day my guitarist couldn’t make the event; I had to get some backing tracks together and make sure the show went on a planned.  All my friends turned up and cheered me on I felt so grateful, it showed me that not everything works out, but with great support and some hope it all can still work.  I love this journey I am on and times like that just make it all the more worth it.

Over the past few years you have played some great gigs; developed as an artist. Has it been tough making waves/progress in the music industry?

In a musical town and world it will always be tough; I have learnt through my experiences to stay focused on my own work.

In addition to music, you work in retail. Do you feel modern musicians need to work part time just to be able (to afford to make) music?

It is good to have a stable income.  Having a part-time job in retail has helped me hugely better my social skills and I enjoy it (as I meet all walks of life during the day on the shop floor).

You have recently released Happy Song. Does this mean a new E.P. is on the horizon?

I believe a new E.P. is on the horizon yes- after my fourth single and fourth music video- which is yet to be released.

In terms of opportunities- venues and labels- are cities such as London vital? Can you ever see yourself moving there?

For now I am very happy in Guildford: it is very central and only a train ride from the capital.  Having an Internet presence means I can reach anyone anywhere with the click of a button- I don’t know what the future holds if I got a dream job in songwriting I would move closer to its location.

Growing up, who were your main music idols/influences?

My main musical influences growing up where the Beatles and Elkie Brooks.  My main idols where Pink Floyd and The Spice Girls.

Your songwriting is pretty varied and diverse. What sort of themes and topics inspire you the most?

I am inspired by life experiences, and I aim to write songs that people can relate to.

As a young woman, do you find the music industry favours male acts? Have you faced any barriers/discrimination because of your gender?

Absolutely not: there is enough room for both men and women to do what they love in the music industry.

There are a lot of musicians coming through- many quite scared of what’s to come. What advice would you offer to them?

Keep doing what you do write about what is in your heart and do not take constructive criticism badly.  Grow as a musician and person, (lastly) enjoy the journey.

Of all the new music coming through, who/what would you recommend?

Lucas is a London-based artist, he has a great stage presence and an amazing soulful voice check out his latest track Far Away.

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Finally- and because I like to offer interviewees a song- choose a track of your choice…

Big Girls Cry -Sia



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