Feature: In Their Skin- A New Charity Initiative





In Their Skin



A New Charity Initiative


With animal rights/humanitarian issues at the forefront- featuring recent events- the ideals/issues of animal welfare have come under scrutiny.  Great charities do great work; they need full support and funding- to ensure there are fewer cases of cruelty.  It is time to do something about it…


THE human race has outdone itself these past few weeks…

What with events in Africa.  American tourists kill more than 380 lions a year: they tend to have a deficiency when it comes to guns and humanity.  If it were not bad enough slaying your fellow countrymen, they want to export this sadism to the continents- take it out on poor, defenseless animals.  Of course, it is not just the U.S. that is culpable: animal cruelty/neglect is a sin every nation is guilty of.  Atrocities and injustices (involving animals) generate a lot of anger and unity: this past week the human race has bonded (against an evil human) and showed their solidarity- you wonder whether this will lead to action and change.  Charities deserve support and backing; severe issues (like animal cruelty) need stamping out- it is something that can be avoided.  We do not need vaccinations of scientific breakthrough; no need for research or money- we need for the human race to stop being c****.  This may seem like an impossible conundrum: most of us are animal-loving and sage; the minority drag the world down- and question the functionality and humanities of the human race.

In the past I have started charity initiatives- for Mind and Shelter- that have reached their plateau too soon- people were not getting involved/active.  I guess it is the pitfalls of social media/modern-day humans: very few will actually latch onto an idea; share good work- so long as they can be bothered.  Breaking through walls- and hitting people’s consciousness more vehemently- is an ill in need of a remedy.  When I launched Time out of Mind- to raise awareness of mental health issues- few took part- the idea died on its backside.  Same goes for the Shelter idea: on both occasions the charities did not share the idea; unwilling to get involved- when a charity cannot be bothered to back a scheme (that would raise them funds and awareness) what the hell do you do?  Wildlife conservationism and animal humanity are ideals we all can adhere to: most human beings love animals; none of them want to see them harmed/marginalised.  Having a good relationship with the R.S.P.C.A.- and supporting the likes of P.E.T.A. and the W.W.F.- it got me thinking: there is a way to make some positive changes.

Social media has shown it can mobilise and augment a charity campaign; vulcanise a charity’s aims- and get people unified and working together.  My idea is this: to be called In Their Skin it proposes people be more involved in animal protection- and put themselves in animals’ skins.  Using SoundCloud and YouTube, it would be a music-based imitative.  Music is the one thing that unites all people: it is the soother of pain; evoker of fond memories- nearly every human has a musical opinion.  I understand the success of viral campaigns- the ice bucket challenge, #nomakeupselfie, Movember etc. - relies on mind-numbing simplicity- perhaps that is the idea?!  If something is too complicated/time-consuming it is unlikely to appeal to the masses- many of whom have short attention-spans.  I had an issue with the ‘big boy’ viral campaigns.  The ice bucket challenge was simple-minded and unrelated to A.L.S.: the idea was tagged to the illness rather haphazardly and a lot of people did not donate to the charity- thus missing the point altogether.  #Nomakeupselfie labored under the impression not wearing make-up was brave: there is nothing brave about being bare-faced; it is the removal of vanity and showing a human face- something more women should do more often.  It belittled actual bravery: the kind cancer suffers (the campaign was raising money for) go through.  Movember was also a little aimless: a random oddity that has nothing to do with anything much.  In Their Skin would directly involve charities; bring in animal-related stories/issues- and is fun too…

What I want to do is work with the R.S.P.C.A., P.E.T.A. and the W.W.F. - a hell (of a lot of) acronyms, there!  Whatever your views towards the charities- whether you agree with their ethics/practices or not- they work tiresly towards animal protection.  Weter you are a cat or dog lover; have passion for exotic wildlife; are a committed vegetarian- that wants changes about the way animals are used and killed- then this is for you.  Each user/participant would complete a three-part piece.

First: the person would go to YouTube or SoundCloud.  Here you get to compile your own playlist.  Consisting than (no more than) 12 songs, you get to compile a bespoke playlist- something that appeals to you.  It can have brand-new music or unheard-of songs; classics and vintage hits or something very niche- the idea is to try and inspire others (with your music choices).  On both platforms- in addition to naming your playlist/giving it an ‘album title’- you can design an album cover- https://www.canva.com/create/album-covers/ is the first place to visit.  You can have fun with it; make it personal and fun- and share your choices with the world.  It may sound like a complicated thing, yet takes little effort/strain at all: it is a very simple step-by-step procedure.

Secondly: once that playlist/album is saved (and created) the second step involves animal photos/story.  Find a picture of you with an animal.  It can either be your/someone else’s pet or wildlife- any photos of you with an animal.  You tie this to a personal statement: what animals mean to you; why we should end cruelty- and put these two together.

Lastly: after you have done the above, it is a case of sharing it social media.  You would have the playlist/photo/story together, paste in the Justgiving link- where you should donate to- and the final step (when you share this) is to nominate three people- they in turn keep the ball rolling.

Simple as that!  The Justgiving page would raise money for the three charities (mentioned above) and directly involve the charities- they can share and promote the campaign on social media, too.  It gets music involved; gets people thinking about their favourite music- and most importantly, it involves animals.  Less inconsequential than some other campaigns, the idea is to get people involved- keep the momentum going and raise money.  Through awareness and viral-level proportions, greater awareness would be raised; we can start to make big changes- educate those abuse and extinguish animal life.  I understand that there is great apathy in society: social media is compartmentalised and limited; certain people will participate in this sort of thing.  Attitudes and apathy needs to change; we cannot just pick-and-choose who/what we get involved with: animal cruelty/abuse is something EVERYONE should be concerned about- no excuses not to get involved.

I just need to know whether people would a) get involved and genuinely take part, and b) if this concept is too complicated/user unfriendly?

OVER to you guys!