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I have been following the career of ADI for a while now.

The Israeli-born beauty has established herself as one of the most innovative Electro.-and R.&B.-Pop artists in the world.  With a stunning talent and incredible songwriting talent, she has come a long way.  From the raw and ready sound of her mix-tapes- through to the current suggestions within Heaven- ADI has a huge future ahead.  With her distinct fashion and down-to-earth personality, the young songwriter is preparing her next moves.  With Heaven having just been released- one of her finest compositions to date- I was keen to catch up with ADI; see what the future holds- and what advice she’d offer to up-and-coming songwriters.

Hey ADI.  Thanks for your time.  How has your day been?  Where you at the moment? My day was great!  I’ve been looking for a new flat here in Tel Aviv for quite a while now, and finally found one today!  So I’m pretty happy.  I’m now chilling at home, after a few hours of working on a new beat.

Your new track Heaven- an electronic colour-fest with emotion and passion- has really caught my ear.  What inspired the track and will we see it developed (changed or more vocals added)? Well I was listening to a lot of interesting and unique producers lately, and their music has inspired me quite a lot (from Ekali to Gravez to Negium Beats).  Heaven was made after I was sitting in a park by a river (here in Tel Aviv), and for a few minutes I just felt like time has stopped by, and it seemed like I was surrounded by landscapes of quiet and nature.  I ran back to my studio real quick and made this beat, and I knew that that's gonna be its name.  I can't say that it represents the rest of the upcoming music, cause the other tracks I’ve been working on were full of vocals and R.&B. elements; but it's definitely the general vibe.

With the huge rank of female singer-songwriters coming through, do you think there is a pressure- for new acts to succeed instantly and establish themselves?

I don't really know and I have to say that I don't really think about it.  I wanna create 'good' art, and enjoy while I’m doing it.  I’m not trying to make anyone like my music... I’m being me, trying to create music that I would enjoy listening to.  This shit takes time... it looks like artists just blow up but it's never like that...  It takes so much time and work to develop you artistic language and get to a point where you deliver something that is fresh and new.

On that note: the rigors of demand and expectation can cause anxiety and stresses.  What helps you to unwind and relax?  Is there a place (either physically or spiritually) you like to go?

I guess the only thing that really gets me stressed are my own expectations from myself. I’ve been working real hard on the new music, and it always feel like you can make it better but at some point you just have to let go.  The fact that I listen to such great musicians makes me want to improve and push myself more and more.  I think the place that relaxes me the most is that river I mentioned in the second answer.  It’s so green and full of trees… the sound of the water just makes me feel like I’m in a different zone.  Another thing that helps me relax is making lists!  I’m a freak of lists.  It makes me feel like I control my chaotic life in some way lol

Photo: Noa Flecker

Having reviewed Was It You? - and being a huge fan of your music- can you tell us about the future?  Can we expect a new E.P. or album soon?

Yes!  I’m working on that E.P. for quite a while now, but I don't have a specific release date as I’m still changing things, but.... I’m about to release another track quite soon.  This time - with vocals :)

What themes/ideas are inspiring your new music?

I’m trying to be as real as I possibly can.  It deals mainly with my everyday life - relationships and all the regular things but also feeling like an outsider, suffering from social anxieties and anxieties in general; having a writer's block and feeling depressed/different than the rest.  It’s all about being honest about my dark sides and sharing it with the world.  I really hope I’ll be able to help others just like some artists helped me.  The new music is really different than my old music in that sense - it was harder for me to share my darker sides in the past, but actually I’ve always had that dissonance in me - on one hand feeling like I can conquer the world, and on the other hand feeling like a pathetic piece of nothing.

You strike me as a very unique artist: you have immense beauty and style; a distinct flair.  How important is fashion and style with regards your music/image?

I love fashion.  I love visuality in general.  I’m trying to combine it in my creation as much as I can cause I see it as a way of telling a story and creating a picture full of different elements and colours.

There are a lot of great Electro.-and R.&B.-Pop artists coming through.  Who out there would you recommend?  Any acts that have stuck in the mind?

I’m mostly into Hip-Hop/Future/R&B producers lately… so the names that immediately pop to my head are Esta, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Sam Gellaitry, Bryson Tiller; Tory Lanez, J-Louis, Mura Masa, Nao, Post Malone...

Photo: Noa Flecker

You were born in Israel and obviously spend a lot of time there.  How does the music scene differ from other parts of the world?  How do the people compare?

The music scene in Israel is getting really cool in the last 2 years or so.  It used to be quite different in the past - I used to feel that the music here is totally disconnected from what's going on in the rest of the world, but there's a huge change now- and there are more and more awesome acts and producers that create really cool music.

You are signed with Brick P.R. (in London).  Do you get to come to London often?  When can we next expect you?

LONDON IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD.  I WANNA LIVE THERE.  I used to be there quite a lot but I don't have a specific date yet.  I will definitely update you when I do :)

Your mix-tapes are immediate and filled with treasure.  Is it easier/better to create mixtapes (as opposed to albums) because it costs less/is quicker?

I don't think that the money is an issue in the type of music that I’m creating.  It’s mostly electronic and the fact that I produce a lot of it myself makes it pretty simple and fast.  The only reason I made a mixtape/E.P. was because I didn't feel ready to create an album.  I always felt like releasing an album is a big statement, and I just wanna do it when it feels right.

Some of your songs deal with love and heartache.  Having dealt with break-up aree you in a happier space now or still searching for love?  Do relationships (and their capriciousness) help or hinder your creative process?

I mostly create when I feel OK.  I can't really create when I’m torn apart.  I’m in a happy relationship for quite a while now but the main thing is that you can feel lost and alone also while being in a relationship.  There are always ups and downs- it never ends.  I have the most amazing boyfriend, but life is just a bit more complex than that.

Your social media ranks are swelling- you get a lot of love from your fans.  How important is social media to you and getting your music out there?

I love my fans and I enjoy communicating and interacting with them.  They mean the world to me.

Music takes you all around the world; to new cities and areas.  Is it quite disconnecting being away from home, or is it something that you enjoy (being on the road)?

It’s pretty tough being away from my boyfriend, family and cats.  I miss them a lot and I’m trying to Skype them as much as possible.  But it's also amazing to travel the world and get inspiration from new amazing places, artists and people.  It’s pretty interesting and fun.

Being a songwriter myself- hunting for a band for my songs- what advice would you offer any up-and-coming artists- either with regards succeeding or the creative process?

Be patient, that’s my main tip.  It takes time (a lot of time).  Even when it seems like it's not gonna happen - don't give up.  I wanted to give up so many times.  But at the end of the day, there was this tiny voice inside my head that reminded me that this is my destiny.  Music is what I’m supposed to do.

To finish- and for being such a great support- you can name any song (either your favoruite or a song that means a lot to you); I will play it here…

It’s hard to choose my favorite song but in the last few days I’ve been listening nonstop to Drake's dis. (disrespect) song Back To Back and Bryson Tiller - Ease.



Photo: Noa Flecker

Heaven begins with trip and mis-step.  The electronics stutter and grab; retreat and haze.  Like a beautiful day, the scenery whizzes by; the leaves rustle- the composition spins and conspires; dizzies and ducks.  With some machine-like vocal wordlessness; married to some punchy beats, the song takes off.  ADI fuses some terrific touches into the song: hand-clap percussion; some hard and harsh low-down beats; lighter and elliptical colours- to create a cacophony of delight.  Both head-spinning and in control; the song is layered and delightful- parts of your mind try to keep up with things.  Entranced in the whirlpool, Heaven projects so many images- beauty and landscape; harsh streets and darker corners- in addition to healing love and perfection.  As it reaches its climax that insatiable beat keeps pressing; the electronics yelp and jump; the notes contort and interact- a riot of variegated sounds.  ADI is a mistress of seduction and beauty: she knows just how to buckle the knees; entrance and alert the senses- get the mind working and guessing.  Images and scenes flash through the brain; the notes compel you to imagine what is unfolding- picture your own Heaven.  Delightfully gripping; impressively nuanced the song makes you beg for more- you could happily listen to it over and over.  I know ADI is dropping some vocals over the song: she has so many options.  It would be great to hear something swooning and breathless mixing with a rushing and uplifted vocal; combining the two to create something quite rapturous; a duality of the senses- match the emotion and ambition of the foreground.  Whether she chooses to leave the vocals without lyrics- and have something wordless instead- that would be an option.  To my mind, there are some great lyrics possible: a chance to put down an honest love song; a paen to her native Israel- a shout-out to her fans.  Maybe combine the subjects and have an all-sweeping song: one that ties in everything; around this ideal of Heaven- and what that means to her.  Of course, she could go down another route- and choose to leave the song as it is.  That is the beauty of the track: it has so much potential to it, you find yourself desperate for answers.  What we have now is by no means piecemeal: it is ADI at her most inspired- an urgent and fire-crackling song; one that is as pure as they come.  The Tel Aviv resident has taken the surroundings and her native surroundings; been compelled to put down her electronic pen- and come up with something staggering.  Time will tell- as to what direction the song takes- but as is, she has created her finest track to date- giving a tremendous insight into her future sounds!  If you have not heard Heaven

YOU cannot afford to miss out.

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