Feature: The 450th Post- The 1990s Playlist


The 450th Post:



The 1990s Playlist



AS I reach the 450th post it gives me the opportunity to…

focus on a decade of music that provided so much quality and joy.  The 1990s remains music’s very finest time: an historic time that saw some of the finest music come forth.  It would be near-impossible to put all of the ‘90s best into a playlist- what with the sheer range out there- but I have had great pleasure selecting my favourite tracks.  Mixing Grunge and Dance with ‘Britpop’ and everything in-between, it showcases (I hope) just how varied and stunning the 1990s was.  Looking forward to years of continued writing, but for now, a chance to kick-back and reflect on a marvelous time for music…


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLHuzJLVjHOwnE5Npo5JftcDf9wAkIQtDO&w=560&h=315]