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2015 was the struggle to find great new music.  That is not to say there was a deficit of quality; quite the opposite in fact- it was just a struggle discovering it.  There is so much emphasis on social media- sites like Twitter and Facebook- but how useful is it when it comes to music?  These sites are great when it comes to statuses, photos etc.; but what about music?  To my mind there are no websites dedicated to promoting music and providing something comprehensive.  I have waxed lyrical about this when talking about Psychoacoustics- the website I hope to put together that remedies this slight- but it is something that really riles me.

When it comes to new music; there is so much emerging by the week.  All around the world there are hungry and eager musicians breaking through but so little discipline and exposure.  Unless you are on social media- and hear about music via a friend or connection- so much music will pass you by.  There is no excuse for such a sloppy and lazy approach to music.  If new musicians are to be given a fair shake- and get the attention and listenership they deserve- they need a platform that will do them justice.  Facebook and Twitter are very limited in their effectiveness and connections.  As I said; unless you are sort of ‘in the right place at the right time’ you will not be aware of so many great artists.  There are a lot of music websites that do very specific things.  Whether it is Internet radio or gig promotions; there is a website out there for you.

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It shouldn’t be that hard to create a site that channels and focuses new music into a one-stop portal.  You can break it down by city, genre or sound; make it easy for the user/listener to discover some fantastic artists.  All you would need to do is visit the site- Psychoacoustics seems like the most likely option; unless someone else gets there first- and have a browse.  You would link the site to social media so bands and artists would post updates and news onto the site- it would integrate existing social media/music websites into one website.

The same issue arising when it comes to existing music- something a little easier to control and organise- and getting to grips with its full potential.  So often I have haphazardly been searching on YouTube and come across a great song from years past- maybe something that was an old favourite.  Too often I discover bands and acts I never heard of; those that I should be aware of- I have stumbled upon it by dumb chance.  The same principle applies here- as I have said with new music- where you could have another area of the website that would organise the music more effectively.  Whether you wanted to search a particular decade or genre; maybe a particular band or album- it would make it simple to get the music you want.  YouTube is the site that houses this music yet they have no system that effectively lays out the music and allows the music-lover to find lost treasures and bygone treats.

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As this year continues I shall be seeking the best in new music; keen to see what is on offer.  Too often I have to put out Facebook shouts to the masses: seeing if they can recommend a great artist to review.  Why isn’t there a website that makes things easier for the likes of me?  It doesn’t need to be hugely developed and sparkling; just somewhere I can hunt ALL the new music coming out.  It is 2016 so let’s hope- if I can’t get there first- someone focuses away from social media/technology and spends some time and money on something people NEED.  Not only will it ease the stress of music-lovers and aficionados but make new music easier to access and share.  When it is all said and done…

ISN’T that the point all along?!