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The Peppersplum


THIS year, one of the nicest surprises was discovering…

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Mexican sisters Marie and Sussie Fernandez. Known as The Peppersplum, they are heavily influenced by older English music and U.S. Rock; European Dance and more traditional Latin sounds. Songs like Take the Adventure of Love pulls all these disparate threads together and shows what passion and talent the duo has. Into next year, the girls will be looking at releasing new music. They discuss these plan alongside memories of the year so far; what type of music inspires them and how Is It Love? (their last album) came together. In addition to that, the girls are working on two new albums - which shows just how hard-working and determined The Peppersplum are. They chat about those releases and what they have planned for Christmas.


Hey girls. How are you? How has your week been?

Sussie: Hi there. It is so nice to talk to you. Thanks for this time you take to talk about music. Also, we would like to thank you so much for the review you wrote: we really like it and enjoyed reading it.

Marie: Some parts are as if you had been there watching very close to what it was. Surprisingly accurate.

For anyone new to your music: can you introduce yourself, please?

Together: We are The Peppersplum. (*smiling*)

Marie: We’re sisters…

Sussie: …and we do music.

You began your musical life 2006. What compelled you to start a duo and can you remember the first song you recorded?

Marie: Not only the first song we recorded but also the first song we wrote.

Sussie: Well, we always wanted to sing and express ourselves in an artistic way.

We can recall when we were very little: every time we saw a theatre play we tried to replay, in our house, all the roles by our own - all the singing, all the words and acts like it were a children’s game.

As sisters, what was the type of music you grew up listening to?

Sussie: We listen to a lot: all Rock and Roll; ‘50s, ‘60s; ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s music.

Marie: Yes, we like all the old music stuff.

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What is the musical scene like in Mexico? Is there a lot of great indigenous music or (does the country) take in a lot of U.S. and British music?

Marie: Well, we can´t really say what's the scene (as we listen to all stuff) but Mexico does take lots of English music.

The Beatles still have a daily hour on one of the biggest radio stations.

Sussie: Yes, indeed. I think it is (as you have probably said) half local music whilst half of the population goes for English music.

You have won a collection of awards and accolades over the year. What has been the proudest achievement for The Peppersplum?

Sussie: Wow, well, every one of them. They are different and we like to think it is because of our fans and their love and amazing support.

Marie: Yes. All of them have a special place in our hearts, in our music; most of all, a big thanks to all the people involved: the ones who work alongside us and the fans; the prizes are them.

Can you tell us about the coming months? Any new music coming through or E.P.s in the pipeline?

Marie: No. In fact, we did a pause to answer this interview. We are recording the album. The album has been delayed for many reasons. Upcoming is two new singles - but totally different. The two albums will have twelve to fourteen songs on each one – so, if you count the two of them that will be at least twenty-six or so new songs. Their titles will be Fast Love Vol. I (Dance) and Fast Love Vol. II (Rock).

Sussie: Yes.

We are recording two albums - following the single format. This E.P. is, in fact, the first single from two different albums: one the Rock side and the other is a Dance album.

They are two singles from two different albums (but with the same name). We’ll hopefully finish recording the two albums next year.

Is It Love? composes eleven unreleased tracks and was your second studio album. What was the inspiration behind it and how does it differ from your debut work?

Marie: Guess we have to start by talking about our debut album and the difference (with that) and Is It Love? Yeah!, as it's called, was the first step to achieving our dream (to write music). When we finished it, we were like: “Can't wait for everybody to listen to it”. The second one we hid a bit so it stays a little longer - only for us alone. Is It Love? has lots of emotions. When we recorded, it was a tough time for the person not for the musician. We were having a real hard time recording. That album was what kept us going. In Life, for example, is about loss - but not to a love - but concerning our grandfather because he was like our dad - and then he passed away. Every one of the eleven songs is a story on its own. They are different. The only one thing permanent in all our songs and albums is genuineness.

Sussie: Yeah! was an affirmation: it was a "yes it's possible". We’d been told: "Girls in a Rock world? Only in more than ten years"; "Girls for Rock are not good". So Yeah was: “Look at us, we did it"! Is It Love? came together in a more accomplished way.

We wanted to write more about us and we added some more thoughts and emotions, as you said (which was very amazing for us, you figured it out). Words we really use, that are totally us, like: "I just can't believe..."  This is a phrase we used a lot (maybe we're not believers) (*smiling *). But we wanted to take away all the bad experiences we were living by singing.

What has been your favourite song to record? Which one has meant the most to you?

Marie: The new one we're working on in that moment is the favourite. All the others left a mark, of course, but they have gone.

Sussie: We like them all. They were part of us in a time and space, and when we listen to them again, it is like seeing an old friend.

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Do The Peppersplum have upcoming gigs or are you spending time in the studio?

Sussie: Well, as we said, we’re finishing recording these two albums - but we have signed with a new manager so we are eager to confirm some upcoming gigs.

Marie: Hey, she said it all (*smiling*). Some surprises soon.

You have a lot of love for the U.K. Can we expect to see you play in the country anytime soon?

Marie: We grew up listening lullabies like (*singing*) “Orange and lemons/say the bells of St. Clements”, so you can say that.

Sussie:Oh, The Grand Old Duke of York...” (*again singing*). We love to play there. We hope with this new guidance (manager) we could play there very soon. As soon as we know we’ll share it with you as well as well as new stuff.

Marie: Yes. We are really curious about finding out your opinion on the new tunes.

Are there any local artists or artists you love you’d recommend we investigate?

Sussie: Oh God! We only listen to old music as we said. Wow, this is a hard one.

Marie: The Beatles and Elvis are so well known (joking) – sorry, we really don’t know who to name.


For any bands/musicians wanting to follow in your footsteps: what advice would you offer them?

Marie: Constancy! It's the only thing that would make you get your goal.

Sussie: Be patient and don't let down yourself.

Finally, and for being good sports, you can request a song and I’ll play it here (not your own as I’ll include that).

Sussie: Always good sports and fair players so mmm… would be nice to listen to an old tune like E.L.O.’s Last Train to London.


Marie: Or we can go a little bit earlier and listen to House of the Rising Sun but we’ll leave it up to you. Thanks a lot for this interview; we were very glad answering it. Looking forward to your review of our next tunes.


Sussie: Thanks. It was so nice. Hoping to see you all of you at a gig.


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