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London, U.K.


27th January, 2017


BEFORE I started writing music reviews…

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and generally being involved in journalism, I was never a huge fan of Pop duos – modern examples anyway. What I was lacking was the sort of exposure and open-world accessibility I have now. One of the big issues was having a rather narrow, mainstream-approved, chart-driven directive that provided very little nuance, excitement and appeal. I am not bagging on chart acts but do feel so many artists are playing music to make a quick buck and satisfy the most insipid and easily-pleased demographic around – a point I raised in my last review. Before I launch into a full American Psycho-esque rampage on the ‘tween’ demographic; it is worth focusing on something less controversial and appealing. Knowing the girls from MissDefiant – I communicate with Jordan and Emily regularly – I know they are tirelessly working to get their music spread around the country. They are not your average Pop/Synth. duo but before I introduce them, I wanted to talk about image and having a team behind you; I’ll look at Pop and Electro. sounds – and how needed they are as the days are growing longer – and songwriting that subverts expectations and predefined predilections – looking at London and the more vibrant part of its music and sort of smaller venues that are being favoured. Right; to that first point. There is a long-standing issue in modern music not just reserved to Pop. Too many young artists are being crafted and dictated to: usually by a group of record label men who have very distinct ideas on how they should sing/dress/speak. We are in an age where certain sections of music/society are reverting to prehistoric times. In fact, back in the ‘60s and ‘70s there was not quite the same level of dictatorial control and fabricated plastic as there is now. Not all Pop/chart acts are culpable. Invariably, when one makes their way to a record label; said label will manufacture them a certain way to appeal to their ethos and the sort of people they market to.

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Whether you see this practice as an inadmissible sin or not that is for you. I, myself, am very reluctant to throw my weight before artists who are puppeteered and made to dangle like marionettes. Fortunately, when it comes to MissDefiant; they have do not fall into this trap. Maybe marketing men and record labels are not that avuncular to fresh musicians but they should show more respect. The girls of MissDefiant have an experienced team and producers behind them but take full control of their lyrics, music and attire. They have struck the perfect balance between management/professional guidance and freedom to grow and work. Mike Tournier, as shall be revealed in the duo’s biography brings thirty years of experience and acclaim to the MissDefiant camp. He has worked with the likes of Fluke and Syntax so knows his way around Electro.-Pop. The man lends his expertise and production talents to a twosome but provides musical direction and does not impose his will on them. MissDefiant are not girls who have to dance to the beat of the record label drums. They are an example of a strong and defiant - as their name suggests - duo who have that professional patronage but are left to their own devices. As such, and something I wanted to highlight, they bring much more personality and reality to their music. Not that I am pepper-spraying every Pop act out there but how many, aside from the mainstream established and older legends, do you feel is being true and themselves? I know a couple of upcoming females like Dua Lipa and Liv Dawson are promising great music but one wonders, in the case of Lipa especially, whether her overt/sexual songs and fiery themes are less her own proclivity and more the will and testament of her label – the feeling these kinds of songs shift units and get stations (Radio 1 especially) drooling and eager.

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I am not a prude not someone who actively campaigns against sexism and over-sexualisation in music but I am seeing too many young artists, not exploited, but resorting to the lowest-common-denominator for inspiration. I love Dua Lipa’s voice but feel her subject matter and videos leave little to the imagination. Not only does she seem to have a, sadly, limited shelf life – so many like her around and have come before – but her sonic and emotional spectrum is not broad enough to appeal to a wide enough demographic. I am sure the Londoner has her say and feelings but you just have that niggling suspicions every video, song and line is meticulously penned and transcribed from The Big Book of Pop Clichés. I am being harsh because I have respect for her but I know her upcoming eponymous album will get the same reaction: mostly three-star reviews (Pop magazines and ‘her market’ likely to show a higher bias) and commentators applauding her spirit and passion but bemoaning the lack of originality and soul. Apologies for wandering away from the tourist trail and exploring a vivid back-alley but it is something that grinds my gears. Aghast at the manufactured, depression trudge of high heels, sybaritic songbooks and careers – as soon as they started – requiring palliative care; it is refreshing discovering Pop artists who have maturity, youthfulness and wisdom. MissDefiant’s two have modelling experience between them and a real eye for colour, fashion and flavour. One word that perfectly sums MissDefiant up is cocktail. In fact, pick-‘n-‘mix might be more suitable. You see photos are entranced by a rainbow of summer flavours and topical-candy sweetness. There are bold pinks and pastel greens flirting with faux-island pines and red-striped lollypops; edgier, street-set shoots and dreamy backdrops. Both girls are beautiful and striking but the emphasis is never put on their looks and sex appeal. What they do, from the image side of things is perfectly distill their essence through the lens: bright and imaginative songs that convey a sense of intelligence and importance.

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The girls never fetishise Pop music or send blood to the wrong part of the body. What you get from them is a bright and neon set of images and the impression of two young women who are mature and smart but want to have fun and not make things too heavy-going. This reflects in their lyrics which are among the most thought-provoking I have heard from a Pop act in a while. Again, not stereotyping their contemporaries but it is hard finding a lot of depth and variation in the ranks. Occasionally, one will hear forays away from love but that is a rarity. MissDefiant have looked at relationships and the sensations one feels but it is not their staple. What you get are girls who look further out in the world and address important themes. Previous songs have looked at not being defined and taken advantage of. MissDefiant have cast their thought in the club culture and looked (aghast) at drink-spiking and the seediness one witnesses. These are not sides of music/society one often hears. I am being more and more drawn to artists that have something new and important to say; talking about things we all need to know more about and stepping away from easy avenues. This serious and wise approach to lyrics, tied with their images and fun nature, makes the girls an exciting and wonderful proposition. They are always keen to engage with their fans and do not distance themselves. You get regular news about gigs and bright, variegated photo-shoots; videos and tidbits from the girls that keep everyone in the loop and informed. I have often mentioned the importance of keeping your social media updated and full – people will not hang around if they are bare and sullen. MissDefiant have a glossy and attractive homepage and insinuate themselves in social media: their supporters are treated to a close relationship and connection with the girls. Before I come to my next point, I will introduce MissDefiant to you:

Since launching in April of 2015 MissDefiant have created an online storm around their catchy music, fun content and engaging social media posts. Jordan and Emily's background in music, dance, acting and modelling means that they deliver effortless performances and current, edgy music. Mike Tournier brings almost 30 years of experience in the music industry to the MissDefiant team having been instrumental in former bands Fluke and Syntax. Over the past year they have created a catalogue of tracks, many of which have been released as singles, along with two full albums ready to release this year. MissDefiant will be releasing their debut album in the studio this year along with a b-side of acoustics and remixes. Coming May 2017 along with an album launch party headline show at The Borderline in London on 6th May. The girls popularity on social media has led to them collaborating online with MAC Cosmetics and many other clothing and cosmetic brands. Last year they performed at KOKO in Camden supporting LMFAO's Redfoo & The Party Rock Crew. They recently headlined at The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen for their ICYMI single launch party and have performed at many other prestigious venues across London”.

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I’ll come to the prospect of London music this summer and the cool venues about. What I wanted to look at was the changing days and the season we are approaching. I have noticed the days are getting longer and it is sunnier than a few weeks ago. People are responding to the changing climate and becoming more optimistic about things. The world around us – in terms of politics and our governments – is becoming more ridiculous and unstable as time progresses but the population are starting to revel in the sunnier mood and meteorological clemency. It seems like this is the time of year to get out the spring clothes and head to the city. I yearn to spend as much time in London as I can: underneath the shade of Hyde Park trees and basking in the rush, smells and conversational snippets of Westminster; the exuberant pace of Piccadilly and the quirkiness and cool of Camden. Everything is heightened and better defined when the weather is warmer and more agreeable. For that reason, accompanying me – and many other people around – will be an appropriate soundtrack. The MissDefiant girls have that already-honed summer-ready wardrobe. I have been checking their Facebook page and see new shoots where they are daubed in beach-seeking garb and projecting a mood of serotonin and warming rays. I feel we are entering a more positive part of 2017 that will see warm days and longer nights make big changes. Music is reacting to this and I’m seeing a lot of Pop and Electro. artists provide big, anthemic tracks. If the girls’ latest track, ICYMI – its initials make me think of the The Spice Girls’ Spice Up Your Life and the chorus refrain of “Hai Si Ja/Hold tight!” – is not as electric and rousing as some of their earlier material, they bring plenty of energy and spirit to the music.

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With that, one hears profundity and originality: assets that are not often heard in modern Pop music. What I love about MissDefiant is the fact they energise and motivate the listener without coming across shallow or lacking necessary depth. Every track has a complexity and richness running right through it – aided by their decades-experienced producer and excellent songwriting. You get feel and heart with the girls but enormous physicality and candescent spirit. They are one of the most vivacious and striking duos in the modern U.K. scene and primed for something quite big. I have a lot of respect for acts who want to take the mood down and focus on something more ‘dignified’ and soft – emotional and filled with introspection. The trouble is, that is suited for a very particular time and space. Right now, there is a need to fill music with inventive, engaging music that compels you to get up and move. When the sun gets hotter and the country morphs into summer, it will be festival-season and a great chance to lose your senses and have fun. I am not sure whether the girls have any festival dates but can see them sliding neatly into the festival rotation. There are many (inferior) like-minded acts who get big attention so why should they miss out? Perhaps they are looking at more intimate dates but have already built up a loyal and passionate following.

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I often go on about London and its virtues but have missed it the last two reviews. I am now back in the capital and ready to reinvestigate London and its merits. I have mentioned the summer vibes and warmer temperatures: London seems like the perfect place to ensconce one’s self in and enjoy all it has to offer. We will see more people flock and things really open up. MissDefiant launched ICYM at The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen recently. That ultra-trendy hang-out is one of the most desirable bars of the N1 postcode and has seen many acts perform there. I know Jordan Cather and Emily Rose Adams will be playing The Borderline on 6th May (three days before my birthday: just in case…) and have a chance to shine in that courtyard-appointed, intimate venue. It is one of the most upcoming and impressive small venues in the centre of London and a great chance for MissDefiant to shine. They have already played KOKO, but when you really look at, just how many wonderful venues are there in London? I know the likes of Fabric have suffered near-closure and council-mandated affidavit but that is a rare case. Sure, there are likely to be healthy and safety issues and the occasional tragedy at music venues. Being such busy and unpatrolled spaces will see the odd rogue element slip through and bring the reputation of the area down. It extends right through society but shall not (negatively) reflect London’s music scene.

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There is such a world of fantastic venues that provide new musicians an essential platform. Were we to lose these spaces, it threatens to derail the modern music industry as we know it. That may seem all doom-and-gloom but was not meant to be. Happily, London, and many other areas, continue to thrive and grow. Even in East London, there are so many spots and places a hungry musician can perform. The girls are releasing their debut album in a couple of months – I shall come to that later – and coincided with, one hopes, a consistent spell of warm weather and universal high spirits. Maybe MissDefiant already have an album release mini-tour planned and ideas but I would be excited to see where they head. I often say this about anyone I am reviewing: there is a demand across the country and further afield. Again, the girls might have played around the nation but they are busy cementing their name in London. That could well be a career-long goal considering the number of people and other performers around. I can envisage them taking their music up the U.K. and enjoying some wonderful dates. Nobody would begrudge them ambition and their music fully warrants it. Let’s hope the duo think big and push themselves as far as they can. I know they will keep recording music throughout this year and hardly take a pause. London is a wonderful city for any artists and perfect place to be inspired. There are a lot of other musicians around so it can be challenging pushing ahead of the competition. Despite the struggle and suffocation many experience; there is a community spirit and collaborative kinship that makes London far less repressive and frightening than you’d imagine. Therefore, MissDefiant should charge themselves up and prepare a fresh assault on the capital: get their fantastic music out to the people and revel in the warmth and spirit of the city.

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ICYMI is the latest single from MissDefiant and shows new meaning and bravery from the girls. In the past, they have embraced ‘less commercial’ themes with their lyrics and explored societal issues and that which strays away from romance and relationships. It is not often you see any act doing something original and writing about subjects that inspire you to think rather than talk about the self. Of course, the girls have written about love and relations but do not make it their staple. Innocent and Robot are two of their early songs and showed promise when they arrived. What I feel, that differs between then and now, is the confidence the girls show in themselves. There were some early moments when there was a bit of vocal processing and not quite the same strident acclaim and passion you hear now. Maybe nerves or a feeling of settling in: I love Robot but feel the sound/song could have fit into the modern-day charts. As they progressed and arrived at songs like 133T and Ear Candy, you can hear that leap of faith and ability in their music. Starting to reach out to other artists – both songs had remixes by Humbridger – there was more originality and the sound of a duo not concentrating on radio play and charts – pushing the boundaries and standing aside from their peers. Now, MissDefiant have a commercial edge but sound much more engaging, essential and raw than most similar acts out there. This is defining and highlighted in ICYMI. It is going to be a good future for the duo. They have that songwriting ability and conscientious mindset. Their tracks are never going to be trivial or cliché: I am excited to see what they come up with next and how far they can take their music. I would not be surprised were there an E.P. very soon or plans for something similar. The fact they collaborate with DOPEBOYLDN on their latest track shows they are willing to reach out to other artists and step into other genres.

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Coming to the song and question; it doesn’t take long before the track springs to life. One of the key things about the song is how short it is. The whole thing is done with in eighty seconds. Many would look at the running time and assume the song is going to be a throwaway or forgettable thing. You have artists willing to stretch songs and not think about economy or the interest of the listener. Here, there is no time for pleasant introductions and pauses. There is a chuckle, albeit a little chilled, as they announce themselves – stepping to the microphone as a Hip-Hop/Grime swirl gets the song underway. The beats are firm and fast but never too dangerous or overwhelming. The same can be said of the electronics which tee up the vocals without washing over the song with force. The girls let it be known – to the hero or chancer – they are “never going to kiss this”. Those who have been in troubled relationships have often had to settle for someone they didn’t want or forced into things they didn’t want to do. That is what I mentioned about MissDefiant earlier on: they can write about love but always ensure it is provided an inspiration and strong stance. ICYMI delivers its messages with potency and energy. You do not have time to settle into the track; the beats stay firm as the vocals stand up-top and proud. Again, and something the girls do perfectly, is blend maturity and intelligence with youthful slang and terminology. They never push away a demographic not pander to them. Because of that, you get snippets and quotations that could emanate from the tongues of teenage girls – making ICYMI appealing to them as it listeners like me. The boy is going to regret being who he is and doing things the way he is. Maybe a little too controlling or coercing; you sense a situation that needs to find resolution. Perhaps too much aggression has been shown with the guy calling all the shots. Whatever the origins behind the words, you sense MissDefiant are not only speaking for themselves but a whole generation and sector.

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They have been in the situation where they’ve struggled and found themselves with losers – I am guessing but apologies if not! In any case, they are echoing a message that needs to be delivered: get out of a relationship that is causing strains and pain. ICYMI means “in case you missed this” and is a mantra repeated to great effect. The girls tease the guy and let it be known what he is missing. Maybe there is a sense of cat-and-mouse where they are luring him in and spitting him out but one feels that attitude is deserved. Sure, the girls are giving short shrift to the guy but never sticking the boot in and being needlessly cruel. They have gone through a harsh relationship and experienced a lot of regret so only right they are striking out. I guess the song is a general representation (of the) kind of man that crawls the club dancefloors and sleazily chats women up – showing no respect or regard for them at all. MissDefiant, as their name suggests, are never in the mood to tolerate that kind of thing. Instead, they deliver a short and sharp anthem that has plenty of catchiness, swing and confidence. The beats and electronics add to the foreground but never get in the way. Perhaps emphasising the beats would have given the lyrics more gravitas and bite – upped the game and really made them shine and roar. That is a minor quibble for a song that has a huge amount of pluses. Before I get to that; one cannot overlook DOPEBOYLDN and his contribution. Just as the girls have said all they have; the microphone is handed to DOPEBOYLDN. His part lasts about twenty seconds but is fast and flowing. There is that huge command and ability from the singer: you are treated to a new side of the story and a different kind of performer. The girls shone with their mixture of Pop and Eletcro. but DOPEBOYLDN brings some Hip-Hop/Rap spark to it and lays down his lyrics. There is mention of Cinderella and bringing a new twist to the game.

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Being an advocate and spokesperson who raises awareness of these kind of issues (bad boys and shallow, regretful relationships) you get the sense of a man who is speaking out against it and, as he says, “not reaching for a misfit”. In a sense, he is playing a character in the song and playing the ‘guy’ role to MissDefiant’s ‘girl’. It is a counterpoint and reactionary vocal that definitely leaves it mark. It would have been nice to hear more from him and extend the song out a little more. What MissDefiant do is present a song that is brief but definitely stays in the mind. It is a powerful and fast-hitting track that says what it needs to say and definitely never outstays its welcome. It is great hearing DOPEBOYLDN and has introduced me to someone I want to hear a lot more from. He is someone always eager to use his talent to address subjects most do not. In essence, ICYMI is the antithesis against those songs that celebrate club culture and a cheap kind of satisfaction. It follows a course from the girls that is sure to continue in the future. In such a short space of time, they cover a lot of ground and, as is befitting of the story, leave the audience hungry for more. I wonder whether the song will find its way onto their album. Wherever it lands, ICYMI is another stunning song from the duo and proof they can affect in the space of eighty seconds or over a longer song – not many artists are able to do that.

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I have spent a lot of time talking about the girls and how they fit into the music scene; what they have to offer and why they stand apart. I shall come back to that, briefly, in a minute but shall forecast the next few months for them. They have already played a lot of cool venues around London but have The Borderline to look forward to in May. Last year, in how-bad-could-it-possibly-get scenarios was like being stuck in a Fiat Cinquecento with Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan and breaking down on the side of the road only to be informed there is no phone signal and the opportunities for suicide are incredibly limited – and discovering Azealia Banks has just broken down beside you and is a particular crabby mood. It a gigantic bull-munch of a year that could have swayed priests from a vow of celibacy to just rip off their robes and move into Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Aside from my hysteria hyperbole; it is clear 2016 left some rather indent impressions on the international psyche. One would imagine this year is a vast improvement but, naturally, one cannot have that sort of assurance. I know MissDefiant are capable of banishing political blues and giving us all something rich, warming and hugely exciting. They have their album coming up which will be a pivotal moment in their career. Until now, the duo have released singles and promoted them accordingly. Now, they put together an L.P. and their first fully-fledged representation of MissDefiant. I am not sure what the age-mix will be on the album. Whether they are putting together their previous singles with new or doing all-new compositions; maybe a couple of cover versions in there? What it is called, and what will be contained therein, is going to be a big deal. With each new song, the girls seem to resonate with new audiences and build their army. After the album is released, they will be looking to get songs played on radio and reach new audiences. I know there are plenty of good London radio stations that will spin their album and international options open to them.

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The biggest challenge facing the girls will be what happens after the album. It seems like everything they have worked for has led to this moment. I know they will release an accompanying collection of B-side acoustic tracks and remixes. Not only does that show they have confidence in the material but are eager to see their songs reworked and reinvented: seeing what other D.J.s/producers come up with. The debut album is a very nervous and exciting prospect. It will go really well for the girls but once the dust has settled and the buzz starts to die down; where do they head and what course do they take? With that remixes/acoustic numbers B-side album, there is plenty of MissDefiant music to wet the appetites. ICYMI sees DOPEBOYLDN (a lot of upper-case confidence!) fuse together in an electric and buzzing track. They have always presented that fusion of upbeat-energised and something quite tropical and traditionally Pop. Brimming, rousing melodies and big choruses have worked alongside confident vocals and detailed instrumentation. Their latest single, plus its remixes, is a bit more street-wise and crosses into genres like Rap and Urban. The girls are never likely to sit still and take their Electro.-Pop energy and desires into new realms. Many stepping into this territory might sound nervous and unsure: the duo are completely assured and natural throughout. The girls’ empowering lyrics, something I shall spend more time looking at soon, investigates lust, love and betrayal but is never too vitriolic, dour and angered. There is a mature vein accommodating red-bloodied direction and one of the most memorable songs they have ever crafted. DJ Escence and producer Humbringer have brought their talents and visions to remixes and ensured the song not only appeals to fans of Pop and Urban but reaches the club crowds – a song that translates well in closed-off, sweaty dancefloors and beach tavernas and tropical climbs alike. What shimmers and resonates within ICYMI is its personalised, motifs and nuances. DOPEBOYLDN is a subversive gay rapper who challenges masculine constructs and decries the hetero-normative paradigm of Hip-Hop and Rap – often its players boastfully emasculate and produce sexist, homophobic ideals.

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He brings his stirring and commanding talent to the track but always keeps things uplifting and hopeful. East Sussex native Adams and Plymouth-raised Cather have that sisterly bond and have descended from different backgrounds – Adams, a soprano who moves to London at sixteen; Cather, a model who has acted in operas and musical theatre; a dancer who has performed with Charli XCX and Years & Years. ICYMI is as strong and powerful a statement as they have ever put out which does not surprise me. There is a lot of confidence in the duo right now. They have survived that all-important first couple of years when it is a struggle maintaining popularity. The girls have over eighteen-thousand followers on Twitter and twenty-two-thousand on Instagram. Those numbers are not the result of sensationalist posts and celebrity status: meaningless and shallow definitions that have very little bearing on the real world. The duo have gained such a following because of their incredibly consistent music and loveable personalities. They are always eager to connect with their fans, onstage or on social media, whilst maintaining a professional façade and exceptional creative variety. As their latest single shows, they are not afraid to collaborator with strong artists and take their music into new realms. I could have forgiven any hesitation with regards cross-pollination: many artists get settled in a genre and do not want to risk alienating their audience. MissDefiant are synonymous with socially-aware lyrics and stunning performances: in that sense, they are not limited to genres and have that freedom to move around and collaborate. I would love to see more of that happening in the future as they pair very well with DOPEBOYLDN.

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I’ll end this thing by coming back to the earlier points of London/spring and the contrasts within the Pop market; a little bit about over-sexualisation and creative coercion and how MissDefiant are leading a purer and more inspiring charge. Let’s go back to London and the coming months shall we? I see the capital being thrust into the limelight as the festivals start to kick off. I can already sense a change in the air. When I was on way to north London yesterday I was struck by the unusually cheery mood of the locals. The sun was barely out but the warm temperature and smell of spring was enough to rouse the stoniest into some sort of smile. It is always a struggle getting through winter and really having the energy to get excited and optimistic. MissDefiant are just the tonic one needs to get the spring kick-started and the celebrations underway. We are hearing announcements for festivals this year which always gets me thinking about Cather and Adams. I can well picture them commanding one of the largest stages in the country and playing out to thousands of fans. Right now, they have a lot of gigs around London but they tend to be smaller locations. Whether they prefer a more intimate space or yearn for an outdoors, large-capacity setting I am not sure. What I do know is the girls seem very much at home in London; they have a great fanbase and are starting to get the attention of the tastemakers and local radio. Not too long, one would hope, before they get national radio play and conquer international waters. The reason MissDefiant are so cherished is because they have that envious balance of professional support and artistic freedom. They are not, as I speculated about many modern Pop stars, under the thumb of stylists, labels and sweaty businessmen: the best way to get the music out to the masses is through sexualisation, empty and direct music that appeals to the base senses – requires little attention span and imagination. I am not against women/men using their looks and bodies to promote their music – some of the greatest music videos ever have employed sex and suggestion as a weapon – but there is too much of it in music.

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I am saddened about the contrasting diatribes where we hear women (and men, rightly) stating how there is an inequality in music: fewer chances for female professionals and that age-old male instinct to reduce women to their sexuality and beauty – rather than focus on what they are saying and how they think. On the other side, there are a lot of young artists (men too) who are not helping this issue of objectification. We are not going to progress music and society is we celebrate sexuality so pointlessly and promulgate something lurid and cheap – when we are fighting for better rights (for women) and a more rounded and educated scene. This debate is best reserved for another time but it all comes back round to MissDefiant who not only oppose the chart-based artists who are being controlled by marketing forces but rebel against attitudes in their music. The duo have fantastic production values and professional support but that influence only extends to production and songwriting. They are not told what to say and certainly not forced to use their bodies and sexuality to sell music. In fact, the girls have used their music to address issues like this in music and inspire people to be wary of the more sworded and depressing side of things. I’ll leave it there only to say MissDefiant, in so many ways, are the antithesis of the modern Pop scene. Much more fulfilling, talented and deep than a lot of their peers; on that basis alone, they warrant prolonged success and attention. ICYMI is another insight into their album and, in my mind, their most interesting and bold tracks yet. They do not often join with other artists so this marks a new stage – or perhaps a lovely one-off – where they are willing to bring collaborators in to help spread an important message. That message is never couched in a stern and humourless cocoon. You get a reliable mix of soda-fizz Pop spirit and pulsating, raw-boned beats together with DOPEBOYLDN’s authoritative street sounds and poetic, intelligent interjection. On paper, the artists seem rather ill-suited and different but come together completely naturally. It is that kind of quality and confidence that will go into MissDefiant’s May-released album. A treasure of a duo who are in incredible form right now. With the sun peaking its head and the world starting to smile a lot more; it is just about the right time for…

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MISSDEFIANT to embark on a noble charge.

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