FEATURE: Headphones On, Earphones In! Ten Great Podcasts and Audiobooks for a Busy Commute



Headphones On, Earphones In!


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Ten Great Podcasts and Audiobooks for a Busy Commute


MUSIC is not only about the songs and albums…



we hear from artists. That would be one-dimensional and limited: there are some wonderful music-related podcasts from all avenues of the globe. I am a huge fan of Desert Island Discs and, whilst it is an interview-based format; it does incorporate a ‘castaway’s’ eight chosen records – those songs they would take to an island, were they stranded. There are so many options out there for the music lover and radio listener. Whether you want a band archive or interview series; a D.J. stepping into new territory or a podcast that keeps you updated with the latest musical happenings – one is hardly stuck for options!

I collate ten awesome podcasts/audiobooks everyone should investigate...


Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable



Lammo’s Thursday Roundtable is, as the title suggests, a place where one can get the latest hot vibes and musical tips – three guests come in and review the upcoming releases and recent albums. Each episode is available to download following the broadcast: a quintessential show that incorporates a variety of genres and musicians; all discussed with passion and depth.

Follow: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00p4l4t



The XLR8R podcast features the best producers and D.J.s creating fine mixes. It is a brilliant place one can discover hidden gems and rare treats – some last-minute music choices and party-savers! It has been going for a while now but always manages to keep its followers enticed and fulfilled!

Follow: https://www.xlr8r.com/podcasts/



This is the most streamed/listened-to podcast for the serious music-lover. It is, as they say in their own words:

Dissect is a serialized music podcast. In a world creating and accessing more content than ever before, we’ve quickly become a scrolling culture, hurriedly swiping through this infinite swath of content that seems to replenish without end. Dissect was created to counter this cultural shift. We’ll step outside our new consumption habits and take our time analyzing pieces of music measure by measure, word by word in sometimes painstaking detail. To appease our new consumption habits, we’ll break up our analysis into short, easily digestible episodes”.

Follow: https://dissectpodcast.com/

Shaun Keaveny’s Not So Simple


The title might be bitterly ironic – just kidding, obviously! – but, here, is another BBC Radio 6 Music stalwart who brings us something wonderful and enriching. Unlike Lammo; this is less music-orientated and, instead, sees Keaveny interview experts in biology, psychology; economics and business – audio extracts from their upcoming works are featured; the guest is given oxygen to discuss their careers and bond in a unique crucible. Keaveny, an adept and skilled comedian/D.J., provides an accessible and warm-hearted route into areas of society few of us have investigated – a must-hear for your ears!

Follow: https://soundcloud.com/user-347937138

Desert Island Discs


The aforementioned Desert Island Discs is an institution and a Sunday fixture for many. Each week, a guest discusses their choice of eight discs with Kirsty Young – there have been other presenters but she is the current incumbent – and they, at the end, have to select the one record they’d save from the waves. They also select a luxury item to take and a book – they get the Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare to have already – and contemplate life on the island. Guests are taken from the world of science, business; music, film and, well….anywhere. Over its seventy-five year history; the show has included countless castaways who have given us hours and hours of entertainment.

Follow: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qnmr

Song Exploder


This series puts the microscope over a song and dissects it in great depth. It is a forensic approach to music but one that unravels the anatomy and lineage of that track. Host Hrishikesh remains unobtrusive as a guest talks about the song, in-depth, and how it was made. There is a range of genres and sounds – each edition offers something new and unexpected.

Follow: https://twitter.com/songexploder

No Jumper


The so-called “Coolest podcast in the world”; No Jumper, hosted by Adam22, started life building his own BMX community and empire. His trajectory into music started with late-night sessions on SoundCloud- where he discovered the brightest Hip-Hop stars and those under-the-radar artists. A lot of the rappers featured do not get interviewed much: the warm and convivial style of interviewing leads to a very candid, revealing and engaging.

Follow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNTZgxNQuBrhbO0VrG8woA



This is a Spotify original podcast and one that looks at how music has impacted big television shows. Over its course; it has interviewed music supervisors from the likes of Breaking Bad and The O.C. Host Naomi Zeichner highlights the pivotal nature and effect a great soundtrack can have on a show – and how certain tracks can gain a new lease after being featured in T.V. shows.

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Listen: http://www.slate.com/podcasts/showstopper.html


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The Future of What


This series wonders whether radio still matters. Are downloads the way forward and what is the future of music licensing – host Portia Sabin speaks with those industry experts who chat about trends, realities and insights into the music industry. It is a useful guide for anyone looking to forge a career in music.

Follow: https://soundcloud.com/thefutureofwhat

This Song


KUTX’s This Song asks a guest whether a song has changed their lives. The likes of Run the Jewels have sat down with Elizabeth McQueen to talk about songs that have changed their life – why that is so and the impact the track continues to have. It is a way of slowing things down and exploring a song in huge depth and detail.

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