FEATURE: Into the Deep: The Blue Planet II-Themed Playlist



Into the Deep:



The Blue Planet II-Themed Playlist


MILLIONS of us have marvelled at the latest…


IN THIS PHOTO: Sir David Attenborough/PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Press

Sir David Attenborough-narrated documentary, Blue Planet II. Most of us – I would think all, in fact! – will never get the chance to see, with our own eyes, the kind of scenes that were filmed for the show! One might imagine watching the marvels and unpredictable majesty of the oceans, seen through a T.V., would lack a certain naturalness and wonder. Whether it was the cinematography or Attenborough’s narration: it is as though we were diving and swimming alongside the cameras; watching the curious ocean-life as they went about their business. Radiohead and Hans Zimmer collaborated on the five-minute trailer for Blue Planet II – an intriguing and cinematic score that articulated the awe and captivation of the deep blue.

There has been so much to take from the show. None of us could quite comprehend the endless majesty and mystique of the sea. Not only has Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and David Fleming – for the soundtrack to Blue Planet II – given us scores and symphonies for each creature/occasion: the stunning images and narration provides the listener with the chance to score their own soundtrack. I was awed and hushed by solemn scenes of fish aimlessly seeking the beds of the oceans; predators hiding and nuzzling in coral; schools of fish in a balletic, perfectly choreographed storm; cute turtles lazily swooning in the cool; strange and wonderful sights that remain in the mind forever! It has been a tremendous series – we all hope there will be a third instalment down the line. There is something about Sir David Attenborough’s voice and passion of the natural world that means everything that comes from his mouth is urgent and meaningful!



To mark the triumphant and much-admired Attenborough show; I have compiled an ocean/sea creature-inspired playlist. Some of the songs are symphonic and graceful; others have appropriate titles – some are just plain silly! I have trawled the ocean of music (sorry!) to find all kind of sound and sensations; songs that, through name or origins, remind you of the water – and the array of fascinating bodies who frolic beneath. It has been fun but the most evocative and memorable pieces of music are the ones from the Blue Planet II soundtrack itself – you do not need to watch the show to imagine the beauty the music summons. Of course; you should revisit all the previous episodes and remind yourself why the show is drawing such praise! In this playlist, alongside the Radiohead/Hans Zimmer collaboration: enjoy an oceanic smorgasbord of Blue Planet II-inspired songs…



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