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Bonnie and the Clyde:


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The St. Andrew’s Day Playlist


PERHAPS doing a pun about notorious…



and ill-fated criminals is not the most logical way to endear myself to the nation of Scotland! Regardless; it is St. Andrew’s Day and, thinking of Scotland, it brings me to the musicians from the country. I feel Scotland gets overlooked when it comes to attention and focus. I think England - London especially - is the centre of attention and takes most of the spotlight. I realise Scotland is a long way away - but that does not mean it should be out of the critical gaze! Over the past couple of years; there have been some fantastic Scottish artists emerging: it is quite disappointing having to find these acts through websites and chance. One would hope there’d be a more proactive and concentrated method of promotion. The Scottish artists making waves right now have the potential to be big-league stars very soon. I am concerned there is not enough focus on them as it stands – meaning they have to graft a lot harder than most…


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If one looks at historical subjects from the nation; there is a banquet and bouquet of world-class music. The first song I ever heard (Everybody Wants to Rule the World) was from a Scottish act (Tears for Fears). It is a nation that has been with my since my childhood – celebrating and recognising their music is essential and much-warranted. Today is a day designed to recognise a Scottish saint but, more importantly, the importance and wonder of Scotland. From my perspective; the fantastic music that has always been bubbling in Scotland deserves exposure! I have mentioned how the media is a little slack when highlighting all the brilliant artists there. Maybe that (comparative) negligence spurs the Scottish creatives to define their own path and show little concerns for the rigidity and fabrication of the mainstream. It is the natural characteristics and perspective – from artists of Scotland – that makes me pine for their music. If many of the best acts from here are locating to other cities: it does not mean they are all emigrating to the South of the U.K. I want to expand on this theme and, time-permitting, write a feature on all the fantastic Scottish music right now...


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Another aspect of Scotland that gets into my heart is the personality and humanity of the people. They have that bonhomie and brightness – unless they are a grump cu*t...in which case, they do not really fit into the model – and swim into the heart. The honesty, integrity and friendliness mean more people should be aware of the Scottish music scene – and the people themselves. I realise few celebrate their national days – the English not too worried about St. Andrew’s Day; the English not fixated on St. David’s Day (there is a pattern emerging!). I hope, in 2018, this is a national resolution we all stick to (paying attention to Scotland more). I have never been to Scotland but have heard wonderful things. Everyone I know who has gone there has come away with the same impression: it is a wonderful and awe-inspiring nation whose nature, people and culture seduce and drops the jaw. All of this considered, combined with the incredible music, makes me wonder why there is an absence of mainstream media coverage. Those classic acts are not the only reason Scotland has a proud and dignified musical legacy!


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With that in mind, as it is St. Andrew’s Day, a collection of fantastic songs from Scottish artists, past and present. This list contains those icons and epic songwriters we have all come to treasure –including Mogwai and Tears for Fears – and the newer breed emerging – Monkoora, TeenCanteen and Honeyblood among them. It is a varied and eclectic list that spans genres, cities and styles. It should be enough to slake the thirstiest and most curious music-lovers around. I, in the course of writing this, have stumbled upon artists I was not aware of - artists I will stick with and chase down. Not to return to my earlier point/rant, but I feel the media is missing out on so much treasure! Not to obsesses over issues like this so, stepping away, let us investigate a long and fantastic list of Scottish music – from artists who started their careers there; others who are coming through and taking advantage of the phenomenal venues and crowds. Get the headphones on, read up about St. Andrew; immerse your senses in the smells, horizons and sounds of Scotland. It is a playlist that proves…


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WHAT a breadth of talent the nation has.