FEATURE: "Hi-Ho-Hum…" The Essential Christmas Playlist





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The Essential Christmas Playlist


IT is only a week to go…


until we all will be ripping into presents like a pack of wolves tearing the flesh from a recently-conquered carcass! If that festive and beautiful image does not stir the Christmas spirit then I do not know what will! I guess, technically, by this time next week we would have opened all the gifts and will be tucking into Christmas dinner – saying goodbye to the waistline until the New Year and seeing what films are on the box (the same we have watched a dozen times before!). We forget about Christmas so soon but enjoy the build-up so much – I guess it is about the intensity of the day itself and wanting to cling to it. We are hearing, more and more, Christmas tunes filtering through P.A. systems and infuses/infesting our shopping; radio stations changing their playlists - and all those ‘classics’ getting back into the ears! With that in mind – and not wanting to sit this out like Scrooge – I have scoured the Internet for the best Christmas tracks, new and old, that should get you into the mood (if, hard to imagine, you are not already!). Those who are not quite buckled and primed for Christmas; apologies: those who could do with hearing a round of the festive standards – and the rare cuts we do not often hear – here is a playlist, I hope, will cause more cheer…


THAN misery.