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Tallia Storm








R&B; Soul


London, U.K.


16th November, 2017

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THE next few days…


will see me take on more female artists. I have come to the point where I am getting a huge amount of male acts my way. It can be very depressing and frustrating! Things have got to the point where I am rearranging my reviews and going after some incredible artist. Tallia Storm is someone I have been interested in for a long time now. She is an artist whose surname seems to suggest meteorological fever and intensity. There is something about her that gets into the eye, heart and brain. I shall look at her new album – and the current single from it – soon but, thinking about Tallia Storm, I wanted to look at a few different things. Among them is artists who are the ‘complete package’; upcoming Pop and Soul; female artists and why they will have a bigger say in 2018; teenagers and reaching an important stage in life; world-tours and getting kudos early; growing up with attention on your shoulders – getting attention from musicians is something I want to look at, as well. Tallia Storm is an artist who has everything going for her. Not only is she brilliant when it comes to her social media feed – updating her photos and status – but she has so many different sides. I love the fact there are so many updates and images on her social media. One gets into her world and is kept abreast of all her happenings and events. I can go on there and find out what she is doing and how her career is progressing. Now, it can be hard to discover an artist and stick with them. So many are not keeping their social media fresh and showing very little concern for the visual aspect of their music. It is something I have mentioned a lot but Tallia Storm does not fall into this trap. She has that connection with her fans and is always determined to keep them informed and alerted. One gets fantastic images,  great information and all the latest news regarding her new material.


More than that; the music and artistry is rounded and solid. The songs themselves are fantastic but there is something about the personality of Tallia Storm that gets into the soul. She has that captivating personality and allure that melts the heart and fascinates the listener. I will get to this side of things a bit later but there is a rare beauty to the songwriter; in terms of her voice and her image. The latter is insignificant in terms of a career but, when looking at those who have ‘star quality’, she is someone who can go all the way. The market is crammed with young artists who want to remain and inspire for years to come. If they have savviness and get their social media channels in order; they can accrue thousands of fans and become minor celebrities. Tallia Storm has an aura and electricity that will see her ascend to the mainstream and change music. At the moment; there are some interesting Pop artists but there is a shift towards other genres like Hip-Hop. I will tackle this in a feature later but, seeing the nomination for the Grammys - and it appears Hip-Hop is gaining traction and focus. Pop is not in a bad state but it seems big artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are appealing to commercial sects – not providing music that is deep and worthy enough to scoop the biggest prizes in music. I feel the reason for this is the production and predictability of their music. Tallia Storm is someone who realises this and bring different sounds and soulfulness into her songs. You get nuance and quality in every note. An artist who can pen fantastic songs and deliver them with force and beauty is rare: having an artist that tops that with a loveable façade and warmth is even rarer. She does not hide herself away and ensures she gets out to the fans and puts her music into the ether. A hard-working and endlessly passionate musician; there is no denying next year will see all of this work and passion pay off.


I have mentioned how Pop is declining in terms of stature and status but there are, as I stated, a few artists that are promising and worthy. Camilla Cabello is someone I have been keeping a watch on as this year has unfolded. It is early days but songs like Havana suggest a Pop artist with a rich sound and colour. It goes beyond the processed, calculated sounds the charts are festooned with. Applying this to Tallia Storm and she has edges of Pop but brings in other genres like Soul and R&B. Pop refers to ‘popular music’ and, as such, the interpretation is it needs to be accessible, uncomplicated and familiar. Artists like Sheeran and Swift – who I have mentioned – have a huge number of fans but their music rarely surprises and elevates the senses. Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation, impressed critics but it is not a marked development from previous albums such as 1989. The point of genuinely great music is that which you come back to and that which remains in the mind. Tallia Storm has that crust of Pop potential but a huge quality and substance. Her exhilarating and stunning voice is filled with so much soul and emotion. You get R&B flavours and so many different strands interweaving and exploding. One comes away from her music and it stays in the head. I will remain with Tallia Storm as we head into 2018. Her new album is full of revelation and fascinating songwriting; sensational moments and songs that boast striking compositions and a phenomenal lead vocal. I worry there is still too much dependence on Pop and that empty, shallow music. I get tired of the processed and overly-treated artists who are tinny, generic and bland. You listen to a song and it does something, minor, when you first hear it: one does not remain with it or come back to that song.


The mainstream is still homogenised and unable to break away from the need for marketable and commercial artists. It is not defined by originality and those who challenge the existing order. I feel Tallia Storm is someone who can make big strides next year and get to the mainstream. She can bring her unique blends to the big leagues and inspire others to do likewise. I worry there are few like her that will tackle the boring and lifeless sounds that are circulating around the mainstream. The point of our popular music, as in past decades, is to inspire new generations and create music that stands the test of time. Not only does one need to consider their music but keep their personality and persona in the forefront. Tallia Storm has charm and draw but her music has edge and fascination. It is not conventional and predictable but is popular enough so it crosses boundaries and genres. Its core is Soul and R&B but has flicks of Pop and Alternative. I will come to discuss how her music was discovered by a famous musician but, going forward, there is a desperation and fear among those who want to see the mainstream progress and change. I have been searching for great Soul voices to come out and take the breath away. There are a few interesting ones but none have the same dynamics and contours of Tallia Storm. All her music comes from the soul and takes you off your feet. I am stunned every time I hear her music comes out of the speaker. The only way music will push forward and challenge convention is by promoting those artists who are not beholden to streaming figures and celebrity.


That is not to say Tallia Storm does not have her eyes on how many people are streaming her music and watching her videos. She is a young and ambitious songwriter and, in this age, you need to be aware of the marketing side of the industry. I feel too many are wrapped up in numbers and, as such, engineer their music that matches those with huge streaming/viewing figures. Tallia Storm is a vibrant young woman who is more concerned with getting her music to its finest standard and expanding effort ensuring it is substantial and exciting. I will end the conclusion talking about female artists but, regarding Tallia Storm, she was discovered by a certain Elton John! As a teenager discovering music and making your first step; having someone like Elton John claim you are one of the finest Soul voices of the past two decades is not to be taken lightly. That is a plaudit that nobody else has and should give Tallia Storm the impetus to aim high and keep reaching. I am amazed someone like Elton John – one of the greatest artists alive today – would say that but I am not surprised! Everyone looks at the late Amy Winehouse as the epitome of the classic Soul voice. Although she is no longer with us; her sensational voice has compelled new singers and I can hear her tones in the current set. Tallia Storm sees like someone who can match the grandeur, intrigue and quality of Winehouse – do things her own way and have the same influence. That approval and Elton John recommendation will give her a boost and approval. I hope next year sees the teenage star continue to write and take her voice to new heights. Nile Rodgers has also spotted Tallia Storm and stated she is one of his favourite artists in the world. Elton John spotted Tallia Storm when she was thirteen so, both of those facts together, means she has two of the biggest names in music behind her. I wonder whether she will collaborate with the musicians/producers down the line – that would be an exciting and thrilling proposition!


One should never be beholden to age and youthfulness but you cannot escape the tender years of Tallia Storm. She was discovered and celebrated by Elton John when she was thirteen but now, at nineteen, she is still so young and fresh to the world. I look at artists who are recording music in their seventies and eighties and am amazed. I feel, not to put pressure on her, Tallia Storm is someone who will progress from a young Soul/R&B songwriter to a legendary Jazz/Soul voice in decades to come. Even now she shows signs her music will endure and survive the test of time. The passion and hunger she has for music is stunning and pure. I wanted to talk about teenage artists because, as the years go forward, the amount of young artists coming into the industry is increasing. By that, I mean there are more acts of a younger age. Maybe that would be too much pressure – for someone so young – but it gives the songwriter a chance to experience music at one stage of their life; learn as they go along and, in a way, grow alongside music. Life skills and attributes can be picked up in the industry and, if anything, one can increase their fortitude, confidence and growth by being exposed to music at such a young age. Tallia Storm has been in music since she was at school and has not yet hit her twenties. In fact; photos of her celebrating her nineteenth birthday have been on her social media feeds. There is a good and bad point about hitting heights so early in a career. Some artists gain focus and popularity when they are in their teens but struggle to evolve and survives years down the line. In a way; there is obsolescence in music that means those artists are not recording music in their twenties. It is harder and harder to ensure in an industry that favours new acts and fast turnaround. The younger you are, the harder it can be to deal with the demands and pressures of the industry. One has to navigate so many different considerations and obstacles and show courage. The fortitude and strength needed to remain in music means so many are falling and failing to survive. It is a worry but, when one looks at Tallia Storm, and you know she has what it takes to carry on. She has been around for years already and has not even reached her peak. The music she is putting out now is amazing but I feel, as she gets into her twenties, new sounds will come in and the sound will grow more confident and stunning! Alongside the attention and popularity; Tallia Storm has embarked on world-tour and already gigged around the world. The young talent has been across the globe and brought her music to thousands of fans. Not many can claim they have been to so many nations and played in front of so many people before they hot twenty. I am not sure whether she has a label behind her already but, so far, she has gained all that footing and popularity on her own. The music she has put out, and how she is doing things, was off her own back. I feel labels can dictate and control an artist to the point they are moulded for the mainstream. Tallia Storm wants to gain huge popularity but not at the expense of her integrity and sound. She is a songstress that pours her heart into raw and real music. I feel, if she were to sign to a major label, they would want to change that and make her music more radio-friendly and less intriguing. That would be a shame but, given her growing stature, she will need some backing and guidance. A young artist who has to perform so often and juggle the career will find some hard times and need a few extra hands. Tallia Storm is a smart and wise woman and not one who will sign her career over to the first label that comes along.


As we go into 2018; the world will watch for those new names and big artists who will define (the year’s) music. Tallia Storm will hit her twenties and she will get demand from new parts of the world. One thing I worry about is how female artists, of a certain age, will be sexualised and subjected to demeaning focus. A lot of sexism circulates around the industry but I hope that is not a fate that befalls Tallia Storm. She is a stunning and beautiful artist and has a sexual aspect that can be misinterpreted. She is an artist who projects confidence and wants to promote womanhood, empowerment and confidence – not someone who flaunts her curves and wants to be cheapened. What we have before us is a very beautiful artist who puts music and her career first. There are Pop artists who lure after the camera and what that cheap fame: Tallia Storm is a respectable and fine artist who wants respect and the chance to perform decades from now. That will happen because she has conviction and a wise head on her shoulders. My favourite album of this year was created by a fellow nineteen-year-old artist, Lorde. Her sophomore album, Melodrama, and has stunned critics with its maturity and quality. Going against the plastic and puerile nature of some Pop: Lorde created an album of incredibly intelligent songwriting that bellies her young years. Tallia Storm is a similar songwriter that has that depth and quality but a slightly different sound. One thinks of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu when listening to Tallia Storm. I think her household would have been buzzing with the legends of Soul and R&B when growing up. Teenage Tears, the album from Tallia Storm, is the culmination of four years of writing and self-discovery. The songwriter went through a raft of emotions and experiences and has poured this into her L.P.


I will come to look at Tallia Storm’s stunning track, Everyday, but I wanted to end this part by addressing why her music stands from the crowd. The heroic songwriter has support behind her and already a popular face in the mainstream media. She has her photo taken a lot and is keen to provide honest and revelation to her fans. Tallia Storm will avoid the tabloids and scandal of the gutter-press but she is someone who will court focus from filmmakers and producers down the line. There is a star-quality and allure to the young songwriter that means her art will get as far as T.V. and film. I can see her acting down the line and know she will be a big household name. The strength and depth of her sounds mean it will gain success in the charts but go further and strike the ears of directors and other professionals. These are exciting times for Tallia Storm and it will be interesting seeing what the next year provides. So far, she has amassed a legion of fans and her album is receiving huge reviews. The way she has conducted her career – without a big label and by her own ways – means it is not a mainstream Pop album: we have a soulful and deep album that gets into every sense and sticks in the memory long after it has finished.


When reviewing a song; I always look for a few things from the off. I want instant hook and production values that draw me in; an original bent and sounds that compel interpretation and imagination. When you hear the song unfold – and get past the annoying adverts on YouTube! – there are luminous strings and elegance unfolding. It is classy and refined and has a genuine sweep. One feels warmed and seduced by the beauty and grace of the composition. It is a start that has all the aspects and qualities of a classic Soul record. We all know those hits that place the listener in a better frame of mind right from the off. On Everyday; there is a shimmer and tenderness come from keys and strings; it is a glistening and wintery backdrop that melts with the luscious heat and passion of the foreground. I was buckled and stunned by the instant appeal and effectiveness of the music. When the heroine comes to the microphone; there are utterances of refusal and dismay. The word ‘no’ is repeated, slowly, and it seems like a bad love is being documented. It seems the sweethearts fight every day and there is that constant stress and tension. The two get up each morning and have their challenges; they say they can handle things and feel they can handle this. I feel there are tensions and struggles that come with teenage years. Both parties are on different plains but it seems like the heroine is more mature and grounded. Maybe the boy is a little immature and wants something quite shallow and childish. These fights have occurred and it appears they go to bed with heavy hearts. Above it all; there is that strong relationship that is not based on sex and hollow values: the two have been together a while and have something deeper and more important. “It’s ok” says the heroine; they have their tough times but it will not burn things.


The vocal has an element of Amy Winehouse – the tone and power remind me of her – but I get impressions of Jazz and Soul greats. I can tell Tallia Storm has lionised these strong women and imbued a little of each into her own music. What I get is someone who has her own mind/voice but is indebted to the legends she fell for as a child. The composition lightens but it continues to appeal and compel with its luminous, swaying strings and keys. It has a stately flicker but a grandeur and urgency that bring your mind into the background. Fear, it seems, is the enemy and these “warriors” have a lot to face. I wonder whether Tallia Storm was referring to women in general or young people in love – maybe both, I guess. Whilst the vocal has Soul/Jazz touches; I got a little fleck of Rihanna and Sia in the vocal. It has Pop sides and this combination makes it an intriguing number. Although the lyrics are kept quite simple, that does not mean the song is for those who want their music uncomplicated and predictable. The words document the strains and struggles of the heroine; how she goes through daily doubts and conflict but is strong and defiant. There is that need to hold tight against the waves and show bravery. As the song grows, and the heroine realises it will all be okay, the vocals multiple and the soulful elements come to the fore. I got touches of D’Angelo and Erykah Badu when the voice is layered and it swims into the bloodstream. The girl is brushing off the past and reaching new heights; not going to let niggling problems and disagreements spoil who she is! The defiant messages – “This is your time to take control” – speaks to fellow lovers and strong women. It is a coda the music world needs and one that fits into the Pop scene – but does not sacrifice its ethics by producing something cheap.


There are female Pop stars who use these messages without any commitment and conviction but you believe every word Tallia Storm says. Beats crackle and the production thickens and heightens. There is a swagger and confidence to the vocal that has an almost Reggae-like vibe and cool to it. It is hard to get past the comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Rihanna but that is meant as a compliment. The listener is brought into the heroine’s world and sees someone who is packing a punch and keen to overcome problems before her. Rather than cry and let all of these problems weigh her down: finding inner-strength and guts is driving her forward with pride and promise. As the song reaches its final moments; you are still hooked and amazed by the confidence and sound. Everyday is a song that could grace the Pop market but it has a lot more depth and meaning. What I got from the track is a balance of sweetness and tough; a woman who has her own voice and is candid when it comes to putting her heart out there. It is a fantastic song that kicks off the album, Teenage Tears. Rather than provide petulance and immaturity: Tallia Storm is a woman of fortitude who is moving on and keen to preserve this love. The desire to remain strong in the face of the weather is something that sticks in the mind long after the song has concluded. A crisp and clean production elevates all the elements without washing out the mood and emotions. It is a perfect score for Tallia Storm to shine and inspire in.


There are two sides to Tallia Storm - that creates a mixture of excitement and concern. On the negative side, there is a bit of the mainstream media attention coming her way; a certain controversy and focus that means a slippery road is before her. One can say her appearing on Celebs Go Dating is a bit of fun and fluff but it is getting her column-inches from the likes of tacky magazines and the Daily Mail. She has shared posts on her social media from that paper and magazines that concentrate on her looks and sex – rather than her elegance and music. She is already being shaped into a sex-symbol and tabloid celebrity. This is a worrying thing to see for someone who wants to create credibility and a genuine music career. She is entitled to go to events and outings but should be refuting puerile headlines that focus on her body and image. It is a bad route to go down and she should be transcending from the days she was referred to as Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-lover to a confident woman dispending with scandal and gossip! I hope this happens when she hits twenty but I worry Tallia Storm is a teenager unironically sharing articles but horrible newspapers and gaudy magazines. I have talked about mainstream Pop and how many artists are selling their bodies and whoring after cameras. The images I have used for this are Tallia Storm creating a professional persona and displaying her femininity. I worry she is taking pleasure from the paparazzi and that way of life. I hope she does not fall victim to that lifestyle and think there is any value becoming a celebrity that is chased by the tabloids! I also hope 2018 sees her do fewer reality shows and actually take pride in what matters most in the world: the music she is putting out there and why she is in my mind.


I hate the way people chase fame and I am keen for a slap of sensibility and focus to come into Tallia Storm’s mind. She is a modern icon but, if she wants to follow the likes of Amy Winehouse and the Jazz great; she needs to focus on the music and rebel against tabloids and their sexist, appalling morals. Those artists would not be seen dead on T.V. shows like that and taking and value from disgusting newspapers and the worst elements of society. Her music is terrific and she is a genuine artist who will remain for years. Even Elton John – who backed and discovered her music – is not going to find any value from appearing in tabloids and hollow celebrity. Maybe it is a downside from the social media times where artists need to get as many hits and streams as they can. It sounds like I am Tallia Storm’s dad here but I want to see her find a better balance when it comes to music and horrendous media – get her name featured in the pages of The Guardian and Drowned in Sound rather than the Daily Mail and Heat (or whatever crap magazine people read). Tallia Storm is someone destined for classy photoshoots and respectable broadsheets. Maybe this is a phase she needs to go through but there is a chance succumbing to this way can cut her career short. The good of Tallia Storm vastly outweighs the bad and questionable. Her music is fantastic so let’s hope she puts her all into that. I do not care who she dates – if she can find a proper, non-famous man to keep her grounded; that would be better than some idiot celebrity who wants sex – and what she is wearing; what she thinks of Ed Sheeran’s latest single or whether she rates the latest hunks. That is the sort of shallow nonsense young women want to hear: proper music-lovers want to discover what comes from her heart and mind. Tallia Storm is mature and she is doing certain shows/shoots to add some new elements and attention to her career.


The music is what stands out and is why I came to the feet of Tallia Storm. There is no sense of a mainstream artist when you hear songs like Everyday. The Teenage Tears album is the summation of some tough years where she has fallen in and out of love; had some bad patches but risen above it all. It has been tricky but there is a sense of catharsis and release in the record. It is wonderful hearing a young artist who can continue to inspire and produce music of the highest order. I will forgive a grammar slip in her single – think it should be ‘Every Day’ rather than ‘Everyday’ – but I am glad there are contrasts and different sides to Tallia Storm. She is never dull and someone who has the looks and hooks of a modern artist but the depth and songwriting of the legends of old. I hope the scales tip from the former to the latter and she plans her 2018. I shall end this by recommending people get involved with Tallia Storm’s music and discover an artist who will be around for years. Dispose with all the reality T.V. and tabloid stuff and get down to her core and heart. I know, when she is alone at night, she dreams of music success and getting her sounds to the world – rather than anything on social media or dating sites! Tallia Storm is a confident and extraordinary artist who has the chance to lay down her marker and make changes to the modern music scene. It has been a bit of a quiet and unexceptional one for mainstream music and Pop; there have been a few great Soul and R&B albums but most have been created by established U.S. artists. We need a British alternative who has the chance to challenge the bigger acts and inspire new artists. Teenage Tears is a fine album that showcases an exciting voice in new music. The New Year is almost upon us and, when it comes to artists to watch closely…


TALLIA Storm is a force of nature you cannot overlook.


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