FEATURE: In the Nineties with the Chance of Rain: Metacritic’s Highest-Rated Albums Ever: The Playlist



In the Nineties with the Chance of Rain


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Metacritic’s Highest-Rated Albums Ever: The Playlist


THIS is my final piece of 2017 and…


whether I enter the New Year drunk or being eaten by a raging Alsatian – I’d like to have some world-class music ringing in my ears! Most of will enter next year’s infantile hours sleepy, blurry-headed…and our memories severely impaired. Nominal aphasia, dry mouths and banging heads – all part of the celebration aftermath. I have been covering a lot of music and, as early as tomorrow, will look at an album that continues to inspire and compel new musicians – some twenty-three years after its release. We have had all the Christmas songs and, as we ring in the New Year; everyone will have their bespoke soundtracks. I felt adding mine would be a bit obvious but, as we are marking the best music of the year…why not put a playlist together collecting music from the greatest albums of the past seventeen years?! I have been looking at Metacritic – some musicians/journalists consider it bias; others use it as gospel – and looked at the albums they have rated extremely highly (scoring ninety-percent or over) and compiled a selection of epic music to give your final moments of 2017 necessary kick, memorability and quality. Sit back and spin a banquet from some of the finest albums…


FROM the past couple of decades.