FEATURE: The Summer Playlist: In the Sun...and After Dark



The Summer Playlist: 

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In the Sun...and After Dark


OVER the next couple of days…


I am keen to explore a number of things through features. For one, I want to talk about my future ambitions and new projects; whether love, the staple of modern (and historic) songwriting is as inspiring, original and popular as once was; whether it is possible for musicians to survive on gigs alone – and the reality for artists in the modern climate. I will also talk about mental health in music and whether more needs to be done. Now, and less serious perhaps, a chance to immerse yourself in a sun-drenched selection of songs. These are tracks, some new and old, that, I hope, beckons the summer and get the warm vibes flowing. It has been a rather unpredictable day and I am wondering whether we will see the sort of temperatures encountered only a week ago. If we don’t, and who knows living in Britain, here is a selection of songs that are guaranteed to warm the body – and get it moving at the same time. In fact; these songs are about when the sun goes down and when the heat still lingers – and all the lights go down…