IN THIS PHOTO: Pixies (1987) 



ONE might ask why the year 1987 should…

IN THIS PHOTO: Aretha Franklin

happen into my consciousness. Well...for one thing; it is thirty years in the past so, in a rather arbitrary way, deserves a commendation – on account of the fact it has reached its thirtieth anniversary. More than that, I want to celebrate the best albums of a decade that, to many, was rather insignificant and cheesy...

In this year, Aretha Franklin became the first women to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer storms the world and Beastie Boys get themselves censored! Throw in the fact The Beatles’ first five albums were released onto C.D.; Fugazi played their first live show and Cher returned to music (following a five-year gap) and it was pretty damned eventful!

More than that; there were some sensational albums that have inspired and endured this far down the lines. I will be featuring the Mercury Prize-nominated acts/albums tomorrow and, one feels, were the Prize around in 1987 – the panel would have a bloody hard choice choosing a shortlist from this rundown (if they included international albums - before you get all smart-arse!)...


Michael JacksonBad

Release date: 31st August

Genres: Pop; Rock; Funk; Dance

Standout track: Leave Me Alone

PrinceSign o’ the Times

Release date: 30th March

Genres: R&B; Rock; Funk; Psychedelia; Soul

Standout track: If I Was Your Girlfriend

The SmithsStrangeways, Here We Come

Release date: 28th September

Genres: Alternative-Rock; Indie-Pop

Standout track: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me


Release date: 2nd June

Genres: Pop; Dance; R&B

Standout track: So Emotional

U2The Joshua Tree

Release date: 9th March

Genre: Rock

Standout track: Where the Streets Have No Name

Guns N’ RosesAppetite for Destruction

Release date: 21st July

Genres: Hard-Rock; Heavy-Metal

Standout track: Sweet Child o’ Mine

George Michael Faith

Release date: 30th October

Genres: Pop; Funk; R&B; Soul

Standout track: Faith

Dinosaur Jr.You’re Living All Over Me

Release date: 14th December  

Genres: Alternative-Rock; Noise-Rock

Standout track: Kracked

Midnight OilDiesel and Dust

Release date: August  

Genre: Alternative-Rock

Standout track: Beds Are Burning

Public EnemyYo! Bum Rush the Show

Release date: 10th February

Genres: East Coast Hip-Hop; Hip-Hop

Standout track: Public Enemy No. 1

R.E.M. Document

Release date: 1st September  

Genre: Alternative-Rock

Standout track: The One I Love

10,000 ManiacsIn My Tribe

Release date: 27th July  

Genres: Alternative-Rock; Folk-Rock

Standout track: What’s the Matter Here?

PixiesCome On Pilgrim

Release date: 28th September   

Genre: Alternative-Rock

Standout track: Caribou

The HousemartinsThe People Who Grinned Themselves to Death

Release date: September   

Genre: Indie-Rock

Standout track: Five Get Over Excited

The Wedding PresentGeorge Best

Release date: 12th October

Genre: Jangle-Pop

Standout track: A Million Miles

Beastie BoysLicensed to Ill

Release date: 15th November

Genres: Rap-Rock; Hip-Hop

Standout track: (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)

Sonic Youth Sister

Release date: June

Genres: Noise-Pop; Art-Rock

Standout track: Stereo Sanctity