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I will look at acts to watch right now; a bit on Marc Bolan and forty since his passing – fashion in music and how that has evolved through the years. Right now; a look at someone whose life has been saved by music – in a semi-literal and real way. I have interviewed Gemma Louise Doyle before and, in lieu of reviewing her new track, a chance to promote a song/artist who dedicates her all to music. I have listened to her music in the past and always find myself drawn to the power and magnetism of the voice. Gemma Louise Doyle has a multi-octave voice and has performed all around the world – she speaks multiple languages and is a cross-genre artist who can apply her unique and flexible voice to anything. There is a biography later in the piece – for those who want more – that shows where she has come from and how her career has progressed. Doyle almost died when she was younger and told she only had hours to live.

Coming back from that would scar many and cause them to retreat a lot. Instead; the talented and curious singer used her recovery as a chance to embrace music. Her previous work – like the album, Inspire – show what a passion there is in her heart. One listens to her music and feels the full effect of that four-octave voice: an itinerant imagination and huge soul that manages to take the listener somewhere special and eradicate any stresses and problems. It is a magnetic and emotional experience. Reason is the story of Gemma Louise Doyle’s survival and subsequent pursuit of music. It has taken a while to write the song but it is dedicated to her fans and followers – who have stuck by her and been rewarded with words of compassion and inspiration. Reason (and its creation) is explained by Gemma Louise Doyle:

Co-written with former member of Iron Maiden, the song is based upon the true story of how music saved my life. For the first time, I've got the single on iTunes, Spotify and hundreds of platforms. I will have more music distributed soon”.

Here's the iTunes pre-order link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reason-single/id1280959733

There's also a preview on her website: www.gemma-doyle.com


About Gemma Louise Doyle:


PHOTO CREDITDebbie McGregor Photography

Gemma Louise Doyle is a unique, international music artist, who says that music saved her life.

Gemma believes that we all have significant talents & abilities in our lives, which are our purpose, to share and help people, making the World a better place. 

Having once spent nearly 5 years recovering from a life-threatening illness, Gemma discovered that her voice could uplift people, inspiring them to make a change, and be happier. 
As she began to sing from a hospital bed, Gemma started receiving messages of praise & gratitude from other patients, which gave her the strength and courage to fulfil her dream of singing on stage and inspire many other people across the World.

A determined young talent, Gemma has spent the past eight years performing for audiences, live in Las Vegas, London, and across the globe. 

Today, Gemma commits all of her time, travelling to events, creating music, videos & positive messages for her followers.

Gemma has focused the past few months into developing her new record, called Reason, which she is about to release. The song was created & recorded in London, with a close friend, a former member of World famous bands; Iron Maiden and Cutting Crew, who Gemma met through mutual friends in New York. 


The single is written, based upon multiple sources. One of which is Gemma's experiences, how her musical talent gave her a reason & motivation to live. She says that the song is also for her supporters and audiences, who continue Gemma's belief & determination to achieve her dream.

Having a versatile 4-octave singing range, despite being a tiny frame, the song and power of her voice, surprises listeners, incorporating elements of Pop, Rock & Inspirational Crossover music.

You can pre-order the single now, by visiting Gemma's official website www.gemma-doyle.com, where you can also hear more of Gemma's music, and find out where you can see her appearing live.

You can also follow Gemma's journey, receive updates of new music and watch videos online, at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many of your favourite social media platforms. 
All of these links to follow, can be found at Gemma Louise Doyle's website www.gemma-doyle.com

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