PHOTO CREDIT: Alice Rainis  



THE majestic and mercurial EERA announced the release…


 PHOTO CREDIT: Alice Rainis

of her debut album, Reflection of Youth – it is out on 3rd November via Big Dada. She has shared two new tracks: the sublime I Wanna Dance and Christine. I ask about the tracks and the origins of both. She discusses her album and working with Nick Rayner; what it was like working at a dairy farm in West Wales – and locating to Cork to record. EERA explains why the songs were recorded in the small-hours and why there is such a variety of sounds between tracks – a sign of an artist searching for answers and exploring her limits?!

She talks about tour dates and the artists influential when growing up; advice for any new artists out there – and the good and bad aspects of living in London (where she is now based).


Hi, EERA. How are you? How has your week been?

Yeah, it’s been a very exciting week - since I finally released two of my songs off my upcoming album! 

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?

Sure. My name is Anna Lena Kirsten Bruland and I'm currently based in London - but I'm from a small town in Norway. I started EERA in 2015 and released my first E.P. back then - and now, I finally get to release my debut album. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Jodie Canwell

Reflection of Youth, your upcoming album, is out on 3rd November. What provided the inspiration for the songs and how much did you learn, about music and yourself, when recording the L.P.?

I just wanted to create an album that was very honest and true to myself. I have to admit that it feels a bit scary to release an album like this, but then again it's the most natural for me. 

I Wanna Dance and Christine are two new tracks. What can you tell us about the story behind each of those numbers?

I wanted to write a very ‘straight-to-the-point’ song (I Wanna Dance) where the message was very clear. I still find the so-called ‘standard’ things in life hard to concur: love, money; feeling free from worries. This song is about just wanting the simple things in life so that you will feel free enough to dance. 

Christine is about my sister and our relationship - that we always encourage each other to stay strong and (also to) believe in ourselves. 

In terms of sounds; there are a lot of differences between both tracks. Was it important to create contrasts and variations in order to give the album a sense of character and narrative?

I guess that just comes from me listening to a lot of different music.

My writing usually evolves around the Indie-Rock world but it varies from very heavy Rock to ‘quiet’ songs with synth. elements - so, I always wanted to combine these two worlds.  

I also get very much inspired by sounds and making sure that there's elements of surprises in each tune. 

You worked with producer Nick Rayner on Reflection of Youth. What was it like working with him and will you two be working together again?

Nick is amazing.

He found the EERA that was hidden within me and helped me to get all the sounds out from my head. When I first started working with Nick, I walked in with very simple demos; guitar and vocals. He really pushed me to start arranging everything myself.

So, when I walked into the studio with this album, my songs were much more evolved. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Alice Rainis

I believe the album was recorded at a dairy farm in West Wales and a studio in Cork. Why those locations and was there a sense of quiet and peace that meant you could knuckle-down and work?

Yeah. I just wanted to get out of London and really focus on the album. I was very determined that I didn’t want to focus on anything else whilst recording. 

Many of the songs were recorded in the small-hours. Was that the best time to record – to reflect the sense of reflection and investigation in the lyrics?

I love how quiet it is around me at night-time - and that no- one will disturb you. Perfect atmosphere to write for me.


PHOTO CREDIT: Jodie Canwell 

How do you feel about the record listening back to it? Do you notice a lot of changes and differences from your earlier work?

Yeah, absolutely.

I feel like this album is a lot louder and more confident than my E.P. Having said that, though; I still feel like I’m searching for my so-called ‘sound’. Maybe that's something that I will always search for?

You are based in London but raised in Norway. What was it like living there? How do expectations and society vary there and was it quite a different way of life growing up in Norway?

I loved growing up in Norway andI really miss the nature over there and also living by the sea. I wouldn't be surprised if I move back one day. 

However, it was definitely the right choice to move to the U.K. at an early age to pursue my music career. It's a lot more opportunities here for an Alternative artist like myself. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Jane Jimenez

How important are London and her people? Do you feel settled in and want to remain in the U.K.?

I have a love/hate relationship with London which I think a lot of people have. I love that it’s a busy city - but I also hate that it’s a busy city. Ha! I came to London with one goal; get a team to work with me and I'm so happy that I've managed to find the best team for me to work with. 

I don't feel settled - even though I've been here for ages. I'm still searching for the city that suits me, I guess. 

Can you remember the artists you grew up listening to – that inspired your step into music?


I started listening to Norwegian singer-songwriters: Thomas Dybdhal; Kings of Convenience and Ane Brun - but things quickly changed when I was introduced to Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R was on repeat. After that followed Interpol; then PJ Harvey; then Deerhoof…the list goes on.

What tour dates are coming up? Where can we come see you play?

I'm playing a show at Beyond the Tracks festival in Birmingham on 17th September. Following that, I have two in-stores: one at Rough Trade Nottingham on 7th November; the other, at Rough Trade East on 9th November. 


How is the rest of the year shaping up? Will you get a chance for a break or is it pretty busy until 2018?!

I hope it will be very busy!

I guess I’ll have to wait and see how well my album will be received...

Who are new acts you recommend we check out?

I love my mates in ALASKALASKA - I think they're awesome. Also; The Mantis Opera - they're insane, live! 



If you had to select the three albums that mean the most to you; which would they be and why?

This is such a difficult question - since there are way more than three…

I guess, Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age

It is important for me because it was when I realised that I love grungy, loud guitars! Ha! Simply put... 

I guess, also, Radiohead - 15 Step (from In Rainbows)

They introduced me to synth. sounds and Electronic elements.

The last one has to be Offend Maggie - Deerhoof

I remember being mesmerised by all the different details and surprises during their songs. Loved it. Since then, I've actually seen them play live seven times. Clearly obsessed.  


PHOTO CREDIT: Jane Jimenez

What advice would you give to artists coming through right now?

To work extremely hard and not expect fame and success over night. Believe in yourself and be patient. 

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Can I please choose two? It's too difficult to pick just one.

Black Hearted Love - PJ Harvey and John Parish

My Purple Past Deerhoof


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