THEIR current single was released late last year…


so I wanted to speak with the London duo OMYO about its story and background. Tom and William talk to me about their upcoming material - and whether we can catch them in the live setting. I was keen to know how OMYO came to be and whether there is any significance behind the name/acronym – and how the guys saw in the New Year.

They tell me about their influences and, on Wait for Your Love, the all-star production team they worked alongside; how it feels being a D.I.Y. act; working with Nicole Gregorczuk on their latest song (she will appear in the video); the new artists they recommend we check out – some advice for any new artists out there…


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey; how you keeping?! It's been really busy, actually.

Went to Fashion Week this week - and been sorting out a plan for our tour and album release later in the year. 

For those new to your work; can you introduce yourself, please?

The band is called OMYO. We've been together three years. We met randomly and New Year’s and made a drunken bet to write a song. Since then, we have played for BBC introducing; gigged in N.Y.C., Poland and Germany... 


How was Christmas for each of you? Did you get to spend time with family?

Christmas was nice - yeah we just chilled, really. Been eager to get back in the studio and continue where we left off last year!

Excited to get back gigging and making music…

I believe there is quite an interesting behind the story of OMYO’s creation? Is there any name-link between you and Yo La Tengo’s OHM at all?!

Hahaha; unfortunately not..

The name stands for 'Our Music, Your Opinion'. We needed a band-name - and thought it worked well. 

Wait for Your Love is the new song. It is an instant corker! How did it come together and what inspired it?

Ahhh; thank you! Really appreciate it.

The song came from a small relationship that didn't work out - and had been a waste of a lot of time (as we were so busy). So; it was initially an instrumental way of expressing the frustration which we then both connected on and built the full song - as we’d both been through these situations and thought how it could be relatable for other people.

I believe there is an all-star team producing. Tell me about their role and how you came to work with them.

Yeah; we have an amazing team working around us! We work with so many amazing producers! They've worked with some of the biggest House and R&B names out A.t.M.!

We just met them through studio sessions and became friends. We are actually the main producers on this song - which was a big step for us - and we brought in other guys for influences. Then; the final mixing was done through Dean Barratt - who has worked with some amazing people - because we met in the coffee area of our studio and became good mates.

He now mixes all our music! 


William. I believe the forthcoming, D.I.Y. video is your debut. Tell me about the concept and where it is being shot…

The video needed to be done short notice and on a very small budget; so, whilst not able to sleep, the idea suddenly came to mind to do it ourselves. I managed to reach Steve Glashier in Berlin - as we were out there for a show. He's an amazing director and he actually did all the filming; he was an amazing mentor - to help me learn the process - and I think the result really is great…

It’s a mix of taking small, loving moments and making them emphasised; to show how much they can mean - along with using colours to show how the emotions can be in a relationship. 

I believe Nicole Gregorczuk will appear (in the video). What was it like working with her?

Yeah; really good! She's such a professional. She adds an edge to the video. 

Are there plans for more material in 2018? How do you feel Wait for Your Love differs from previous tracks like Mysterious Girl?

Yeah; we have so many tracks finished - probably enough for two albums.

I think Mysterious Girl was more of a Club/Dance vibe: Wait for Your Love allows you to get lost in the story and picture the real emotion. 

You are independent and do not rely on labels and hype-machines. Is that preferably in terms of what you want to do? What is it like having stations like BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 1 behind you?

Yeah; we love the freedom that comes with running our own label.

We have full power and overall control in terms of creativity - from styling to the videos we shoot. It's great - and it helps having the backing of radio (playing the music you're creating). It’s been a lot of learning: from online marketing to Photoshop branding; networking with fashion brands and pitching constantly around the world. 



Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

We're a massive fan of JP CooperThe Weeknd; Tom Walker and NF.


  PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Walker/PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

If you each had the chance to select the one album that means the most to you – which would they be and why?

Tom: Born to Do It by Craig David

All of the songs are massive tunes. It is such a feel-good album - and this is the first album I ever bought.

Will: Bloom by Machine Gun Kelly

It is really special to me: it helped me through a very dark patch.

Is there any advice you would give to fellow artists coming through right now?

Tom: Just keep doing what you're doing! Believe in your work and hustle! People won't come and find you: you've gotta find them.

Will: Be stubborn. If you have something and it’s different and you truly believe in it…one day, people will also realise its potential. You have to believe it’s the best you can be and then go after that dream with all you have; don't take ‘no’ for an answer - and remember there’s so many different ways to get to a goal if, first time, you fail.


Can we see you perform anywhere soon? What gigs do you have coming up?

We're playing several dates over the next few months, starting with 13th January (date) at Notting Hill Arts Club. (All our dates are online at 

2018 is here. What do you have planned in terms of personal goals and ambitions? How did you both see in the New Year?

Our personal goals are very similar: trying to push for regular national air-play; to be the best artists and label-owners we can; to keep competing with the majors; to inspire other independent artists - and play as many gigs as possible.

We (just) saw in the New Year with our families (which was nice). 

Finally, and for being good sports; you can each name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Craig David - What's Your Flava?

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive 


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