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Remembering Dolores O’Riordan: The Playlist


I may be a bit late to lay a tribute down but…


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I was keen to add my voice! Whatever way you discovered The Cranberries; their intoxicating lead Dolores O’Riordan seduced and amazed all those who heard her. Many see Zombie – one of the band's finest tracks – as a call for common sense and a rebellion. It was the sobering shot against senseless violence and resonated with many in Ireland – all those who witnessed the 1993 bombing in Warrington. Its two young victims, Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry, were immortalised in the song. It is a powerful moment and one that showcased the amazing vocal range of O’Riordan. Linger is, perhaps, the one we all know the band for. It was a way O’Riordan found the band - a demo version of the song was the first thing she brought to them. Her songs looked at the heartache and disappointment of love but moved into political and social boundaries – unafraid to tackle something hard-hitting and important. Her incredible voice and songwriting inspired many other artists and compelled those who heard her. Many dressed like her and copied her style; others found a voice that spoke for them; others were intrigued by the paradoxical nature of her being. She was fierce and shy at times; inscrutable and down-to-earth. Her warm personality and friendliness is one of the biggest take-aways we have of the Irish star – everyone who came into contact with her was seduced and affected.


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Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? was the incredible debut from The Cranberries. O’Riordan; alongside Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler released a staggering record with standout songs such as Linger, Dreams and Sunday. It amazed critics and introduced the band to the world – the affection was there right from the start! In 1993, when there was still Grunge, huge Pop and Rock movements: The Cranberries were apart and doing something different. They were a unique group who did not want to fit into any rigid formats and moulds. That was personified by Dolores O’Riordan and the way she performed. No Need to Argue, released in 1994, was the band’s best-selling album and dispensed with the double and triple-layered vocals – preferring a clean vocal sound and a more focused production. Zombie was the big hit from the record: I Can’t Be With You and Ridiculous Thoughts were other standout songs that showcased the band’s consistency and evolution. By 2003; the band went separate ways and needed time to do their own thing. They would come back in 2009 and, as recent as last year; there was talk a new album would arrive (this year). Something Else, released last year, featured acoustic renditions of their best-known songs – and showed the band were keen to move forward in addition to looking back.


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To me; Dolores O’Riordan was that rare voice and artist who did not want to repeat what was out there: she was a rare bird whose song motivated so many other artists to take to music. I have heard so many stories of musicians being awed by The Cranberries and this stunning voice; an incredible woman who was unlike anything out there. It is devastating O’Riordan is no longer with her – one of the greatest voices of the past few decades. Her death is not suspicious but one wonders why a forty-six-year-old could be taken from us so swiftly! She was in London for a brief recording session and, word has it, was excited about getting into the studio. I cannot believe she took her own life – she was diagnosed as bipolar and suffered mood-swings – and the fact she was here to record new music means she was looking ahead. Whatever the reason behind her death; there are many who will feel the effects for years to come. It is a huge loss to 2018 and a reminder of what a sensational talent has left the world. I know there will be nobody like Dolores O’Riordan again: that same mix of incredible intensity and knee-buckling beauty. In a sad week that has seen the death of an incredible artist; we have the fantastic back-catalogue that will…


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LIVE forever.