FEATURE: 2005: Birds, Alarms and Demon Days: The Playlist





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Birds, Alarms and Demon Days: The Playlist


EACH year produces truly stunning albums and moments…


we were not expecting! It is always interesting watching L.P.s arrive and stay in the mind for ages. The past few years have been strong but, looking back at the magical '00s; I have been thinking of the years that were very special – an unusual amount of great albums that we did not see coming! The 2000s was a phenomenal time for music, and so, I have been harking back and thinking which year of the decade, for me, really took my breath. Of course, the early part of the decade saw terrific albums by The Streets, The White Stripes and The Strokes: 2005 was no slouch and, if anything, provided a sumptuous array of styles, standouts and stunners. From Kanye West’s Late Registration to M.I.A.’s Arular; Gorillaz’s Demon Days through to Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm and Anthony and the Johnsons’ I Am a Bird Now - I collate songs from the albums that made 2005…


A truly world-class year for music.