FEATURE: David Bowie at Seventy-One: Music, Genius and Legacy: The Ultimate David Bowie Playlist



David Bowie at Seventy-One


IN THIS PHOTO: The cover of David Bowie's album, Aladdin Sane/PHOTO CREDIT: Brian Duffy 

Music, Genius and Legacy: The Ultimate David Bowie Playlist


TOMORROW is a rare day where…


PHOTO CREDIT: Gavid Evans/Sotheby's Press Office

we neither celebrate or commemorate David Bowie. He died on 10th January, 2016 and, as we know; celebrated his sixty-ninth birthday two days before. None of us expected that devastating news to come through a couple of years ago. It began a year that became synonymous with high-profile musicians' deaths and tragedy. We did not know Bowie was even sick - so his death arrived like a thunderbolt out of the blue! That said; we have had time to take the news in and, as we go forward, look at all the artists inspired by the great man. One wonders what could have arrived had Bowie lived and continued to make music. His final album, Blackstar (2016), arrived shortly before his death and was a devastating thing. One of his most adventurous, bold and astonishing albums from Bowie – the fact he recorded a lot of the material as he was dying, and released something THAT good, blew people away. It is sad to think about Blackstar because of the quality – and what could have followed such a momentous record! Many are following in Bowie’s footsteps and the potency and magic of his music will never die. Although nobody will equal the brilliance of David Bowie; I have been thinking about his extensive back-catalogue and how it changed the face of music. To celebrate the seventy-first birthday of the Ziggy Stardust creator; an extensive and career-spanning playlist that collects together all the music pioneer’s….


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