FEATURE: That Vincent Price Cackle at the End REALLY Sells It! A Ghoulish Hallowe’en Playlist




That Vincent Price Cackle at the End REALLY Sells It!


PHOTO CREDIT: @neonbrand/Unsplash 

A Ghoulish Hallowe’en Playlist


IT is only a couple of weeks until Hallowe’en…


 PHOTO CREDIT: @freestocks/Unsplash

and you can find plenty of appropriate decoration and baubles to mark the upcoming celebration. I have not properly embraced Hallowe’en since I was a child but appreciate the spookiness and people dressing up; a chance to get a bit dark and ghostly for a night! 31st October is when many of us turn off the lights and pretend we’re not home – so children do not come trick-or-treating! – but, for many, it is a great opportunity to let their childish side out and have a bit of fun. Because of this; I have been thinking about how Hallowe’en and its imagery – from ghosts and werewolves to spirits and the undead – have made their way into music through the years. I am going to embrace Hallowe’en a bit more this year by drinking a few spirits and then staggering a bit like a zombie (joking!)…but I am one of those people who enjoys others getting a real kick from it. We are already being force-fed Christmas ideas and merchandise so it is nice we can put that on hold and get behind a night of ghosts, ghouls and assorted frights! I have looked around for Hallowe’en-flavoured songs that provoke images of the night and will, I hope, get you in the mood. Take a listen to the playlist and I think there are some songs in there that will prepare you for…


 PHOTO CREDIT: @dallehj/Unsplash

A great Hallowe’en.