FEATURE: Gimme Some Truth: John Lennon at Seventy-Eight: The Ultimate Playlist




Gimme Some Truth


IN THIS PHOTO: John Lennon/PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Press 

John Lennon at Seventy-Eight: The Ultimate Playlist


TODAY would have been John Lennon’s seventy-eighth birthday…


 IN THIS PHOTO: John Lennon with Yoko Ono/PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images/Press

and it seems extra-poignant he is not around and putting music into the world. I feel, given the state of affairs right now, he would have plenty to stage and, most likely, would be allying with his Beatles mate Paul McCartney in protesting – at least speaking out and making sure he was being heard! Lennon was murdered on 8th December, 1980 and, for someone who promoted peace and togetherness throughout his career; it is always hard looking back and the way he departed the world. Rather than dwell on the bad aspects and the tragedy; I have been thinking about his extraordinary career and how his music always remained pivotal.

Maybe his focus waned a bit during his later, solo period but you could never accuse the master of being boring or predictable! He is rightly regarded as one of the greatest songwriters ever and, at a time when we need that noble truth, peace and leadership; I feel John Lennon’s messages and songwriting genius are required so much! As we remember the icon and wonder, if he were alive, just what would he be writing about; let’s mark his seventy-eighth birthday by enjoying his very finest songs. From the debut album from The Beatles through to his final studio efforts; there are few songwriters as inspiring, mindblowing and treasured…


 IN THIS PHOTO: John Lennon with The Beatles/PHOTO CREDIT: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

AS John Lennon!