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THIS is not the first time I have…


encountered and featured the Swiss band, Annie Taylor. Even though they are without a Twitter account – I am going tough on artists without one! – I was interesting seeing what Teach Me Rock ‘n’ Roll, their new single, was all about. I learn more about their next moves and what the music scene is like in Switzerland; the artists/albums that have inspired them – and whether they will come to the U.K. this year.

I was eager to discover how the band came together and which new artists we should keep an eye out for; how they view their (busy) 2017 – and what they can tell us regards future music. Band member Gini picks up the questions - and reveals the inner-workings of Annie Taylor...


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey, Sam! We are tired, but happy, and driving back to Switzerland right now. Yesterday evening, we played at Lady*fest in Saarbrücken (Germany) which was a lot of fun - but also combined with a lot of shark-blood shots! Anyway; it was a pretty exciting week for us - with a lot of girl power! We played at OOAM festival with our besties Las Robertas (Croatia); Japanese band, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re and the Swiss band, Mama Jefferson.

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourselves, please?

Psychedelic, Grunge-Pop, baby!

Teach Me Rock ‘n’ Roll is your new song. What is the story behind it?

This song is an homage to people who influenced or impressed me in a way. It’s pure admiration for being who you are and being proud and celebrating it. Personally, I think this is the true Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude.

Will there be more music coming along this year – an E.P., perhaps? 

Since we started to play shows last March, we were really busy with playing live. There is an E.P. planned for this year but it’s hard to estimate the releasing date. There will be a first recording session this spring, though.


How did Annie Taylor come to be? How did you all find one another?

Cyril and I met on a plane when we both were kids. For, like, fifteen years we didn’t know or even talked to each other! But, somehow, we started to be social media friends when we met as kids. Out of the blue, Cyril contacted me in 2016 and was asking about making music sometime. This is how it all started. We got along really well - and Adrian was playing drums in our living-room. Soon after this terrible first session; I convinced a good friend of mine, and actual bass player, Michael to give it a try - and he ended up being our bassist. Unfortunately, just after forming the band our drummer, Adrian, moved to London.

We are very happy now - playing our shows with the really awesome, big-hearted guy called Dimos.


2017 was a huge year for the band. Did you expect the sort of opportunities and feedback you received?! How crazy is it looking back?!

We are very grateful for all the opportunities we got in the first year playing together! Basically, all we wanted was to play music and, sometimes, a show. If there are people coming to our shows and liking to our music - this the best feedback which we could get! There are also a few really exciting things coming up for us this year.

Which musicians inspired you all? Were your childhoods quite musical?

I remember, exactly, the moment when I knew I had to become a musician! A few years ago, I went to one of my favorite band‘s (Wolf Alice) shows and it hit me like no other concert ever before. I knew I really wanted to be their support band one day - and that was what made me pick up my guitar again. I played guitar before, but most of the times I was making children‘s songs for adults and playing them just for myself. Dimos had a similar experience: he started to play drums because of the drummer on The Muppet Show!

Zurich is where the band is based. What brought you all there? Is it quite an active scene?

This is our hometown - which spoils us every day! We are very lucky having a few really awesome venues like Mascotte Zurich or Gonzo in town. They have amazing bookings; bringing bands such as  The Black Angels, Hinds and Death Valley Girls into town.


Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

A few days ago I saw, for the first, time Thu Shi Ma Mi Re, who played like there was no tomorrow! So, if you’re not under their spell now you should definitely check them out! They also have a really funny video clip (called something in Japanese) which I have no clue what it means.


If you each had to choose the one album that means the most to you; which would they be and why?

We all have a very mixed taste in music but, somehow, we find a common wave to play at. Lou Reed’s Transformer is an album who inspires Cyril almost every day. Cyril is super-into analogue recording and, of course, he loves the way the album was recorded.

Bassist Michael’s favourite album of all time is Motörhead. He admires Lemmy a lot.

Dimo’s pick is Elder by Lore. He loves how the drums are recorded and how the whole album takes you on an epic journey.

My favorite album at the moment is Wolf Alice‘s new masterpiece, Visions of a Life. Just by writing down the name of the album, my heart starts to beat a little bit faster. The songs are so diverse and incredibly sensitive and smart. Their song, Sadboy, makes me feel every possible feeling. That’s awesome!


Can we see you tour soon? What gigs do you have coming up?

Yesss! In March we’re going on a fifteen-day Euro-tour which is ending in Zurich (together with L.A Witch). Basically, we will play in Italy, France and the French part of Switzerland.

Do you think you’ll hit the U.K. at some point in time?

Hopefully soon but, since we are working on an E.P., there are no plans for going to the U.K. yet.


What do you all hope to achieve, personally, in 2018?

Since we had a lot of fun the past year, we are hoping for a lot more fun evenings filled with good music and new friends! There is a lot more to learn in playing music together - so I’m curious what is waiting for us.

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Wolf Alice - Sadboy


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