FEATURE: 10,000 Hours and Counting… Work, Passion and Ambition: The Playlist



10,000 Hours and Counting…


Work, Passion and Ambition: The Playlist


THEY say you need to put 10,000 hours of work/practise into something…


in order to become world-class. Whether that is music or literature; producing, art or anything else – that seems to be the amount of time it will take to achieve ‘perfection’. The 10,000-rule seems arbitrary - but many hold stock in the theory. I have been running my blog since 2011 and I have calculated, since then, I have completed my 10,000 hours. Whether that is writing or researching; working on various ideas and whatever – I have reached that goal. It is debatable whether I am world-class (I feel I have a long way to go) but it is interesting looking back at all the time I have spent on my blog. Because of this; I have collated songs that talk about writing and music; working hard and reaching out; moving forward and achieving dreams – some that look at the pitfalls of music and writing in general. Here is a playlist that, not only spotlights graft and a passion for music but provides a rich variety of songs…


TO end the weekend on a high.