FEATURE: Winter Warmers: A Playlist to Ease You Into the Working Week



Winter Warmers


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A Playlist to Ease You Into the Working Week


NEXT week is, they say…


the coldest of the winter so far. They say that all the time - but it seems like we will have some frosty mornings, at the very least! Depending on where you live determines whether you’ll get any snow and ice. The South looks set to receive a mixture of sleet, rain and snow; further north, you’ll get the real thing – another slippery and chilly one! All of that would be bad enough if it were the end of the working week: the fact we are facing the cold and winter sting on a Monday makes it all the more depressing!


To help calm and balm the soul; provide some lift, warmth and emotion (either reflectiveness or uplift); I have trawled through playlists that either provide beauty in a cold setting or produce out-and-out sunshine. Whether you like your music energised and spirited (getting the body warmed) or more contemplative and tender (able to soothe and calm the mind); there is going to be something in the pack that helps project images of spring and being shut safely in a scenic and picturesque environment. Here, then, for your Sunday evening delectation is an assortment of songs that help delay thoughts of imminent unpleasantness…


FOR a while at least.