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I have been speaking with Fabich and asked him…


about London and its appeal (he was born in Germany and recently moved to the U.K.) and working with producer A-Minor on the song, Naked Lines - that track joins Fabich and Aaron Pfeiffer together. I was curious whether this is the start of a new vein of creativity and whether there are any concentre plans; the experience of recording at Bob Marley’s former house; how it felt gaining success in the U.S. – Fabich picks some great new artists worth checking out.

He discusses his tastes and whether there are any tour dates coming; if there is a standout memory from his time in music; the three albums that mean the most to him; why Fabich takes a very head-on approach to music and writing – and how he got into producing/music to begin with.


Hi Fabich. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey. I'm fine, thank you! My week has been awesome. I just arrived in L.A. three days ago and I'm loving it so far! Good weather and cool people. I'm very excited about the music scene here!

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourself, please?

Yes. I'm a music producer and D.J. originally from Germany - and I'm currently living in London working on new music! I released my debut single, Hold On, on Island Records last year - and I'm currently finishing my upcoming E.P. and second single...

Naked Lines is your new track. What was the inspiration behind its creation?

Before making Electronic music, I was actually producing a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B artists – so, with Naked Lines as well as my other recent work; I combined both of these styles into something that's a lot of fun to me and feels like my own.

Tell me how you hooked up with Aaron Pfeiffer. What do you think he brings to the song?

I actually met Aaron in London - and he's just an amazing talent and really fun to work with. We have a couple of new stuff in the works together - and Aaron is also singing on my upcoming track, Back to Life (as ‘PHAT’; together with the singer, Sedric) and Jafunk!

Producer A-Minor helps elevate the song. Are you going to be working together on any future material?

Yes. A-Minor is a good friend of mine and we already have a few ideas for upcoming tracks together...


Tell me how you got into recording and producing. Did you grow up around Dance music and a house that fostered that passion? When was the moment you decided THIS is what you want to do full-time?

I got into recording and producing through D.J.-ing at local school events and parties! So, at some point, I wanted to make my own music instead of just playing other people's tracks. I bought a keyboard and tried to make my own songs. As a kid growing up; I liked all kinds of music from 1990s: Love Parade Techno to American Hip-Hop. I always knew that I wanted to have a job in the music industry because it has always been my biggest passion!

Previously; you enjoyed U.S. success and recorded at Bob Marley’s old house! How different were your experiences there and those in London (where you are now)?

I think the experiences don't differ that much, to be honest! I love exploring new cities and cultures; so, moving somewhere new is always exciting for me! London is a lot colder, though…so that’s a bit tough. Haha

Is there quite a productive and varied scene there? How easy is it to get exposure in the English capital?

Yes. The scene here in London is amazing - and there's a huge amount of talented people from all kinds of genres (and all around the world). One of my favourite places in town for live music is a Jazz club in Soho called Ronnie Scott's - the talent there is so good and I haven't really seen this anywhere else in Europe. To get exposure here is not easy - but everyone has been very welcoming so far.

I'm happy to have met a lot of humble and talented people in the scene here!


It appears you embrace the daring and immediate. Is music a way for you to tackle the world head-on in your own style?

Yes. Self-expression is very important to me!

When making music; my main goal is to have fun and do something authentic. Of course, I hope that other people also enjoy it but I almost feel like that's out of one's control - so, I'm very happy about the positive reactions I get!



Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

If you don’t know them yet check out Jafunk, Just Kiddin; Pat Lok, Cabu; Young Franco and Mokoa. They all make sick music and are unique, in my opinion! I also love an artist called Frits Wentink - who is probably a bit lesser known, but his stuff is amazing. 

I do a monthly mix series called 12 Tracks Tape which you can find on my SoundCloud page. I invite a guest every month, whose music I really like, to do it together with me. Check it out (smiles).



If you had to choose the three albums that mean the most you; which would they be and why?

N*E*R*D In Search of...

This is my favourite album - and I never get tired of it.

Justin Timberlake Justified

Partly produced by The Neptunes and Timbaland; this is a modern classic to me: a lot of great and timeless songs on there, in my opinion!

Frank Sinatra - Live at the Sands

This is my favourite live album of Sinatra's. It (just) puts me in a good mood. I especially like it during the colder days of the year

Can we see you tour soon? What gigs do you have coming up?

Yes. I have two big tours planned and I'm very excited to perform more this year. I spent most of 2017 in the studio - so I can't wait to play the new music live!


What do you hope to achieve, personally, in 2018?

I wanna keep on working hard to bring you new music - and also enjoy life while doing it… (smiles).

Have you got a favourite memory from your time in music – the one that sticks in the mind?

There are so many good memories…so it’s very hard to choose one…

Among my favourite moments; spending the Winter Music Conference in Miami with my whole team (is definitely one) – that's always a lot of fun!

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Let's go with my favourite one, then: Pharrell (ft. Jay-Z)Frontin’


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