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established and well-honed to those artists starting out and making their early moves - Riveira are a case of the latter. The boys talk to me about their debut single, Remember. It is out a week today and a track that – to those who can hear its private link – worth the wait. I ask them about their formation and what comes next for them; what their base of Brighton is like for new music; the artists they vibe to – and, as the interview went out to them a while ago; how they spent last Christmas and whether any resolutions were made.

Their social media presence is a little bare but, from what I learn in the interview; they have ambitions are looking to build their base. They talk about their music and what ambitions the have; a little bit of background on their debut single – an album each that means the most to them


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey, Sam!  We’re all good, thank you! Our week has been pretty busy preparing for upcoming gigs and promoting our debut single.

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourselves, please?

We are Riveira! A four-piece Blues-Pop band based in Brighton - who love a good groove. We met at university and have been in a band for about a year now.

How did you all spend Christmas and see in the New Year? Did you have the chance to unwind and relax a bit?

We were all back in our homes having a lovely break and chilling with friends and family. Home was France for Pol, London for Louis and Harlow for Craig and David.


Your debut single is out on 16th February. Tell us more about it. What can expect to hear?

Yeah. We’re all really excited regards releasing our debut track, Remember! We recorded this back in October at Brighton Electric. This was one of the first tracks we wrote together. We wanted to write a simple but effective track - expect to hear some grooves, bluesy licks and a chorus you can sing along to.

It’s got a simple message: to stop living in the past and live in the now.

That first single is always tough! Have you recorded quite a lot of other material before this – or is this the first thing you have laid down?!

It was pretty tough - but lots of fun at the same time. We spent a lot of time in pre-production demoing different ideas until we thought it was ready to record. We’ve heard the track so many times now, you wouldn’t believe it! But, it’s all part of the process and, when we finally got to record it professionally, it came quite naturally to us.

Now; we are left with a finished product that we’re all proud of.

What is the next step? Do you have more songs coming this year?

We all want to get back in the studio as soon as possible. We’ve got lots of ideas and material we want to record and get out there. We’re hoping for at least two more songs by the end of the year.


How did you all get together? Were you all friends from way back?

We all go to BIMM Brighton and it all started out by Pol and David meeting in one of their classes. They started jamming together just for fun and then Louis and I (Craig) joined shortly after. I’ve known David for a long time now we met at college back in Harlow - and have been playing in bands together for years. Louis and Pol were in the same classes together and they became good friends.

The band came together quite naturally.

Do you all share the same tastes in music? Which bands/artists did you grow up on?

Yes and no...

We all have a mutual appreciation for bluesy, funky and soulful artists. But; we all have our individual tastes. Me and David are into the heavier side of music. David get’s his influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers - but he’s also a die-hard Metallica fan. I grew up on bands like Muse - but I’m also a massive fan of Architects. Louis’ big into his Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. Pol grew up on Neil Young, James Taylor and Gorillaz.


Brighton is where you are based. Is it a great city to make music in? Why do so many artists go down to Brighton and create?

Brighton has a great music scene. There’s so much variety: it doesn’t matter what you’re into; you’ll find it in Brighton. There are loads of great venues to play and visit.

The market is favouring solo artists a lot. Do you feel bands get a fair shake?! Is it quite daunting going into an industry that seems to put the spotlight on solo acts?

It’s true that solo artists get put in the spotlight nowadays - but that doesn’t really matter to us. We’re doing this for our shared love of making and playing music together. At the end of the day; it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a band or a solo artist: it’s about the music.


Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

Our mates in The Yellow Bellies are doing wonders in the local scene. They’re a Funk-based and put on a great live show. They’re well worth checking out.

If you each had to choose the one album that means the most you; which would they be and why?

My personal album would A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay

It’s such a well-written album - and is my guilty pleasure.

Pol’s album would be Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix

Amazingly-written Indie-Pop which represents what I aspire to achieve in music.

Louis’ album is Hunky Dory by David Bowie

An amazingly eclectic album that’s been a part of his life from an early age (and has been ever since).

David’s would have to be Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s a perfect blend of all of their previous work - on a double-album - and he’s played the song Wet Sand more times than he’d like to admit.


Can we see you tour soon? What gigs do you have coming up?

We want to play as many shows as possible this year so, if a tour seems possible, we’ll jump on that opportunity straight away! We’re playing at The Green Door Store on 19th of February with In the Basement. It’s a great line-up of local talent and all proceeds go towards the charity, Mind. We also have our first headline show (courtesy of Scruff of the Neck) on 13th of March at The Prince Albert (which we’re all really looking forward to). 

Any New Year’s resolutions made this year? What do you all hope to achieve, personally, in 2018?

Nope. We just want to make more music and play more shows.

As Riveira; do you have goals as a band? How ambitious are you?

We just want to live the typical musician’s dream: write an album, tour the world and enjoy every second of it. If, one day, we could sell out Brixton Academy we’d of known we’ve made it!

Finally, and for being good sports; you can choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Samuel J. LawrenceBitter Mind

A beautiful track with lots of soul - by a local artist doing wonders in the local scene


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