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Bend Sinister


IT might be obvious to most…


but I was not too sure where that name, ‘Bend Sinister’, came from. I ask the guys about the derivation and what the new single, Heard It All Before, is about. They talk about their music and how it comes together; when they found one another – I ask if there is any new talent we need to get our ears around.

Bend Sinister chat about gigs and whether politics affects their songwriting; if the Canadian band will come to the U.K. soon; what sort of music drives and compels them – and, whether, they ever get a chance to de-stress away from music.


Hi, Bend Sinister. How are you all? How has your week been?

We are SO good! Spring is in the air; Rock ‘n’ Roll is in our soul…can’t complain!

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourselves, please?

Why, hello those who are new to our music. We are Vancouver’s own Bend Sinister! (We’re) a Rock ‘n’ Roll-fueled, music-making machine filled with classic and modern tones to delight your ears! If you enjoy the ’70s with modern Pop sensibility, look no further!

Can I ask about that name - and where ‘Bend Sinister’ comes from?

It comes from a Vladimir Nabakov novel titled, you guessed it, Bend Sinister!

Heard It All Before is your new one. What is the tale behind it?

It’s a tale as old as time! Living life is always a beautiful challenge; everyone has their demons knocking at their door - and Heard it All Before follows that internal monologue, struggling with the constant conversation in your head; trying to find a way out; looking for answers and attempting to be better every day.

Do you think, given the political climate, there is more cynicism levied towards leaders right now?!

With social media taking a forefront (of how) we digest our news; it’s hard not to feel a bit cynical, watching politics unfold like a bad reality show. But, with cynicism comes great art and a push for change. I think we are already seeing that blossom as we wade through the swamp.

Do you guys plan on releasing more material this year?

BIG TIME! We have a brand-new record coming out around May 25th-ish, titled Foolish Games. We are very excited to share this record with the world as it has a lot of gems we are proud to call our own!


How did you all get together? What attracted you to one another?

We all (just) couldn’t resist Dan Moxon’s dreamy vocals and savvy eye for vintage furniture (smiles).

I think great music attracts great players - and the vicious cycle of touring in a Rock ‘n’ Roll band caters to a certain type of person and, luckily, we are all cut from that rug!

Do you all share similar musical tastes? Which artists did you grow up around?

‘Yes’ and ‘no’. I think, what makes us such an interesting band, is we do share similar musical taste to a point - but we all have such a wide spectrum. Each of us brings a unique flavour that pushes the music in a new direction.

Our van playlists usually consist of everything from Queen, Supertramp; Elton John, Huey Lewis and the News; Hall & Oates, to Kendrick Lamar; Dr. Dre, Daft Punk; Vulfpeck, BadBadNotGood; Shania Twain, Nick Cave - all the way to the Jurassic Park score; massively slowed down to weirdness. We will listen to anything once!

Can we see you tour soon? What gigs do you have coming up?

Of course! We haven’t stopped touring in years!

We will be hitting up Canadian festivals and cities throughout the summer, supporting our new album, Foolish Games. I believe we are working on a West Coast tour of the U.S. and are, very much, hoping to be back out in Europe by the end of the year…the key-word is ‘HOPING’, on that one!


Do you think you’ll come to the U.K. and play here?

I sure hope so. We love the U.K. - the crowds, fans; venues and atmosphere. We are dying to get back as soon as possible!

What do you hope to achieve in 2018?

World domination, obviously!


Have you each got a favourite memory from your time in music – the one that sticks in the mind?

There’s so many! I imagine playing to Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and Josh Homme in Toronto for a private show is up there! We’ve had the pleasure of touring around Europe with the legendary Mike Portnoy, which was a blast. Having a fifty-six-piece symphony behind us playing a set was surreal...

We’ve definitely had our fair share of great memories - especially while creating the music!

What advice would you give to new artists coming through?

Write good music…or go be a dentist.


IN THIS PHOTO: The Lemon Twigs

Are there any new artists you recommend we check out?

The Lemon Twigs. Couple of young dudes killing it right now!

As for local Vancouver bands we love: Youngblood, Little Destroyer; Peach Pit and JP Maurice to name a few!


IN THIS PHOTO: Youngblood/PHOTO CREDIT: Mandy-Lyn Antoniou

Do you all get much time to chill away from music? How do you unwind?

Dan has a hot-tub in his backyard; Matt golfs and walks his dog; Nick is vegan (I heard it’s the best way to unwind) and Joseph finds a spike to sleep on!

Finally, and for being good sports; you can each choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Matt’s Pick: Steve Winwood - Valerie

Nick's Pick: The Garth Experience - Papa Loved Mama

Dan’s Pick: Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

Joseph’s Pick: Black Sabbath - It’s Alright


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