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Of Good Nature are an incredible band that deserve more acclaim. The U.S. group discuss their single, Take Me Anywhere, and its story of frustrated love. The guys give me a glimpse into their upcoming plans and what music they were raised on – and how Reggae has moved on over the years.

The Reggae-Rock-Funk band reveal whether they’ll play the U.K. soon; what it was like working with producer Danny Kalb on their latest track; what the scene is like in North Carolina – they share their best memories from music so far.


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Great! Just got off the Sail Across the Sun cruise - which was completely insane.

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourselves, please?

Sure! Hi. We are Of Good Nature. It’s hard to pin us down, musically, but we have great influence from Rock to Jazz/Funk to Reggae. In the studio, we try to wrap that into a good radio edit – but, live, you might catch us extending the song into a high-energy jam. We like it all!

Take Me Anywhere is your new single. What is the tale behind the song?

The lyrics speak about a female who is looking for more in life - but, the story can be relatable to anyone striving for more in life and feeling stuck in their passion (ourselves included).

It was recorded at White Star Sound with legendary producer Danny Kalb. How important was the studio space and Kalb to the overall sound?

Danny was a great leader in the whole process. He recommended White Star because of the comfort and space out there. Everyone in the band was relaxed and pushing out their best performance. 

Is there going to be more music coming? Will there be an album out before the end of this year?

Yes! We have three more singles finished and dropping in the upcoming months. This leads us into another recording session with Danny in the summer.

Expect a lot of content coming from us in 2018...


How do you feel you have changed since your debut album, Just Add Water?

We’ve matured as writers and players, for sure. We’ve put in a lot of time on the road, on stage and (with) writing and recording. Also, we are a different larger lineup than the debut album. It’s awesome to feel we are hitting a real stride in the recording and touring processes. 

You guys are based out of North Carolina. Is there quite a big and varied scene there? How did Of Good Nature come together?

North Carolina, and our hometown of Charlotte, has built quite the scene the past years. Bands like Simplified and Sun-Dried Vibes are based in the area - and we have a cool community that is great to be in when off the road. Of Good Nature began (just) playing around in different parts of the town and then just grew from there.

We’ve learned a lot along the way - from working alongside, and looking up to, our friends and bands from the area.

Your music fits with the new wave of East Coast style of Reggae – drawing in other genres and styles. Do you have a close connection with like-minded bands in the area? Is there quite a tight-knight community regarding the type of music you play?

The community of our scene is the best. We have met so many friends - and continue to do so.  Surrounded by the Sound Music Festival is a total capture of the East Coast Reggae scene. (It’s Labor Day weekend in Long Creek, S.C.).


How do you think Reggae has changed and evolved over the past few decades?

Just like all music; Reggae has shaped, shifted and taken many different forms. It has popularized the genre, which is great. I think it’s also very important to recognize the real Roots-Reggae bands and groups who keep true to the Jamaican sound. We are not one of those, nor claim to be, but it’s been great to play alongside bands like The Expanders, Steel Pulse and many others.

Which musician did you all grow up on? Can you remember the first album you ever bought?

Most of us grew up in this transition from radio to the digital age. I think that really shows in our music. I remember buying Offspring (Americana) and Eminem (The Slim Shady LP) at CD Warehouse as my first personal purchases.

What gigs do you have coming up? Where can we catch you play later this year?

Were currently touring all over the U.S. We'll visit the East Coast through spring - and play across the country in the fall.


Will the U.K. be part of your plans? What do you think of the music out this way?

The U.K. is definitely on our wish-list. We would love to get a festival or something out that way. Music out in the U.K. has deep influences - which we relate to.

What do you each hope to achieve in 2018?

We want to get our music to more and more people, all over the world. Our new and upcoming releases are songs that, we believe, are attainable for all types of humans. The Internet is a beautiful way to connect. Through spins and streams, we can reach listeners and get them out to a live show - which is what we love the most.


Have you all got a favourite memory from your time in music – the one that sticks in the mind?

The two Sail Across the Sun cruises we’ve done are, probably, the most memorable for us. It’s a five-day music festival packed onto a cruise ship. Train, Robert Randolph; Michael Franti and Gym Class Heroes were there, to name a few. The fans and energy on the boat are unforgettable. We hope to get on many more - and highly recommend any kind of cruise festival Sixthman puts on. 

What advice would you give to new artists coming through?

Learn to manage time for all parts of the business. Put out good content and figure out how to be unique. Talk with your friends, A.K.A. other artists, and do cool stuff!


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Who are the new artists we should keep our eyes on? Give us some recommendations...

The Ries Brothers are some young talent. They're a two-piece band that consists of a lead guitarist and a drummer/key bass/lead singer.

Do you all get much time to chill away from music? How do you unwind?

Cooking and spending time with family and friends is a good way to unwind. Music is always around, though.

Finally, and for being good sports; you can each choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Passafire - Growing Up

Trombone Shorty - Here Come the Girls

Bootsy Collins - I’d Rather Be With You



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