FEATURE: 100 Songs: The International Women’s Day Playlist



100 Songs


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The International Women’s Day Playlist


TOMORROW is International Women’s Day…


and, in the music community, a perfect time to recognise the brilliant women, past and present, who have made an impact on all our lives. I have collected one-hundred songs from one-hundred female artists/fronted-groups – from the 1940s to the current time. It is a genre-hopping playlist that proves why sexism in music is so infuriating and archaic – a miasma and disease that needs burying for good. I have chosen one-hunred songs because it is a centuruy since women were granted the vote in the U.K. Ensure, however you mark the day, you show your love and support for the brilliant female artists who have made such an impact on music - and will continue to…


FOR centuries to come!