FEATURE: Earth Day 2018: The Playlist



Earth Day 2018


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The Playlist


IT is Earth Day (today) and we are all provided with the chance…


to think more carefully about our planet and how we treat it. Not only is one expected to reflect on the way the Earth is changing and how climate change/pollution is affecting the oceans and people; we are all urged to embrace what we have and the beauty that is out there. I have been thinking about the day and feel it is even more important, now more than ever, to acknowledge what we are doing to the planet and, well…take more care of her. There have been some insightful and thought-provoking pieces put online regards environmental concerns and how the climate concerns of the masses need articulating effectively by politicians.


I cannot do much to remedy issues we face but, as a music journalist; it is important I have a look at planet/Earth-related songs and tunes that make me think about the natural world – in good and bad ways. Here, then, is a selection of songs that, for me, look at the planet in various ways – from looking at it from space or the intimacies of a woodland or subtle piece of nature. I hope the songs sum up Earth Day 2018 and, more importantly, get us thinking about a world that is becoming more polluted and endangered. It is a shame because, when you think about all it has to offer; it is a pretty spectacular and…