FEATURE: One Year On: Remembrance and Recovery: The Manchester Playlist



One Year On: Remembrance and Recovery



The Manchester Playlist


TODAY is an emotional day…


as we cast our minds back one year and remember those who tragically died in the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena. Twenty-two people were killed, and scores wounded, in a horrific incident that shocked, not only the population of Manchester, but the whole world. The senseless and barbaric bombing left scars and tears on a proud and strong city. Many are gathering to remember those who died on that eventful night - and providing silence and respect in their honour. To mark the city of Manchester, and its people; I have collated a playlist of Manchester musicians, including an honourary track from Ariana Grande, whose concert it was so many people attended a year ago, not knowing what was to befall them. We remember those who died and were affected by the violence last year and, as we all come together, know that recovery, although far away, will happen and bring us all…


CLOSER together.