FEATURE: Sweet Dreams: A Music Icon at Seventy: The Stevie Nicks Playlist



Sweet Dreams: A Music Icon at Seventy

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IN THIS PHOTO: Stevie Nicks/PHOTO CREDIT: Danny Clinch for Interview Magazine (2017)

The Stevie Nicks Playlist


IT seems odd to think Stevie Nicks


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is even capable of ageing and growing old at all! She seems to have this eternal and faultless aura that preserves her and entrances the senses. Whilst age is only a number; with her seventieth birthday today, I felt it only right to celebrate and mark her extraordinary life in music with a playlist. Nicks has, as part of Fleetwood Mac and a solo artist, crafted some of the most memorable songs from all of music. From the soothe and beguiling beauty of Dreams to the strut and confidence of Edge of Seventeen – songs that show what a versatile and extraordinary talent she is. I have compiled a collection of Nicks' greatest songs that, I hope, do her justice! With Fleetwood Mac touring and still going, we have not heard the last of Nicks by any means. Her talent and essence is timeless and ever-required; an iconic human figure whose brilliant music will inspire musicians and willing hearts…

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IN THIS PHOTO: Stevie Nicks/PHOTO CREDIT: Peggy Sirota for Rolling Stone (2015)

FOR decades to come.