FEATURE: The Class of '98: A Year That Shone Bright: The Playlist



The Class of '98


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A Year That Shone Bright: The Playlist


BACK in February…


I looked at ten albums that stood out in 1998 – by any accounts, a remarkable year for music! I am not revisiting because it is twenty years since that glorious time: I wanted to show what range and unexpected joy there was in 1998. From Madonna’s career-changing Ray of Light to Fatboy Slim’s You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby; noble offerings from Manic Street Preachers and Neutral Milk Hotel – there was some insanely great music around that year! To end this weekend, I have collated a 1998-themed playlist that brings together all the terrific album music that enthralled critics and stunned the public. The 1990s had some truly great years for music – 1994 and 1997 among the very best – but, twenty years down the line, I look at 1998 and the sort of records that I would have bought. It was an exciting time then and, looking back, it remarkable just how much wonder there was. I will stop japing and present to you the best album tracks (and a few singles) from a year that certainly ranks…


AMONG the very best!