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On a Day Like This


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Kylie Minogue at Fifty: The Playlist


I am producing quite a few playlists at the moment…


but this one is rather important. I am keen to mark music icons who celebrate birthdays. I noted Stevie Nicks’ seventieth very recently and now, as she turns fifty, I am at the feet of Kylie Minogue. Whilst I have not followed her newer albums; I have been a fan of her work since the 1980s and note what an impact she has made on music. The Queen of Pop – or is that Madonna?! – continues to reinvent herself and move through different phases. Despite turning fifty; we have not even started to hear the last of Minogue and her music. Golden, released in April, stepped into Country and departed from what we usually associate with her. Seeing as the release of Golden arrived thirty years after her debut, we can forgive the songwriter for wanting to try something different move into new territory. It has been a long and lucrative career for Kylie Minogue that has included awards and honours; high-profile romances and her partnership with Jason Donavon; a cancer battle and constant evolution and change. To mark her fiftieth birthday and honour a hugely influential and stunning artist; I have collated a selection of Kylie Minogue’s hits that spans from her debut to her current record. Here’s hoping there are many more years of music to come…


FROM the Australian legend.