FEATURE: A Century of Suffrage: The Empowerment Playlist



A Century of Suffrage



The Empowerment Playlist


TODAY marks the one-hundredth anniversary…



of women (some) being granted the right to vote. Up and down the country, there have been marches and rallies; women have been out in force to commemorate this landmark occasion. Even one-hundred years down the line, many argue there is a long way to go regards equal rights for women. There is a long way to go, to be honest, but look back one-hundred years and developments have been made since then. This article, published in The Guardian, highlights what has been happening today:

In glorious sunshine the streets of the capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland filled on Sunday afternoon with marching, cheering, singing, chanting women, rejoicing in the centenary of some women winning the right to vote in 1918 – and vowing to continue the struggle for true equality for all.

The events were both a commemoration of the mass marches and demonstrations of the suffragettes’ campaign, a celebration of their ultimate victory, and a reminder that there is still more to do at a time when women’s rights in Northern Ireland are a burning political issue.

The veteran politician Shirley Williams, observing the many men who did not march but stood on the pavements cheering on friends and family in the processions, told the BBC: “There has been a staggering leap forward and all we have to do now is persuade the men to leap forward to join us because they haven’t got there yet”.



Lady Williams said: “We’re slowly getting equality, but the next step is recognising the equality and the decency of all human beings, women and men”.

To mark an historic day; I have collated a playlist of empowering songs that provide a perfect soundtrack on a day like today – where voices have been united and women have been out in force. There is, as I say, a long way to go but there are hopes things will continue to improve – so long as there is activism and action. Take a listen to these defiant songs of strength and remember those, over one-hundred years ago, who fought so hard to…


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ENSURE women were granted the right to vote!