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Surrey/London, U.K.


14th June, 2018


I realise…


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one of the pledges I made for my blog was to look only to new artists. By that, I mean those I have not featured before: many might recognise Elena Ramona and the fact she has featured here a few times. I am making very few exceptions but, when it comes to her music, she acts as an example of someone who continues to seek new excitement and explore new territory. I will come to her new song, Electric Love, very soon but, before then, I want to address music that makes its way beyond the speakers and laptops; artists who have come a long way and continue to expand their horizons; 1980s and the sounds of the decade coming back into modern music; a need to move into a wider market and broaden views; Pop and why it is shifting and split at the moment – those who have the passion and dedication to go all the way in the business. I will look, first, at Elena Ramona and how she has come a long way. I have heard her music played on T.V. shows like This Morning and now, with Electric Love, it is being heard in Superdrug stores. That might sound like a minor achievement but it is one few songwriters can claim. Not only do many thousands of people know her music and have heard it played; up and down the country, we will hear her new song filling our ears. In a competitive and busy industry; there are so few slots and chances for artists to get ahead and earn that sense of wonder. Elena Ramona has that rare honour and is being taken to heart by those in T.V. Couple that with retail backing and you have a nice spread and diverse portfolio. The reason I wanted to raise the point was to examine how much has become a little insular and anonymous in some ways.


PHOTO CREDIT: @MichaelSweeney

We all listen to what we love and, unless we interact at gigs, how often do we bond over music outside of social media? I feel we are conversing less and the act of discussing music is less physical and social. It is strange we have come to this but I know there is a way through it. Getting music played in shops and on the screen means viewers and consumers can directly interact and share their feelings; we see music reach that wide remit and it is taking songs away from streaming sites and out into the open. It shows artists like Elena Ramona have an adaptable and eclectic quality that is appealing to radio stations, producers and fans alike. I feel a spot on a daytime show or being played in a national store is a great way of transitioning to films and bigger T.V. shows. Who is to say, a few months from now, a big producer and company will not be overlooking Elena Ramona: they will knock on her door and ask if her latest cut can be used on their show. I can see that happening and know it is only a matter of time before she gets right across the nation. I have heard many people getting their music played on shows like Made in Chelsea – that may not be her cup of tea… - but it is another layer of exposure and big kudos. I feel film and entertainment is where the songwriter’s work will sound best. I can see her songs backing some great independent film or accompanying a comedic moment, perhaps. I have followed Elena Ramona since the start and her music keeps on changing and building. She is able to write something stirring and emotional and, on her next release, it will be a funky and danceable jam. She is determined to get her music beyond the comforts of home and touch as many humans as is possible. That is an impressive and ambition feat from an artist who has man more years ahead of her.


One reason why she has managed to endure and set her horizons is the variability of the music itself. I will examine Electric Love and its motions but, look back, and you see the different colours she has worn. The first few songs Elena Ramona released were fantastic and dealt with personal subjects. Whether tackling a lying boyfriend or paying tribute to her father; these songs were from her heart and showed a songwriter who was willing to change her game and not produce the same song every time. I have seen her stride out and incorporate fresh elements with every release. Look at where she is now and there is that natural confidence and intuition. The music is more positive, lyrically, and it seems her heart and head are in a happier space. Of course, there will be bad days and normal heartaches – of romance and personal realms – but the young talent is projecting summer tunes and feelgood vibes right now. In any case; we are seeing such ability and strength come from the music. Elena Ramona was never nervous and unsure but I am noticing leaps and bounds come from her. She is still in her twenties and, as she moves through her career, I wonder where her music will take her. Right now, there is that mix of Pop and Soul but I wonder whether other genres and sounds will come to play when she gets further down the line. That will be interesting to see and I know people will love whatever she offers up. I am seeing a few artists quit and limit their scope; they are retreating or playing it safe with music. Many feel the way to remain is to copy others or play in a very commercial/unambitious wheelhouse. That might seem logical to some but, to me, those who succeed and endure are the ones who take risks and transform.


Every new Elena Ramona song has her blend of qualities and D.N.A. in them – there is a distinct stamp and sound one can associate with her. What one gets is fresh endeavour and motivation from someone who is able to step into any territory she feels fit to explore. Not only does Elena Ramona have a voice that could belt out a big Pop song or seduce when singing tenderly; she loves to write about a number of different subjects and does not want to be pinned and honed. It is easy to see why people are falling for her music and why it is getting into some very important hands. Music, being busy and competitive, means each artist needs to think big and how they can make a success of their careers. It is all very well having big dreams and striking high but you need to be able to execute it and create something original. People can see through artists who mimic and feel it wrong to show individuality. I know there will be more material from Elena Ramona and one wonders what she will create on her next offering. She is more alive and desiring than she has ever been. One wonders how long it will be until she is standing on some big stages and getting her music to some huge crowds. The reason I make this declaration – or ask the question – is the sensation one gets from the songs. You are part of the process and have something physical and immediate. The songwriter wants people to get together and talk about her music; those who do not move and feel connected to Electric Love need to get themselves checked over! All of the energy and physicality one gets from her latest single is part of a plan from someone who wants to play a bigger role in the industry. She is setting her sights on success and reaching as many people as is possible. I know that achievement will take a while but she is making all the right moves and creating some incredible movements right now.


I will chat about Pop and why there are dangers and joys in the sector but the 1980s, oddly, comes to mind. A lot of artists are putting the decade’s music into their own – many might claim that has been the way for a very long time! Some see the 1980s as a jokey and minor time that offered little beyond big hair and commercial Pop. We forget all the brilliance that was around there and, with artists putting the 1980s into the modern day, there is new appreciation and fascination. Not everything from the 1980s is great: there was some rather dodgy Pop and some movements (like New Romantics) had some bad moments. What was great about the 1980s was the variety we had then and some of those terrific and fun Pop-makers. Look at icons like Madonna and Kylie Minogue – and those around them – and we have artists who have endured for decades. I feel we are bonding with 1980s-inspired sound is the fun and sense of nostalgia that we get. There is a beguiling quality and strange energy that we feel and, just short of getting the mullets back out; we have that link to the past and a, well…something that is lacking in many songs. By that, I mean (the 1980s-inspired songs) take us back to the decade but updates the sound. Those artists who are borrowing from the 1980s are not lazily repeating and not adding their own touch; they are presenting their own version and taking it in a new direction. It is not only the more commercial Pop artists of the decade the likes of Elena Ramona are inspired by. Look at the decade as a whole and what was happening then. You had the division of chart Pop and bigger bands who were less concerned with commercial success. We had so much happening and a variety of tastes and sounds playing alongside one another in the decade. More and more, artists are taking guidance from the 1980s and marrying it with modern production.


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I will move onto a new consideration in a minute but I am compelled to look at the 1980s and why we are hooked on it. The 1990s, of course, plays a bigger role in modern music but I am glad we are not overlooking its predecessor decade. It can be risky taking from that time and making it fit into our times. There was some real cheese back then and I am not sure many would be willing to hear something like that now – there is a reason it is dated and unable to exist now. Listen to Electric Love and there is not an overt and explicit take on the 1980s: what we get are suggestions of the Pop from back then and the sort of joy and giddiness that defined the biggest hits. I wonder whether people are looking around modern music and considering whether optimism and uplift are being removed. Many bigger artists are introverted and creating songs more personal and emotive. It is great to write like that but, when you get that in spades, it can be quite exhausting and samey. I am always on the look out for music that provides scintillation and energy without seeming shallow and predictable. That is a tough challenge but, when it does happen, it gets you in a better frame of mind and does something wonderful. In another sense, there is a new generation coming through who are not being raised on music from the 1980s. They are being brought up listening to modern stuff and might be unaware of what came before. New artists are bringing the 1980s back to the fore and ensuring the best of the decade is kept alive! In the case of Elena Ramona; she is exploring new ground and showing how adaptable she really is. There are Pop artists who are willing to do that and continue to seek: others are less capable and that is causing some troubles in music.

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There is a new album out that is causing divisions among critics. I shall not name it – it is from an American Pop artist – but her latest work has been given some four-star reviews and some rather poor ones, too. Some claim the music is vacuous and filled with trite observations and songs that have no soul and depth. Others claim there are anthems and modern Pop numbers that stand the test and get into the brain. It is weird seeing how different people can have such diverse and polemic views. It shows that Pop is not immune to interpretation and demands. I think there are a lot of modern artists who try to write something catchy and nuanced and, rather than do that, come up with something hollow and misguided. It is tough making something that gets into the head and brings something new to the game. Pop is a genre that has its critics and always struggled to find widespread acclaim. There are so many artists who produce trite and sugary music that does nothing to the head or heart. Rather than be troubled and feel we need to do something about it; it is best to celebrate those who are giving the genre a good name and providing their own take. British Pop, I feel, has a different flavour from that of the U.S. The nations have their natural stars and they have their own style. Look at Elena Ramona and I get the impression she takes a little from U.S. Pop/R&B and some shades from British Pop. It is a nice balance and cuisine that reminds one of the 1980s but keeps your head right in the present. The music she is writing walks that tense line of familiar and personal. Rather than write lyrics that are cliché and ill-defined; she is penning words that get into the brain and conspire repetition but have depth and edge to them.


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Her sounds are quite sharp and sassy and she tops that off with big vocals and plenty of heart. With Elena Ramona, you get the sweetness and vanilla-cool vibes; plenty of tease and allure with plenty of body and tang. It is a heady and exciting brew that makes for fulsome and long-lasting music. Elena Ramona has kept her ear to the ground and gauged what people want and who people are responding to. There are some bad Pop artists and those who make music for charts and those who do not really have deep and excellent tastes. Instead of go for something simple and commercial, her latest gem is a more ambitious and personal song that challenges the head – it moves the body and mind at the same time. I wonder whether there is a new romance, or old dream, that compelled the music to come alive. We can all relate to the views and lines that are laid out in the song. Not only can we bond and understand the song but there are so many different elements fizzing and working away to intrigue future listening. I wonder whether Elena Ramona will go into R&B/U.S. territory for her next song or look to the 1990s for inspiration – maybe something E.D.M.-inspired, perhaps?! The world is hers and you can sense a young woman who does not want to settle and conform. Those who venture and look around them are always going to reach a wider remit. You have those who want to remain limited and not stray too far from what they know. That is all well and good but I wonder how much artistic satisfaction you get. Elena Ramona wants her music to get as far as possible and reach new people every day. I feel there is something to discuss when it comes to her future and where she might head.


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The songwriter is based in the South and has an official website out right now. She is building her arsenal and planning more music. I can see the sparkle in her eyes and hear how much music means to her. Local radio performances and chats have come out and she has built a great name for herself. What I would like to see if the songwriter gets around the country and take her music further. Being based where she is; there is not a hugely varied and successful music scene. There are a few Pop artists and good bands but it is pretty quiet and unspectacular when you think about it. Look to London (rather than Surrey) and you have much more choice and choice coming from the place – much cooler, credible and successful. The people are nicer and more ambitious there and a bigger platform for musicians to play. I know Elena Ramona has played London dates but I feel that is where she needs to set her views. Even if she does not move there – I would advise she does in the future; to get the opportunities she needs – the sheer scope of venues and crowds means she cannot deny the draw. Many financial constraints limit touring but she is someone whose music can be taken to heart by those in other nations and continents. Getting out of the local mindset and thinking bigger is crucial. Every new song gets her stock rising and shows she is in this for the long haul. Her arresting voice and original songs are making their way up the country but I would like to see the artist look more to London and the bigger cities. International touring is a future possibility and, to get there, that London acclaim needs to arrive. She has the ammunition and talent to carve out some territory in the capital. I wonder whether she might consider some more dates up there by the end of the year.


It is all well playing locally but, if the country/town has a limited scene and does not produce many big artists – and has very few good venues – then that can cause an issue. I can see Elena Ramona get to bigger cities and tour in places like the U.S. Her music has that accessible and familiar quality that can translate and cross borders pretty naturally. I want to see her get her body out there and attack these cities. She has done a lot in her local area but there is a big world waiting for her. Eclectic Love is a song that warrants a big platform and could thrill a willing crowd pretty much anywhere. She has a collection of great songs under her belt and would be able to produce a great set for the fans. Consider areas like London and Brighton; Manchester and Glasgow and she could enjoy a great reception and find good success. She is one of the most promising acts out there at the moment and I know how hard she works to get her music heard. Right now, as she has a fond following and great sound; taking things that bit further and thinking bigger is essential. I can envisage Elena Ramona being a national artist who will tackle big festivals. 2018 has been a busy year for her and, looking ahead, the doors are opening before her. The fact so many stations and people are reacting to her music means she is striking a chord and doing something right! She is business-minded and very smart; there is that willingness to adapt and bend; she has knowledge of the industry and passion to succeed and remain. All of these ingredients and chemistry means she could create a huge bang and do something sensational. 2019 will be a vital year and one where we might see an album (I feel she is ready) and the young artist travel around the country and get her music to the masses – maybe some foreign dates would be involved.


Elena Ramona’s latest track comes out of the traps with chatter, vivaciousness and plenty of light. You hear some voices mixed and fast; there is a great sense of confidence and electronic strobing that fuses into the skin and excites you. I was hooked from the off and followed the song closely. The heroine is seduced by a smile and seems to have fallen for someone. Maybe it has been a rather hard road to lust and love but there is someone in her mind that she cannot forget. She is hypnotised and it seems this love is forever – I wonder whether it is a man being looked at or someone from the past; a friend maybe. As you decipher whether romantic passion or loyalty are being looked at; you are attracted to the bass and electronics; you get a mixture of Pop and Disco; some little shades of Rock and Soul melting into one another. Maybe the vocal, at times, is a little low down in the mix – the composition getting more attention than the voice; it can drown some of the words – but it is the way the vocal plays with the music and leads it that is fascinating to see. Elena Ramona can work in any genre and is able to create truly fantastic music. She has that affinity and knowledge that means she can step into 1980s-inspired Pop and make it sound completely natural. Electric Love is that simple celebration of something pure and unadulterated. You get impressions of the weather – a thunder that remains under her beating heart – and a joy from the heroine. Rather than look at love and affection in a small and ordinary way; there is this heightened and dramatic tone that builds images and big visions. You get the sense this romance is heating up and there are some issues lurking underneath. Maybe it has been challenging getting to this point or some obstacles along the way.


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What is obvious is the sense of desire that is working away and how fulfilling this love is. The chorus has that big 1980s hit that pumps and vibrates; it pushes and dances with wide arms and a huge smile. You are caught by the chorus and are taking back in time as you do. The heroine cannot get enough of this electric feeling and does not want to escape the feeling. The listener is sucked into the song and cannot help but move their feet in time to the music. The sunny vibes and energy that comes from the track mean many festival-goers would love to hear it. Electric Love has that outside sensation and openness that could get the crowds singing and bouncing together. There is a whoop and changing electronics; the song mutates and goes through stages as we follow the story. At every interval, there is that fascination and joy that keeps smiles on the faces and the body motivated. It seems like the hero has been on her mind for a long time and this moment is the coming together. Never salacious and explicit; there are tease and tension that creates a palatable rawness. The heroine desires that touch and satisfaction that seems to have been missing from her life. You listen to the song and see that balance of simplicity and complex. The chorus has that charm and catchiness that lodges in the head: the verses explore the story and provide more language and possibilities. When they are brought together, you get a full and intriguing song that we can all take something from. As the weather is hotting and things are getting sweatier; the sunshine and seductiveness you get from Electric Love seem like a perfect soundtrack! It is another accomplished and confident offering from a songwriter who is determined to change the music industry and nestle herself among the very best out there.


Electric Love is a fantastic offering from a songwriter who continues to evolve and impress. I have mooted the possibility of touring and national recognition. You have to wonder how long it will be until Elena Ramona is being called to the big festivals and has the chance to reach the world. Her music continues to grow and, with every release, she is reaching more people and standing out. I am so pleased for her and know what hard work and commitment she offers music. I am not sure whether an E.P. is due before the end of this year but I am sure there is big demand for more music from her. Let’s continue to back Elena Ramon and share her music as much as we can. I am a big fan of her work and cannot wait to see where she goes next. What strikes me is how varied and changing her music is. She does not stay in one genre and keep things limited. You get a wide and challenging sound that continues to shift and subvert expectations - that is a quality few possess and I feel will get her all the acclaim and success she deserves. The songwriter will keep her head strong and have her visions set on future glory. Electric Love shows she is ready to battle and has all the components to remain for many years to come. A fantastic song that gets right into the brain and stays with you for ages; Electric Love is a stunning thing that one will hear played in Superdrug stores. I am excited for Elena Ramona and wonder what her next move is. Only she knows that but it is true when I say I am not the only one…


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