FEATURE: Songs of Freedom and Change: Nelson Mandela at One Hundred: The Playlist




Songs of Freedom and Change


IN THIS PHOTO: Nelson Mandela/ALL PHOTOS: Getty Images/Press Assocation 

Nelson Mandela at One Hundred: The Playlist


TODAY would have been Nelson Mandela’s…


one-hundredth birthday and, as you’d imagine, there have been loads of tributes and stories coming through in the news. The great man died in 2013 and, since then, people have been sharing their experiences with Mandela and how he changed their lives. President Barack Obama has just delivered his Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg where he channels the wisdom and humanity of the former South African leader. Obama celebrated the importance of immigration and, in a disguised jab at current President Donald Trump; he called for change and honesty. It is another example of Nelson Mandela inspiring people after his death and how much he gave to the world. Other stories have come out today – including revelations and snippets from the letters he wrote whilst imprisoned for twenty-seven years for ‘conspiring to overthrow the state’. A lot more brilliance and story-sharing will come throughout the day as we discuss a terrific human who wanted peace and quality, not only in South Africa but the entire world. I have compiled some songs written about Nelson Mandela or inspired by him; those that seem to bring his soul and spirit to mind. Many will do a better job - but I felt I had to pay my own tribute to…


NELSON Mandela.