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IT has been great speaking with Matt LeGrand


about his new track, 12:00 AM, and how it came together. He tells me whether there is going to be more music coming down the line; what the music scene is like in Chicago right now; which artists made an impression on him growing up – he selects a musician we need to look out for and follow.

LeGrand gives some advice to artists coming through and tells me which three albums mean the most to him; if we might see him tour this year; how he relaxes away from music – LeGrand reveals what he wants to achieve before the year ends.


Hi, Matt. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey! I am doing fantastic! My week has been pretty good. It has been filled with music (as usual) and I’ve gotten to spend time at home with my family!

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourself, please?

Sure! I am Matt LeGrand; a recording artist hailing from Chicago! My life is pretty normal except for the fact that I get to do music professionally. I am a shy and introverted person but all of that seems to go away when show time comes! I really just love what I do and I want to do it for the rest of my life. Connection through music is where I am the happiest and, more importantly, it’s where I’m the most myself!


What can you reveal about your new single, 12:00 AM? How did it all come together?

It’s out in the open now so it has all pretty much been revealed! (Laughs). No, I’m kidding. There are still things to be revealed - like, there might be a music video coming out soon! We did this record about a year ago and I am so happy that it is finally out. The release process can feel like a strange limbo sometimes! I recorded this song with a great team down in ATL.

One of the producers goes by the name of Blac Elvis and his discography truly speaks loudly! It really felt correct and organic because we wrote and recorded it to completion in only three hours. 

It is an emotional and powerful song. How long did it take to nail those emotions and passion in the studio?

Like I said in the last question, it only took me three hours to track all of my vocal parts. It just flowed so easily. I was in a good headspace, personally, and I was just happy to be there! I think the song reflects that joyous emotion. 

What comes next in terms of material? Are you working on further material?

An E.P., more videos and touring! Keep your eyes open in October!


Being based out of Chicago; what is the music scene like there? Is it a great place when it comes to songwriting/creating?

Chicago has always had a great music scene. One thing I love is that you can find live music every night anywhere! Even when the brutal winter is present you can still find some live music. I live in one of the most fun, creative neighborhoods in Chicago - and being a musical individual in this area is the best. I’m finding inspiration everywhere! Meeting other creators in a city like this is so special because, somehow, I seem to find something new about myself in another!


How did you get into music? Which artists compelled you growing up?

I got into music when my mother took me to my first concert which was The Rolling Stones! That is where I fell in love with the attitude, emotion and power of it all - the idea of being on a massive platform and the freedom to share your stories.

Classic-Rock was a genre that made me fall in love with playing; bands like The Stones, The Beatles; Cream and Led Zeppelin took over my spare time away from school. I was gifted my first guitar two weeks after that concert and I’ve been studying ever since!

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2018?

I hope to achieve my first tour and a better understanding of who I am.


Have you got a favourite memory from your time in music – the one that sticks in the mind?

I don’t think a favorite memory has happened yet: I think that is still ahead of me. My favorite thing to do is to perform for people. Each time is new and exciting. The way the audience reacts is very fun to see for me. If there weren’t people to share this music with then I would be lost. It means the world to me that people just take time out of there day or they decide to spend their evening with me. That is my favorite thing about doing this!

Which three albums mean the most to you would you say (and why)?

American Idiot by Green Day

It had such a massive impact on my decision to pursue music as a career. I started in Rock bands in high-school that were influenced by Green Day and other similar acts. This album is a Rock opera. It’s a story from top to bottom and I just really appreciate the time and effort that was put into that piece of music. 

The Joshua Tree by U2

I grew up listening to this everywhere. My mother had it playing in the house, in the car and everywhere else that music can be heard. Each song is special and brings me back to a time of easy living. 

Let It Be by The Beatles

Because, who hasn’t been impacted somehow by them?! Even if you’re aware of it or not, everyone has most likely been influenced by them someway or somehow. Let It Be is one of the greatest songs of all time - and that’s all there is to say about that!


If you could support any musician alive today, and choose your own rider, what would that entail?

I’d open up for Ed Sheeran.

My rider would entail cats to be in my room and a writing session with Ed at least once a week!

Can we see you on tour soon? What dates are coming up?

Yes; soon! It’s coming. I’m not sure about dates yet. Stay tuned on my Instagram.

What advice would you give to new artists coming through?

Be prepared, be nice; work hard, don’t take yourself so seriously and don’t get caught up in the illusion of it all. It’s truly not worth it. One of the best things I’ve ever been told was this: “Its sad to be ready and never be called, but its tragic to be called and not be ready”.


IN THIS PHOTO: Nate Fredrick

Are there any new artists you recommend we check out?

I had the pleasure of meeting a great new artist while he was passing through Chicago. His name is Nate Fredrick and his storytelling is really quite good. He has a folky, acoustic vibe and a humorous attitude. I really suggest that you check him out. My favorite song from him is Latoka Drive.

Do you get much time to chill away from music? How do you unwind?

I get more time than you think. It’s a patience game for me right now. I have a lot going on that just needs to fall into place. It’s sometimes very lonely as well, I won’t lie, but I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I tend to nap a lot so that’s my favorite method of unwinding.

Also, picking up things that have nothing to do with music helps me find new energy and inspiration. Sometimes, I’ll just unwind by picking up my guitar just for fun. 

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can choose a song and Ill play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

Smile - Nat King Cole. Thank you very much for having me!


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