THE guys of RAYLO


have been speaking with me about their latest track, So Gone, and what it was like shooting the music video. I ask what we can expect from the E.P. of the same name; they discuss London as a base and their views on the British Rap scene – I ask which artists inspire them.

The guys each choose an album that means a lot to them; whether there are going to be any tour dates soon; what they would say to artists coming through – RAYLO recommend some rising artists we need to get behind.


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Busy, busy, busy!

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourselves, please?

Hey. We are Reece, Teni; G & Bobz. Collectively known as RAYLO.

How did RAYLO get together? When did you start making music?

Our paths crossed two years ago at The Boom Room Studios in Ladbroke Grove, working on a very strange project. There was some mad serendipity going on that day. Haha. We’ve all been making music for years.

So Gone is your new track. What is the inspiration behind the song? What was it like shooting the video?

The inspiration for So Gone was sparked by the beauty of a journey towards success. Taking elements from our surroundings wherever we go; understanding steps we had to take to get to the level we are at now.

Shooting the video was a great creative experience. Sourcing locations and working on how we wanted it to look wasn’t easy but the product is priceless. We wanted people to see London in its real unique way with an array of short snappy composition shots - and convey the grittiness of our home. It was hard work putting the video together but the sense of achievement was overwhelming.


It is taken from the E.P. of the same name. I believe you produced it as a band. Are there particular themes that inspired the music? What was it like putting it together?

The music is inspired by everything around us; urban artists from both sides of the pond (Skepta, Bryson Tiller; The Weeknd, Kanye West...) but also great cinematic writers like Jóhann Jóhannson, Zimmer and JXL and inspiration from our own individual stories and journeys. We put emphasis on sound and feeling.

What do you think of the current Rap scene in the U.K.? Is it as healthy and strong as the U.S. would you say?!

I like the rap scene in the U.K. Artists have taken it to a new level. I believe we can be as big as the U.S. provided we keep pushing and showing the world what we have. 


How important is London as a base and fountain of inspiration?

London is such a melting pot of cultures, ideas and creativity. It’s still one of the hearts of music in the world. So yeah it’s a huge part of our sound.

Which artists are you all inspired by? Did you grow up around a lot of different sounds?

We’re Inspired by so many artists but, to name a few: N.E.R.D, Miguel; Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean; Travis Scott, James Blake; Drake, Gnarls Barkley; Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar; Kano, Craig David; then everything from Michael Jackson to Deadmau5 to UB40 to Chase & Status…we’re inspired by many styles of music in different ways.


Do you think there will be touring dates? Can we catch you play?

Course! I feel we have a lot to offer when performing live and will be performing our E.P. as much as we can, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you each had to select an album that means the most to you; which would they be and why?

Reece: Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks

It’s the best body of work ever.

Teni: N.E.R.D - Seeing Sounds

It changed my creative outlook.

Bobz: Inception: Music from the Motion Picture - Hans Zimmer

He makes everything sound epic

G: System of a DownToxicity

Such an awesome team-up for me, with Rick Rubin producing. Sick album.


Have you each got a favourite memory from your time in music – the one that sticks in the mind?

R: Headlining the Big Freshers Icebreaker U.K. tour last year. It was an amazing experience playing to crowds like that!

G: Recording B.B. King, back when I was working at Olympic Studios was a pretty magical session!

T: Laying down my first track at sixteen…it  was a banger.

B: Kicking a ball around in Studio One at Olympic Studios with G.

If you could support any musician alive today, and choose your own rider, what would that entail?

Supporting N.E.R.D and SNES Super Mario Kart rider. Maybe a cheeky Brandy and Pussy (the drink!) on the side.

What advice would you give to artists coming through?

Just really master your craft and learn to do everything to push your music as far as possible.


IN THIS PHOTO: Spooky Black

Are there any new artists you recommend we check out?

R: I love Spooky Black. He’s sick



Do you get much time to chill away from music? How do you unwind?

T & B: Going to the gym or playing Xbox.

R: I’m obsessed with photography and make a lot of visual art.

G: It’s rare that I’m not in the studio or but, aside from that, tennis, gym or good old-fashioned partying.

Finally, and for being good sports; you can each choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

B: Respect - Aretha Franklin

(Just to pay tribute to the legend - and that track makes anyone feel good)

R: Maria MariaSantana (ft. The Product G&B)

G: Gett Off - Prince

T: Ghostface Killah (ft. Raekwon, Cappadonna) - Daytona 500

Thank you!


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