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Seventeen Years On…


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The New York Playlist


IT has been seventeen years…


since we all had to endure that terrible day. Seeing the images of the Twin Towers being struck and felled by terrorists on 11th September, 2001 is one of the most horrifying things I have witnessed. It hardly seemed possible or real when watching the news reports come in. I was preparing to leave for university and, moving to London, it was a very worrying time. The bravery of the rescue teams and fire services in the aftermath is the defining image. I was amazed by the resilience of the people of New York and how they came back strong. It is inspiring to see how the city has rebuilt and continues to fight on. There are few things I can do to mark the anniversary of the day but, in honour of New York and its spirit; I have looked at the great artists who have come from New York (or are defined by the city; songs that name-check New York) and the fantastic music they have created. As we remember that eventful day in 2001; rather than dwell on the horror and loss of life, it is the togetherness and defiance that stands proudest. We will never forget those lost during the attacks and the city that stood up and refused to be beaten. The New York music scene is a rich and varied one. Looking back at classic artists and bands who have put the city/state on the map I will, in my way, help remember those lost and celebrate a proud people who will never…


BE silenced.