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21st September, 2018


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I get to look at a few things that I have not discussed before. I will come to look at Emmi’s work very soon but, when looking at what she is doing at the moment, I get to think about concepts around love and how things come together in a new and original way. I will also talk about female artists and the variations that is being put out there; those who take a break from music and sort of reinvent themselves; those who find their way into music and debate other careers – I will end looking at Emmi and where she might head. I have been looking forward to seeing Emmi come back into music and wondering what she is up to right now. I will explore that later but, right now, I wanted to look at what she is conceiving and releasing to the world. Emmi will put out a few singles as part of an E.P. – each new song is a separate chapter and part of the story. Moments is the first chapter of this love story and one that intrigues you for the future. I have heard a lot of E.P.s this year and they all have a very similar format and composition. By that, I mean they are not bound by themes and you sort of know what to expect. Emmi is different. She is readying herself for a six-song E.P. that will chart the progress of love: from the start to the labelling stage; settling down to the fraying of the bond to a natural end. I am not sure what date the second single is due but I am really interested in this concept. A lot of people think about concepts in albums/E.P.s and sort of blanch. They might think it is going to be something weird or it is Prog-Rock; a head-scratching thing that is off-putting and strange. That is not the case with Emmi and her playlist. In fact, I think Emmi plans on releasing a new cut every few weeks.


I am always drawn to artists who do things differently and approach music in an exciting way. The opening chapter from her playlist/E.P. is the start of a relationship. There is something new and unexpected; a sense of optimism that draws you in and compels you. I wonder how much of the story is culled from Emmi’s real life and how things worked out for her. I feel many artists release E.P.s and albums and they do not really hang it together with any real story and hook. We are being told how the album is dying and not many people are listening to them in their fullness. Maybe that is because a few singles come out and that is all people are interested in. I feel, if more people were more willing to pay attention and submerge themselves in an album then it would be better for artists. A lot of the time, we are not really interested in what comes after the big hits and artists, as such, are filling albums with lesser works. The best albums of this year so far – from the likes of Christine and the Queens – need to be heard in-full and demand proper attention. Emmi is one of those artists that has the desire for listeners to follow her music and not skip through songs. She has just released the first offering but, now that we know how things begin, it is impossible to put the ‘book’ down. You want to chart the relationship and see how things work out. The wonderful thing about Emmi’s new project is the fact it is related to something we can all relate to. It is not some whacky concept that you cannot chart: everyone knows what she is talking about and can identify with the stories. I feel more artists need to invest in what Emmi is doing and do something similar. It is always more appealing when an album/E.P. has some great concept you can follow and look forward to seeing unravel.


Female artists are producing, I feel, some of the best music this year. I have mentioned Christine and the Queens but others, such as Anna Calvi, and providing sensational and strong material. I am not suggesting the only great work out there is by female artists but they seem to produce more original and personal work. I feel a lot of new female artists are shaping up to be future mainstream stars and they are digging a lot deeper than their male peers. One of the reasons I love music by female artists is because you get greater revelations and emotional depth coming through. Emmi has put her heart on the line on her latest work and she is willing to be revealing and soulful throughout the course of her concept. The starting chapter is an eye-opening window into what she is planning and the beginning of that love story. I have followed Emmi for a while and love the variation she puts into her music. You never really know what she is going to get and she fascinates me greatly. The last time I reviewed her was last year I think and the music she was putting out there was a lot different to her new single. Emmi wants to create something memorable and gritty; she loves stories and wants to be part of a culture that narrates great pieces and can entrance a listener. She has composed instrumentals and worked with other artists; created a variety of different subjects and songs and, by the year, gets stronger and more ambitious. I feel Emmi will continue to study new areas of music and push her work to new boundaries. Female artists, I think, are more daring when it comes to narratives and ideas. I love the candidness and emotion you get from the best female musicians. Many might say writing about love is not that original and it can be quite dull. I agree some artists write about love in a very staid and predictable way. Emmi has always been skilled at approaching matters of the heart from different angles and putting new light into things. Moments is the start of things and I am compelled to see how things turn out. I will move onto a new topic but, before then, I feel it is interesting to see how Emmi tackles music.


The songwriter knows many people view the world differently because of where they live and how they were raised. It depends where you are born or how you were raised but we are all brought up differently and are told different things. Maybe we view love and life through a different lens or we are educated in a dissimilar way to someone else. Emmi realises it is the things we have in common that bond us. Rather than write songs that divide and concentrate solely on what she is all about; the songwriter looks at universal bonds and things we all are tied by. She is obsessive about exploring things we all live through but she presents her version in a unique way. I love her voice and how she projects; the way she writes and how her music pops off of the page. She is an artist who has a long run ahead of her and can genuinely touch many people. I can feel how hungry she is and what she wants to achieve. I have mentioned how she has had a bit of a gap and not been in music for a little while. Rather than release singles that fill a hole; she has worked hard on new material and coming back strong.


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I will come back to another topic soon but I wanted to look at those who take a bit of a break from music. It has not been that long since she last released material but the way she has reinvented herself is amazing. I think the last time I reviewed her was when she was writing something fantasy-based and vivid. Now, rather than repeat herself, she has delivered something strong and unexpected. It is important not to keep plugging away and constantly putting stuff out in case people forget you. It is much more productive and sensible taking a bit of time and producing music that is strong and means something to you. If you just crank out singles and repeat what has come before then people will get a bit bored and that will take a toll. Emmi has been working hard and thinking about where she is going next. I have seen a lot of artists release material and then take a bit of a pause. Modern music always requires artists to pop something out and there is that pressure to keep in the public eyes. So many have stretched themselves to the limit and worked tirelessly because they feel they will be overlooked and forgotten about. It is a bit insane there is so much stress and pressure placed on the shoulders of new artists. I am interested in what Emmi is doing and what she wants to achieve. The new project/E.P. from her is a charting of a love story that has an optimistic and bright start but goes through changes and challenging times. Maybe there is a personal aspect and she takes from her own life but it is interesting guessing. Every song she puts out has that conviction and physical connection. You feel like you are involved in her life and she wants to bring you into her world. Great songwriters can wait a bit and bring us something that is different from what came before.


Too many worry they need to keep things moving all the time but we all need to recharge and find time to relax. If we take a pause and get out into the world, that can energise the creative mind. Emmi has been busy promoting her material and experiencing life at the same time. Emmi, at one point, wanted to go into medicine and she decided to go into music. Things changed for her and it seems like she is born to do this. There are few as strong a songwriter; someone who can pen these tales that drag you into things and provoke such revelation. The concept playlist, LOVERS, is a glimpse into what she is concerned by and affecting her life. I have talked about love and how it can be hard to approach it from a new angle. So many songwriters go through the motions and you feel like you have heard everything before. I love when artists take a risk and are bold. Emmi wants to make something beautiful and epic. She does not want to sit back and let the music wash in the background. So many songwriters are commercial-minded and they are not really bothered adding anything original into the pot. Emmi looks around her and absorbs stories from others. She has a broad mind and knows, although we are all affected by love and its pains, everybody’s story is different. Emmi wants to join the great songwriters and loves the way they can climb into her head and speak for her. I can relate to where she comes from. Terrific songwriters can climb into our brains and speak for us; seem to dig into the soul and make an enormous impression. Emmi has followed great songwriters and, I feel, that is why she is so eager to put music out. She wants to get people connected and feel the same way she does; bring them out of themselves and find something fantastic in her music.  


There are so many songwriters out there and it can be really difficult differentiating them. Let us look at where she has come from and why Emmi is a songwriter to watch out for. She is constantly innovating and trying to head into new areas. Female artists, as I said, are doing some incredible things right now. I feel they have to fight harder than men and the industry puts them down somewhat. It can be hard for them to get the same oxygen as men and I think this needs to change. The core of the music industry, in terms of themes, is personal emotion and relationships. Although a lot of the best female songwriters of the moment are talking about politics and gender issues; the majority of songs reflect love and relationships. The ability to deliver these words and experiences in a fresh and new way is paramount. I am not sure what it is but the male songwriters out there do not get into my soul as readily as the female artists. Maybe it is that they hold back or cannot present their words in an exciting and impassioned manner. Listening to Emmi’s new track and you are attracted to this songwriter who has clearly witnessed some excitement and hurt and, rather than conceal that and keep it inside; she has pushed it out into the world and wants other people to feel something. Maybe I am rambling a bit but there is a lot to love about Emmi. She is a great songwriter who has come a long way and there is a lot more to come. Make sure you follow what she is up to at the moment because she is back and very strong. Moments is unlike anything she has brought to the world and it is hard to approach love with something fresh and eclectic – she has managed to do that and show why she is one of the most interesting and promising artists around.


The first thing you can tell from Emmi’s new release is the direction change she has taken. I can hear a more modern and different sound come from her. A lot of songwriters are taking an approach where they open songs with mutated and echoed backing vocals. It is eerie and atmospheric and draws you in pretty quickly. Rather than stay with that common sound – it is good to hear but so many songwriters are doing it – we get Emmi’s pure voice come through and there is no clutter. The heroine explains how things have not worked out well and how she is being a bit of an idiot. It is a bold confession to state you have been wrong or foolish. Maybe Emmi’s confession is not as bold and brave as Kate Bush’s in Hounds of Love (song) but it is brave. Rather than admit fault; I feel Emmi is mad at herself for doing something stupid or taking a risk on someone who is not worth the effort. I felt the songwriter would start her story by looking at the rush of love and how exciting the new bloom is. I have noticed a bit of a change in Emmi’s voice, too. It is a lot more complex and textured than her earliest material. You can hear a bit of R&B and Soul; a fleck of Amy Winehouse and smoothness come through. It is a complex brew that brings so much colour and emotion to the party. Listening to her speak, you hear this songwriter who, like Winehouse, reveals her scars and is unafraid to be earnest. Emmi has let her mouth run away – it has a mind of its own – and it is getting her into trouble. Maybe that is the nervousness of new love and saying things that are a bit silly. Perhaps she has a habit of speaking her mind boldly and not holding things back. The way she delivers her lines is amazing.

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Most artists have this rather predictable and mannered way of speaking and eliciting. She will start with a smooth jam and seduction and then races some words and scuttles. It is a rollercoaster of a performance that has natural conversation and personality. Emmi admits that she drinks a bit too much and her natural inclination is to make a bit of controversy. I do not think she intentionally sabotages herself and gets into danger but maybe this is a time for re-evaluation. The latest offering from Emmi reminds me of new artists like Jorja Smith. That is not to say Emmi borrows from anyone or is sitting in a scene. She has her own vibe and sound but it is the quality that shines through. You are diving into the song and picturing the images of Emmi saying things she regrets and beating herself up. The chorus sees vocals doubled and backing vocals come through. It is a seductive and fiery blend that gets under the skin and take you somewhere special. The energy and sense of passion that comes through is incredible and you are buckled by Moments. Rather than think solely about love; I get the impression Emmi is talking more of herself and using this chance as a moment of reflection. She has been comfortable in a space for a long time and I get the impression she wants to take a leap. It is the vocal performance from Emmi that makes the biggest mark. She is not someone who casually delivers lines and follows everyone else. Her voice swoons and dives; it is sexy and defiant at one time and then is more sensitive and revealing the next. The sweetheart she is talking about maybe can relate to what she is going through. Our heroine knows things are a little crazy but she knows the man might understand where is coming through.

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That bond and strange connection is important. Rather than connect through someone boring and ordinary; both lovers seem to have a bit of baggage or they have faults that they wish they could get rid of. Emmi is awkward around new folk and is never quite sure what to say. She has taken a chance with this man and felt compelled to come on over. Maybe it is a risk – given what we know about her racing mind and how she speaks freely – but there is something magical working from across the room. There is a cuss in there and it is that reality that gets to me. You get that rudeness and humour; there is a real person coming from the speakers and confessing her sins. Emmi knows she is not perfect but understands we all have our flaws. We all have stuff we wish we could erase but this is part of who we are. The rushing electronics and big beats bring the song up in the chorus and, when the verse comes in, the energy subsides a bit and it is a chance for Emmi to coo and confess. This is a revelatory and stunning song from her and one that perfectly kick-starts her new work. I am not sure whether to call LOVERS a concept E.P. or whether it is a playlist. New material will come very soon. The six songs are about the same two people and what they go through. This is that meeting and a rather awkward heroine laying her cards on the table and taking a chance. What the next song, Label on It, has in store for us is hard to say. Maybe there will be that rush of sex and passion or they are already warring. I am not certain but many people are already keen to hear another song. The first new song from Emmi in a bit is a compelling and stunning gem that shows she has grown stronger and lost none of her touch. She is one of the most exciting, promising and amazing songwriters in the country and I am excited to see where she goes next. Maybe there has been a slight gap between work but she has taken time to work on something brilliant. Moments is a wonderful insight into her new phase and I will follow the story with great interest. Make sure you check out Emmi’s latest single and keep an eye on her social media feeds. It is wonderful to have her back and proving she is a rare talent with very few equals.


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I have talked a lot about Emmi and how she has come back into music. It is not a drastic gap but, by her own admission, she has been a bit quiet lately. Maybe that is life getting in the way or maybe it is the songwriter exploring something unexpected and wanting to take her music in a new direction. Emmi has gained a lot of fans and her popularity is growing. She is one of those songwriters that can involve everyone and make you belong but it is very much from her heart. I am looking ahead and seeing where her concept/playlist takes her. Future titles include The Way We Used To and Stay Awake and, after the excitement and rush of the opening; I wonder where things go from here. Maybe I have been rash assuming the rest of the story is going to go downhill. Perhaps she will not experience the pang and pinch or love and get her heart broken. That is what I like about her new work: you can realise it will chart the course of a relationship but you cannot tell how things will end. The titles are ambiguous and I am keen to see what direction the music takes. The stuff Emmi is putting out now is different to her older work and shows she is keen to reinvent and remain essential. I can look ahead and predict where she might tour and I know people will want to see Emmi take to the road. I have never seen her perform and I wonder what her stage show involves. Given the fact she has a playlist idea and E.P. (if we want to call it that) means there are new songs she can bring to the people. Perhaps she will want to wait until all the songs or out before taking to the road. I feel the next year is going to be a great one for Emmi. She is in a creative space and it is really good to see her back. I am not sure whether she wants to spend next year touring and going around the world or will be releasing new material. Moments is a brilliant song that shows she has lost none of her spirit, brilliance and talent. The incredible songwriter has the ability to speak for the listener and has a terrific relationship with them. There are few songwriters like that and, when you find one, make sure you stick with them. Emmi is a star-in-the-making and I know she will get to the forefront of music before too long. Looking where she has come from and what she is putting out there; you can tell how much she wants this and how much music means to her. I am pumped to see the next song in the cycle come through and discover where this relationship concept…


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