FEATURE: Smiles, Energy and Motivation: The Blue Monday Playlist




Smiles, Energy and Motivation

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The Blue Monday Playlist


IT is that dreaded day of the year...


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where we are all supposed to be a bit more miserable and things are pretty bleak! In fact, Blue Monday is pretty apt. It is the time of year when Christmas is a forgotten memory and the weather is pretty awful. It still takes a while for the weather to get going and the mornings are awful – it remains dark for quite a bit! On top of that, there is nothing on the horizon to look forward to. It is very much all back to work and what does the rest of January offer?! This Monday is a pretty sucky one and, as many have been showcasing some Blue Monday playlists, I thought it would be good to offer mine. It is almost the end of the day but there will be many who will still need a cheer and kick to get them through. If you have the blues still and require a bit of a boost, I have compiled some sure-fire winners that will get you in a better mood. I know tomorrow will be a better day but the awful Blue Monday is one we all struggle with. Take a listen to these huge tunes and, if you are not feeling better by the end, then I...


 PHOTO CREDIT: @eyeforebony

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