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All Good People




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30th November, 2018


AS I bring in some new rules for my blog...


it is already proving quite tricky. I am turning away those with no/small Twitter following and those who I have already featured before. In a big to get more traffic and take things more seriously, I am looking at bigger artists and trying to get noticed by bigger publications/radio stations. I figure, after seven years, if you are doing the same thing you did a few years ago then you are not really taking leaps or improving. Every music creative and journalist should grow and become more ambitious as time goes on. It may sound like a diversion but it leads me to a band whose previous incarnation, allusondrugs, I am familiar with. They have dropped the third syllable and replaced it: they are now called allusinlove. It is a more mellow and positive name and one that translates to stronger music. I am excited to feature the band because they had a big and successful end to 2018. I have been following the members for a few years and charting their progression. I will talk about their sound and connection and also mention Leeds; I will recommend allusinlove as a band to watch out for in 2019 and talk about those acts that seem to ooze star quality and something sensational. I wanted to review allusinlove because of their rather accelerated and raw sound. I have been looking out at the music landscape and not seeing that many bands emerging. Maybe it is the way things are going now but there is not a lot of room for bands. Look at the mainstream now and it is dominated by solo artists. Check out the best albums from 2018 and most of them were made by bands. The story is a different one in the underground. I am seeing some great groups limbering up and providing some incredible music. What is missing a lot from these new bands is something physical and electric. So many artists are doing Electro and Pop – what has happened to all the great Rock and Alternative bands?!


I feel, once upon a time, there were a lot of great bands who got under the skin and made the blood boil. It was a long time ago now and things have changed quite a bit. Maybe that seems a bit daunting when it comes to allusinlove but they are providing something sensational and fresh. They are one of a few bands who are offering the sort of sound I grew up around. It is not quite Grunge and it is not quite Rock. I suppose you can call it ‘Alternative’ but, whatever you call it, it is an incredible brew. I feel more bands are coming through in the underground but not as many as I’d like. How long ago was it when we had the mainstream filled with great groups who provided anthems and meaty gems? It has been a long time and I would like to see a return to that state. Allusinlove make me hopeful because they have a tight connection and they have reinvented themselves since the early days. I am not suggesting we overhaul the scene so solo artists are replaced by bands but I think it is imbalanced at the moment. I do feel bands such as allusinlove have the promise to transcend into the mainstream and create some waves. I shall move on in a second but I have been wondering why bands have taken less influence over the past few years. Maybe it is the way music is going but there is something you get from bands like allusinlove that you cannot get from solo artists. The sheer presence, drama and connection you get it fantastic and thrilling. There is so much going on in the allusinlove camp and it looks like they will have a very successful 2019. I think their chemistry and friendship is a reason why their music pops and explodes.

Think about the greatest bands out there and how they make an impact. You love their songs because they have quality and addictiveness but it is the bond between the members that makes the music as solid and nuanced. I have heard a lot of groups that seem connected on paper but there is something lacking when you listen to the music. I know how tough it is being in a band and the commitment needed to make things last is huge. The greatest new bands in the underground have been performing a while and they have that sense of trust. For bands to succeed and last they need to have that mutual respect and that love within the ranks. I know allusinlove have been through a lot and have endured; they have a real connection and understanding and you know they all want to be together. I can tell how close they are when I listen to the music. A lesser band would sound a bit sloppy and be going through the motions. It may seem like an odd subject to mention but I think a reason why bands are less popular than they were years ago is because it is tough to maintain that bond. Maybe people feel more connected to solo artists and think their music is more personal and revealing. I think it is unfair bands are given less consideration because, as you can hear from allusinlove, they open up and provide real truth in their music. I am hopeful, this year, things will change and we will get more of a balance. I am glad allusinlove are making music and it is good to have the Yorkshire clan showing how it should be done. I am glad I get to focus on a group outside of London and feature a different part of the world in this segment.


I have been featuring a lot of London acts because, let’s be fair, most of the bigger names emerging are from the capital. I am trying to change things this year and feature other areas of the world as much as I can. The reason why I love allusinlove is because they are a Leeds-based band and proud to be from there. They will get plenty of demand from London and have a chance to perform here but they are in no rush to move along and relocate. I have been feeling the scene has been lacking diversity and too many eyes have been the way of London. I have always loved cities like Leeds because there is a great range of sounds coming from there and a different way of working. The ethos and philosophy of Leeds is to encourage those artists who bring something genuinely new to the plate. Through the years, I have been looking at what Leeds has to offer and been amazed. From Electro-Swing and Pop to Folk and Grime; I have discovered so much wonder and eclectic spirit from Leeds. I have stated how it is hard to categorise allusinlove and they do not seem to easily fit into slots. That is good because I feel so many bands are too easy to peg and give too much away. Although the boys are honest and revealing through their songs; they never tip their hat too much and there is some mystery in the music. I will talk about their music videos in a bit but every single angle is covered by the band. They have this real desire and passion and I am tipping them for big things. I feel the fact they are in Yorkshire and have less stress at their feet means they are able to breathe and create the music they want. One might suggest, in order to succeed and last, they need to fit in with what London requires and expects.


I think the bands that are turning heads right now are doing their own thing and not necessarily conforming to what London needs. I still think there are too many bands who are playing Pop and Electro so it is good to foster allusinlove. A few years ago, we had albums from Foo Fighters and Royal Blood out but there has been a void since then. I feel a reason why we are not encouraging like-minded bands is because a rather basic sound and lack of intelligence. That is not the case with allusinlove. The boys can sprinkle in something softer and more brooding but, when they create that explosion, they have a depth and smart sound that few possess. Again, that might be as a result of the Leeds education and the way musicians do things up there. I do feel like the Yorkshire city has a different way of working and is creating future stars. It is always tricky predicting whether an act can go all the way but you sense allusinlove are in this for the long haul. I do feel like the boys will need to come to London quite a bit and perform and maybe divide their time between here and Leeds. I am not sure whether they are all based in the city – or they are scattered a bit – but it is clear the influence of Yorkshire is key. It is great seeing this solid and innovative band continue to grow and do great things. They seem happier now than ever and their E.P., which I shall mention at the end, has got a lot of great press. This year has only just begun but I feel allusinlove have their sights set and will have a lot of gigs up their sleeves. I shall move on to a different topic but I feel Leeds and Yorkshire are producing some of the most interesting and original artists around. I think more media eyes should look the way of Yorkshire.

I have been looking around for the artists that can make a splash this year and which ones will remain and inspire. I think allusinlove will continue to impress and compel because they seem to have been reborn and reinvigorated. Their long-standing friendships and experience means they know what the music industry requires and how to navigate it. They have a committed fanbase but are drawing in new fans and followers. I think this year is going to be more accommodating and open to bands. Last year was very much about solo artists and encouraging what was happening in the mainstream. I think the underground will take more of a stand and greater influence. It is humbling seeing so many great artists come through and show they have the potential to sustain. What strikes me is how much more varied and promising the underground is compared to the mainstream. I think allusinlove are a band who have a few similar-sounding peers but nobody has quite the same magic as them. I do think we will see some changes come through regarding tastes and who gets focus. 2018 was very much about solo artists and a confessional style of music. A lot of the biggest albums looked at the world around us and what was happening – quite truthful and raw when you think about it. I think 2019 will be more about a sense of escape and putting energy back into the mix. I feel truth and observation will still play its part but people want music that makes them feel better; a way of being able to distract their mind whilst discovering great new talent at the same time. Allusinlove have the components to succeed and seem to be primed for longevity. I am a big fan of theirs and feel the music they are putting out right now is the strongest so far. One can expect the Yorkshire band to get stronger and keep releasing music in 2019.

I have talked about star quality and the sort of sounds that will flourish this year. Another reason why I feel allusinlove will be a success is because of their connection and style. They are a photogenic and captivating band – their lead, Jason, has long been compared to Kurt Cobain in terms of looks and, whilst it is a bit annoying, it does him favours – that seem already primed for success. Not that image is the main thing but the band knows that cool photos and fascinating images will catch the eye and keep people invested. I think a lot of artists ignore the need for good images and projecting personality. You do not need to listen to a note of allusinlove’s music to know they will appeal and pull you in. I look at their photos and there is cheekiness and humour. They have a love of the camera and they can certainly catch the eye. I love the way they can catch the eye and have this great visual spread. I have tried to include as many great photos as I can in this review and there will surely be more this year. The more artists that come into the scene, the more people need to be aware of what it takes to endure and impress. It is important having a great sound that stays in the mind but you need to think about image, online attention and nuance. If you can tick all of these off of the list then you are making a big leap. I feel a lot of artists ignore fundamental considerations and it makes it hard to remember them. No such danger with allusinlove as they have been in the business long enough to know what the people need. This year will be an interesting one for music and I feel we will see a lot of changes. I am predicting some big things and I feel like bands, as mentioned, will take more of a stand. There is a definite place for allusinlove at the top of the scene and I think they will take some big steps.

All Good People is the opening track from the allusinlove E.P. and gets things off to a flyer! The guitars wind and strike and spar with percussion. It is almost like a fighter winding their arm up and delivering a punch; an elastic band winding and snapping. It is an interesting beginning as I was expecting the band to strike and come out of the traps with teeth showing. Instead of doing that, they take their time and concentrate more on emotion and pace. Lesser acts would needlessly strike and produce something frantic and aimless. Instead, the band snake and wind like professionals. You are subverted and your mind is not ready for what they bring forward. There is scorching riffing and a chunky coda that sounds classic and familiar. Although the band has come up with something fresh, you get elements of Classic Rock and some of the best sounds from the past. Again, they focus on melody and mood and create something sensational. You are nodding the head and the body is primed for something exceptional. It is hard to get over the riffs and how catchy the song is. It has a simplicity and foot-stomping charm – watch the video to get a real sense of how the band look when strutting their stuff – that instantly gets into the head and makes you smile. The fact All Good People is so catchy and instant means you will come back time and time again. The band is not just interested in riffs and leaving the lyrics alone. When the hero comes to the microphone, he talks about a girl’s body and how it makes him feel happy. Alongside the simple and effective riff, we have these lyrics that appear quite basic on the surface. To start with, there is this simplicity but things grow and spread. If you thought sophistication and Bob Dylan-like words were going to come through then you will be a bit disappointed. The allusinlove boys are talking about the pleasure and electricity of passion and sex.


In terms of vocal sounds, you get a whiff of Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl’s tones. That is no bad thing as it adds a masculine and raw quality to the song. Our man is in a good place and, whether he is seducing or in the grip of passion, he is loving the situation. The girl’s body makes him feel good and our hero is keen to express his fondness. The man wants to get down and dirty and not leaving anything to the imagination. I have been listening to a lot of artists who are talking about politics and the state of nation so it is good to see a bit of a change. Allusinlove are keeping it close to the bone and not leaving much to the imagination. Whilst the band perform their riffs and let the beats roll; our hero is laying down his rap and telling the girl what he wants. I have mentioned how there is something classical about the band and the way they put you in mind of the giants of Rock. It is rare to hear a band like allusinlove that can create these great riffs and pen songs that instantly get into the head. The chemistry and connection between the members shows and you have this intense and tight song. I doubt there is much mystery behind the song but it is not made clear regarding the identity of the heroine. What I love is how there is this simple charm and you do not have to think too much. The band, crucially, has written a fun song and make sure the listener is put in a better mood. The chorus is a series of chants – of the song’s title – that finds the lead letting his voice scream in celebration. Through every stage, All Good People keeps the spirits high and the pecker even higher.


This is the type of track that would do very well live and can translate from smaller stages to festivals. I know it is a track that will serve the band well and go down a storm with the crowds. There is a bit of Grunge in what they do but it is more Alternative in tone. I am reminded of some 1990s giants and the titans who pushed the scene forward. What strikes me hardest about All Good People is its confidence and memorability. It can take years longer for bands to get to the same stage as allusinlove. Their new name seems to embody their approach to music. They want peace, love and sex to reign and do not want negativity in their world. This is quite a rare approach from an artist and I would like to see more of in 2019. Whether you are a new fan of allusinlove or not; make sure you get behind them and check out their work. I would urge people to check out their eponymous E.P. but, if you need a great starting place, investigate All Good People. It seems to be their mantra and messages that define them. It may seem like there is a crudeness and juvenile attitude in their minds but, in reality, they are promoting simplicity, sexual freedom and fun. It is great to see this from a band and, as long as it is not too cheap and vulgar, then I say let it blossom. The sheer fun and kinetic energy you get from the track stays in the brain and it is impossible to forget about those catchy riffs and the incredible lead performance. All the aspects and sides blend together marvellously and lead to a fine song. I just know allusinlove will be a huge name and they will continue to grow. You owe yourself to get behind the boys and show them some love. They are an exciting band who, I feel, will make a lot of headway this year. If you do not believe me then sit down with All Good People and let it get inside the head. It is a fantastic song I will definitely getting to know a lot better today.



I have looked at All Good People and really love its video. The allusinlove boys have produced a cracking song and showing what they are made of. I have experienced few bands like them and I feel their original angle will serve them well. Their new E.P., allusinlove, is four tracks of raw energy and goodness that gets into the head and bangs around the brain. I love the E.P. and feel like it is one of the best from 2018. The guys will be keen to play as much as possible and promote their latest work. I am not sure what 2019 looks like for them but I know there will be dates around Yorkshire and their favourite haunts. I expect London will come calling and would not be shocked to see them playing some of the best joints in London. There are venues that would love to see them perform and I know the capital will get right behind the band. The Leeds clan have been playing together long enough to know what the scene wants and they are responding emphatically. I will end things soon but urge people to listen to their eponymous E.P. It is the time of year when we start to look around for the artists who will remain and compel. You can add allusinlove to the list of artists who are going to go a long way. The chemistry within the band is incredible and they have a lot of love for one another. This sense of brotherhood and understanding makes the music so strong and fascinating. You know they want to keep making music together for years and that faith is what brings people in. I hope I have covered the band well and presented them in their best light. Where do they go from here?


I have suggested there will be gigs around the country but I feel like international dates could come their way. Look at bands like IDLES and how well they are doing right now. I know they are in the mainstream but I feel the reason why people want to see the band play is because of the energy they project and how well they translate on the stage. I know allusinlove have a similar rawness and spellbinding show. I think they would be a popular option around the world and do very well. Let’s look even further and see where the band might be in a few years. I have seen their sound change and things get stronger. I think the boys will be in the mainstream in a few years and can rub shoulders with groups like IDLES. I shall not get too ahead of myself but I am excited by allusinlove and what they are throwing out into the world right now. Let’s end things here now but make sure you get involved with their new work and follow them on social media. They are armed for success and durability and can make people genuinely excited about bands again. I am not suggesting we are out of love with bands but there is this dominance of solo artists. I do hope things shift and there is more equality in 2019. Ensure you have allusinlove in your regular rotation and follow them closely. I am predicting some great things for them and know they have the ammunition to flourish. Have a look at this incredible band and immerse yourself in their world. I understand there are some great bands emerging but not have the same energy and passion...

THAT allusinlove provides.    


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