FEATURE: What Kind of Name Is That, Anyway?! The Storm Gareth Playlist



What Kind of Name Is That, Anyway?!

PHOTO CREDIT: @falconart/Unsplash 

The Storm Gareth Playlist


THERE is a storm brewing and the weather...

 PHOTO CREDIT: Mitya Ku/Flickr

has been pretty shocking the past day or so! We are going to get a lot of bad weather tonight and tomorrow and, by Thursday, things should start to calm down a little bit. The approaching Storm Gareth – stupid name…but there have been worse – will bring extreme gales to parts of the U.K. tonight and cause power cuts and structural damage. That is all pretty bad but, as we prepare for some pretty hellacious conditions, it is best to stay inside and wait for the worst of it to blow past. In honour (if that is the right word) of the upcoming Storm Gareth, is an appropriate playlist of wind, rain; storm and Gareth-related songs that will provide good distraction against the pretty crappy weather that is coming across the country right now. Take care in the storm and do not go out unless you absolutely have to. Keep safe and, instead of braving the outdoors, stay inside and...


PHOTO CREDIT: @elijahsad/Unsplash

LET these tunes distract you.