FEATURE: Sisters in Arms: An All-Female, Spring-Ready Playlist (Vol. III)




Sisters in Arms


An All-Female, Spring-Ready Playlist (Vol. III)


ALTHOUGH things have been a bit...

 IN THIS PHOTO: Lady Leshurr/PHOTO CREDIT: Zoe McConnell

stormy regarding the weather, there are hopes that it will calm down and brighten in the next few days! I am excited to experience so proper spring weather and get rid of the gusts. Even if things are a bit rubbish outside, there is plenty of great music out there. I have been looking for female-led sounds that should get the energy levels up and everyone in a better mood. It is a great time when it comes to new talent and there are some wonderfully rich and diverse artists around right now. Many overlook female artists and assume they are not capable of offering much in the way of surprise, strength and range. That is not true and, as I show here, they are bringing a lot of spirit, energy and pop. We need some sounds that fight against the weather and all make us feel a little better. Take a listen to the songs here and I am sure you will find something...

IN THIS PHOTO: Rachel Wammack/PHOTO CREDIT: Joseph Llanes (edits by Matthew Berinato)‬

THAT suits your tastes.

ALL PHOTOS (unless credited otherwise): Getty Images/Artists


Nasty Cherry Win


Art School Girlfriend Come Back to Me

PHOTO CREDIT: Anne-Line Nygaard

Moyka Colder


PHOTO CREDIT: James Rushton

MEI (ft. Sans Soucis, Toya Delazy) - Homebound

girl in red i need to be alone


Holly Herndon Eternal

Chelsea CutlerOut of Focus (Recorded at Spotify Studios N.Y.C.)

Grace VanderWaal Hideaway (from Wonder Park) 

Rachel Wammack Damage

PHOTO CREDIT: Kaine Crowhurst Imagery

Sarah Saint James Bittersweet

Sara Diamond Ride


Kira Isabella - Handcuffs

PHOTO CREDIT: Flore Diamant

Tusks Peachy Keen

PHOTO CREDIT: @vitelleschi

So Below Bone

Emeli SandéSparrow

RuthAnneLove Again

Sofia Reyes (ft. Rita Ora, Anitta)R.I.P.


RuthieSpirit Now Moves

Clara MaeLost

PHOTO CREDIT: Patrice Brylla

La Fleur - Aphelion


Lady LeshurrHorrid

Poppy AjudhaDevil’s Juice

Hannah GraceThe Bed You Made

Violeta SkyaI Need You


Lauren JenkinsRunning Out of Road

Clara Sanabras - Helium Horses