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Sahara Beck


KICKING off the week is Sahara Beck...

PHOTO CREDIT: She Is Aphrodite

who has been discussing her latest track, I Haven’t Done a Thing Today. I ask about its start and whether the Australian artist has more material coming up; whether she might head out on tour and what sort of music she was raised on.

Beck suggests some rising artists to watch and talks about the past year; what advice she’d give to artists coming through and the albums that mean a lot to her – she ends the interview by picking a great song.


Hi, Sahara. How are you? How has your week been?

My week has been good! An exciting first week of life for my new single!

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourself, please?

I'm Sahara Beck. I've been playing and releasing music since I was thirteen. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast but have been based in Brisbane for a few years now. I've just released my new single, I Haven't Done a Thing Today, which I wrote with my brother last year.

What is your new song, I Haven’t Done a Thing Today, about? When did it come to you?

It's about taking a seat and having a look at everything in my life and objectively without judging myself and, instead, just putting love into those areas. For example, in one part I speak about how my brother has always been very smart and good at everything. I used to feel competition towards him, naturally.

But I am proud of him that things come so easily to him these days. I speak about love being everywhere because I truly believe that and sometimes I forget to see that when I get caught up in mine and others egos. 

I understand more material is arriving later in the year. Can you tell us anything about that?

I guess what I can tell you is that I have been spending a lot of time writing and pushing my abilities and boundaries in that sense - over the last eighteen months. This is why I chose to travel to Los Angeles to work on the new material with Tony Buchen. He’s worked with Montaigne, Courtney Barnett and Mansionair to name a few.

We’d never worked together before and I had a strong sense he would be able to understand my vision and help me to reach that ultimate creative goal on this project (smiles). It was exciting to take that big step to work outside my comfort zone - and also really frightening!  But I am incredibly proud of what I have written and created and I am so pumped to finally release these ones to the world.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

Over the past twelve months, you have been very busy – including a support slot with Bishop Briggs. How crazy has it been and has it all been fun?!

The Bishop Briggs support was amazing. She is an incredible woman and I learnt so much from watching her perform! It was a pretty cool way to kick of the year! Around that, I've been writing a lot with many different people, rehearsing the new material with my band and it's generally been a very creative time and I've been loving it.

Did you always know you wanted to get into music? When did that passion start?

Actually, I always wanted to be an actress growing up! I started playing music as a natural progression of that expression and just started loving it so much I couldn't stop. There have been many moments in my journey that have continued to excite me and motivate me to write and perform. I remember seeing The Cat Empire for the first time at a festival and they had the audience completely in the palm of their hand - with nothing but a single vocal note and that just crushed me. I just knew I was driven to that experience.

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When you were growing up, which artists/records did you hold dear?

I grew up listening to a lot of dramatic music of all genres, mainly Classical on my mum's side or Motown on my dad's side. My music taste growing up and even still now is so wide I am struggling to raise any particular names above others.

Being based in Brisbane, what is the music scene like there? How does it compare to cities like Sydney and Melbourne?

I think the Brisbane music scene is extremely supportive. I'm not sure what it's like in other cities as I've always lived either on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. 

PHOTO CREDIT: She Is Aphrodite

Do you have a standout memory from your time in music so far?

My standout memory is getting an eight-piece band together for BluesFest several years ago and performing my album to a packed-out tent! I think I was eighteen at the time and it just felt insane!

Which three albums mean the most to you would you say (and why)?

Lou ReedTransformer

Because it's so real, lyrically and musically, to me.

Violent Soho - Hungry Ghosts

Because it's always a huge release for me listening to it.

And anything by Tame Impala

Because Kevin can do no wrong plucking my heart-strings with his beautiful melodies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

If you could support any musician alive today, and choose your own rider, what would that entail?

Maybe, like, Beyoncé - and then I’d request to have the same rider as she has. I reckon that would be interesting to find out (smiles).

Are you planning any gigs in the coming months?

I have a couple of announced shows coming up and some not yet announced!

I’m playing the Ipswich Festival on Friday, 12th April with Regurgitator. This will actually be the first show with my brother (who has joined the band)! And then I will be playing AltFest in Adelaide on Saturday, June 29th with some kick-ass women Dallas Frasca and Z-Star Trinity!  I haven’t been back to Adelaide for a couple of years so I’m super-excited about that show. You can expect to hear a lot of my new material in these sets - a handful of which I previewed on my single tour late last year.

How important is performing? Do you prefer it to life in the studio?

Performing is my favourite part of all of this. I love writing and recording but there's nothing like performing something that is so vulnerable and true to yourself.

 IN THIS PHOTO: The Jensens

Are there any new artists you recommend we check out?

The Jensens and Pink Matter. Pink Matter is a four-piece all-female Neo-Soul act. So great live and the best people!

IN THIS PHOTO: Pink Matter/PHOTO CREDIT: Georgia Wallace Photographer

Do you get much time to chill away from music? How do you unwind?

I like getting hooked into a good animated series to unwind my mind. I'm re-watching Rick and Morty at the moment for that reason. That show always helps me get perspective.

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can choose a song and I’ll play it here (not any of your music - I will do that).

The JensensMt. Mura

That's my mate’s band and I'm loving their new direction.


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